Fear Turns Into Angry Resistance for Some NJ Raw Milk Moms

Stunned disbelief and fear has turned into angry resistance for some of the New Jersey raw milk moms who received surprise “cease-and-desist” letters from the state’s Department of Health two weeks before Christmas.

At least four moms and their families have either let the agency know in writing that they deny its accusation that they are engaged in “a distribution scheme” and won’t comply, or they have simply ignored the state’s letter.

Some unknown number of other families—probably between a half dozen and a dozen— have acceded to the state’s demand that they stop allowing their homes to be used as drop sites for raw dairy and other food from a Pennsylvania dairy. But even those that have gone along with the state’s demand have formally denied guilt of any of the state’s accusations, thus leaving the door open to changing their positions in the future.

“These are false accusations,” says Mihaela Stiso, the mother of one child in Manchester Township, in southern New Jersey. She wrote the NJ Department of Health to that effect, and plans to continue allowing neighbors and friends to pick up milk from her home.

“It’s just not okay what they (NJ Department of Health) are doing. It’s not normal.”

Another mom, of three children, in northern New Jersey, who didn’t want her name used, said, “I don’t think we are doing anything illegal.” She echoed the sentiment of others when she said she is more afraid “we could lose all this good food” than she is worried about action by the state.

A third mother, of two children in central New Jersey, said she was “choosing to ignore” the state order.

The resisting moms and their families have been encouraged by word they are getting from lawyers that the New Jersey action contains a number of potential legal holes, beginning with the state’s demand that the accused residents respond within five days. The cease-and-desist letters didn’t indicate whether the response was expected within five days of the letter’s date, or five days after receipt of the letter, but either option is generally considered an unreasonably brief period of time by many legal standards.

The big mistake made by the New Jersey food clubs seems to have been putting much of their organizational information onto a public web site, which was easily viewable by state regulators. That information has since been taken down.

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  • Sha Java

    Good luck, I can’t think of anything worse than a pissed off NJ Mom. This is a fight that will not be taken lightly.

  • JHeckman

    Helping friends and neighbors to easy access to the foods of their choice is an act of kindness. If every individual New Jersey consumer got in their car and made the drive to Pennsylvania there would be more traffic congestion and potentially more accidents and traffic deaths. NJ Dept of Health should focus on this problem:
    NJ roads getting deadlier: Traffic deaths at highest level in 10 years

  • MFP

    It really doesn’t matter if the are doing something “illegal” that is a non-sequitur.

    “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.” (Marbury vs.Madison, 1803.)

    It was “illegal” at one time to help runaway slaves.

    “If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

  • brad

    idoubt the state has legal grounds to control these issues.

    Look at their letterheads and i would wager that it has “STATE OF NEW JERSEY” in all CAPS on it. That means the organization in all caps is a fictitious legal entity formed as a corporation.

    Corporations have no regulatory authority over human beings, and in fact, can not have a crime committed against them in any legal sense, since there is no bodily harm, threat of bodily harm, or damage to a human being directly as opposed to a member of a corporation.

    • you must be a sovereign man brad
      wen a bar attorney ttys to fight a battle using this method
      they are usually disbarred
      funny thing is
      this is the FREEDOM way
      and most folks don’t know it

      • Gordon S Watson

        ironic, Kathy … you pronouncing = “this is the FREEDOM way”!, regarding the so-called ‘Sovereign man’. Many – if not most – of the guys who take this stance, wind up incarcerated. Bobby Dylan nailed it when he sang “you’ve got to serve somebody”. Think what you want about all that Natural Person/ Sovereign Man, stuff : it does not fly in a real courtroom. People who promote it are either fools, or Patriots-fer-Profit

        • John Dutcher

          I agree with you 100% on that one, I have seen a few and read a bout others going to jail over that stance.

        • did vernon hershberger do this way gordon

          • Gordon S Watson

            Kathy… at the very beginning of his ordeal, Michael Schmidt asserted that the laws of Ontario did not apply to him, as a “Natural Person”. The Justice of the Peace gave that notion very short shrift. So we haven’t seen it in a raw milk court case, here, since.

            But Paranoia strikes deep in the heartland. The hyper-vigilance + rank abuses of process he’s suffered, in the last decade, have much to do with the in-sanity among the Powers-that-Be, who – quite rightly! – fear the common people. The obsession with “sovereign man/ Natural Person” arguments by the fascisti who run the so-called “security rackets” demonstrates how fearful they are of a genuine popular movement. Donald Trump/ his handlers, exploited this fact perfectly.

