Compelling Raw Milk Evidence? For Opponents, There Is No Such Thing

Demonstrators in support of Michael Schmidt milk a cow outside an Ontario courthouse last fall.

It’s evidence we need to convince the anti-raw-milk public health officials that … READ MORE

O Canada! Will You Become First Nation to Criminalize Raw Milk Consumption?

A demonstrator outside an Ontario courthouse last year hearing a case against raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt.

After 23 years of unsuccessfully chasing down raw milk farmer … READ MORE

Proposed Warning Label Advising Self Pasteurization Offers Way Out of Raw Milk Regulatory Logjam

A new citizen petition designed to eliminate the need for FDA regulation of interstate sales of raw milk would presumably also eliminate the need for raids on food clubs … READ MORE

Let’s Get Amish Producers Out of the Legal Business

There’s been lots of handwringing about a federal jury’s conviction a few weeks ago of Kentucky salve maker Sam Girod. A miscarriage of justice, say … READ MORE

Vulto Cheese Outbreak Highlights Deafness of Our Health Elites and Media

The tragic Vulto Creamery raw cheese outbreak, being blamed for two deaths and six illnesses from listeriosis, comes at an auspicious time.

It comes at … READ MORE

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