Interview about raw milk on Jefferson Public Radio in California/​Oregon

Ostensibly about new regulations in Oregon, this turned into a wide ranging interview about research on raw milk health benefits, the history of raw milk, and regulation of raw milk cheese.

Heritage Radio interview: Are There Really Any Raw Milk Answers?

In this in-depth interview, host Erin Fairbanks inquires about organic vs raw milk, fractionating of milk, why all raw milk isn’t the same, and a number of other subjects raised in The Raw Milk Answer Book.

The 100-Year War Against Raw Milk

In this 13-minute “Morning Edition” report from NPR, Atlanta, I am interviewed by Steve Goss about the history of raw milk, CDC claims about risk, the national crackdown on raw milk dairies, and the FDA’s role in regulating raw milk.

Local Farms and Raw Milk

In this interview with Foxboro, MA, cable station, I discuss the pros and cons of making raw milk available in Massachusetts. About 15 minutes.

Will Food Companies Finally Get It Right on GMO Labeling?

I go out on a limb in this NPR segment on how one prominent GMO supporter has come out in favor of labeling….suggesting that food companies will begin coming around to support GMO labeling.

David Gumpert on Food Rights

In this podcast by Ben Stone, aka The Bad Quaker, I explore the corporate influence on overbearing regulation of small farms and discrepancies in CDC food safety data.

Interview on Katherine Albrecht Radio Show

I discuss the sinister relationship between government regulation and food monopolies. I also explain why food safety is used as an excuse to infringe on food rights.

Acres U.S.A. Interview with David Gumpert: Food Rights Under Fire

Editor Chris Walters questions me about various food rights legal cases, about the legal precedents that are being established, and about why the outrages of the government crackdown are so difficult for liberals to appreciate. It’s a wide-ranging discussion directed by a knowledgeable interviewer.

I was interviewed about “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Food Rights” by Mark Karlin of Buzzflash at

“Although Michelle Obama may be justifiably proud of the organic food garden she planted her first summer at the White House, her husband’s administration continues to wage a war on the small farmer direct-sales-of-healthy-food-to-consumers food movement.”–from Karlin’s intro to the interview.

I was interviewed about “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Food Rights” on Keep Food Legal’s podcast, “Eat and Let Eat”

I discuss how food rights relates to “50 Shades of Grey”, why big companies should worry about food rights, and the most important issues in the Hershberger WI raw milk trial.

I was interviewed on NPR’s “Here and Now” by Robin Young, 8/3/2010

“Read this book and…see just how complicated and charged with emotion the raw milk issue has become.”–

Got Raw Milk? Small farmers and consumer advocates say unpasteurized milk bans are about protecting big industry–In These Times Magazine

Heated Debate Over Heating Milk–“Living on Earth” NPR program includes interview with David Gumpert

Food rights, civil rights, and raw milk–an interview with Biodynamics Farming and Gardening Association magazine

“I most appreciated…its respectful approach to the complex issues of food safety, public health, and consumer freedom.”–Food Renegade

“What Gumpert reveals will make you question the very premise upon which the United States of America is founded…” from Treehugger

What “The Raw Milk Revolution” says about the food safety debate, from Jill Richardson of LaVidaLocavore.

“…an engaging, almost titillating book…” review by blogger Alex Lewin

The politics of raw milk, on Alternet

An Interview with Treehugger

“I couldn’t put it down”

How the history of pasteurization relates to a Framingham, MA, farmer’s fight to sell raw milk

A review from Journey and Spice–“a journey of truth”

A review by the Farmbrarian

Grist tunes in to Joel Salatin’s foreword

Dr. Joseph Mercola includes my video about raw milk, with comments.

Vermont’s describes “The Raw Milk Revolution”