            I say “quite rightly” because America is now at the stage of national cycle, where the sheer anti-christ malice of the plutocrats can no longer be hidden. A quick for-instance, being the lawsuits in which Julian Fantino is entangled. Fantino is no ordinary guy schlepping around the public byways. He’s the former head of the Ontario Provincial Police. And a cabinet minister in the previous federal govt.. Members of the Privy Council are there for life. Point being : he’s a heavyweight. the things Mr Fantino is saying in his 33 page affidavit, are going to rock the Canadian criminal justice system to its very foundations. And when the Pendulum swings, it swings ALL the way back. In that scenario, the travesties ( plural) visited upon Michael Schmidt, will be reviewed

          • ok gordon…think i understand where you are going with this
            don’t know everything about it but
            i do know that some one i know of went this way….took her home back from the straw man
            and does not pay any property taxes
            what side are you on
            i wonder how you would approach
            would you obtain a lawyer to help with an unjust accusation against you or go the sovereign way ??

  • This same strategy was applied to one of our farm delivery (fresh, unprocessed whole milk) options in MN back in 2010 – 11 in the days when the mduh ag dept thought they could scare MN moms into giving up their access to this potentially medicinal food.. It did not work out well for the STATE as too many families knew what their rights were and that what was suggested to be illegal was only based on the judgement of regulators as they continue to interfere with that which we all have a right to – choosing safe food for our kids:) A fully aware community would have demanded a return of stolen food and damages to the farms and families involved. As it was, it made no sense to spend hard earned dollars to fund both ends of a legal argument in a corporate managed court system that is just as tainted as are our tax supported agri-culture foodstuff manufacturing programs:( The idea of directly supporting the superfoods of our choosing, excluding the hands of state sponsored conglomerates that extract all nutritional value, is not to be allowed in this once free country. As it is, we must understand all of the forces that try to minimize our potential for natural health, all ways! Change comes with awareness and action via our food dollar direction. WE have the power to bring back liberty! Healthy n Happy New Year to all:)

    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      Alvin, I remember well the attacks on Minnesota moms. Not only did the MDA send scary letters to many moms, its agents actually conducted an undercover criminal investigation before raiding a private home in search of contraband food, terrifying the owners. Here’s an account of what happened–it’s worth reviewing in the current climate of a possible return to food insecurity:

      The Minnesota moms had the advantage of having been radicalized by Michael Hartmann, a farmer who had spent years asserting his rights under the MN constitution to peddle his food as he saw fit. Unfortunately, the NJ moms are truly babes in the woods. They’ve been enjoying good food for several years now, without interference, and assumed that no one in authority cared. What made the NJ authorities suddenly “care” isn’t clear, but they caught the NJ moms off guard, and cleverly focused heavily on immigrants to maximize the terror. But the NJ moms are catching on quickly, learning the realities of food tyranny.

  • I attended some of Vernon Hershberger’s trial in Madison, Wisconsin in 2013 and it was a landmark win for food right proponents — fight the system with the Constitution and Bill of Rights supporting you! http://host.madison.com/wsj/business/life-has-been-good-for-raw-milk-farmer-since-winning/article_22cbdbf9-32ae-5db0-90bd-d7bdca832ebb.html

    And here’s a Youtube link to a Michigan pig farmer who knows the Constitution and Bill of Rights inside and out and used it in his defense against the state of Michigan as they tried and failed to prosecute and persecute him not too long ago — good luck! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeZKFIZGJGeo0ijo5MLObtQ

  • Sue

    We should ALL be making the “big mistake” and doing what those Mom’s did. After nearly 15 years of fighting the stupidity and arrogance of a government gone mad in many arenas, I am almost at the point there I have two words (yup… THOSE two words) for their laws.

    Formal letters of non-compliance require conviction and courage in Herculean amounts and I applaud them wholeheartedly.

    We don’t need 1/2 million dollar per suit lawyers – we need average people willing to stand for what they say they believe in – and this is a grand example. Save your money and stand in your shoes!

    When laws are enforced merely for the joy of powering over people who not only mean well, but in a rational world would be doing nothing wrong, they need to be changed. If the first step is LOUD but civil non-compliance we should all be supporting, applauding and circling the wagons for these moms!!

    At least in some households in this country the idea that “no means no” still applies, and we should all be taking that lesson rather than tossing money at organizations for high priced attorneys that can’t (or won’t) win lawsuits.

    THEY are raising children by example – and a fine example it is.


    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      Sue, I’m not sure if you are suggesting that it’s possible to beat the regulators without fighting them legally. The reality is that the NJ moms may well be hit with legal actions, to further intimidate them. It’s important that they have the legal options to fight back in whatever ways they must–in other words, that they have top lawyers prepared to effectively defend them. If there’s one language the regulators understand, it’s tough legal responses.

      The reality is that top legal talent costs $$$. It’s often said the U.S. has the best system of justice money can buy. It’s up to all of us to support these moms to help send this message to the NJ regulators, and the federal regulators behind them (FDA). The Real Food Consumer Coalition (RFCC) is leading this defense effort, and is seeking financial support to have the right legal support in place. Donate now. https://www.gofundme.com/real-food-consumer-coalition

  • https://healthimpactnews.com/2013/n-y-times-admits-raw-milk-is-cure-for-allergies/

    Nice little piece of journalism. I like the last little piece about how raw milk is dangerous to processors profits while quoting CDC data on over a million deaths from drugs and zero from raw milk.

    The bottom line is this. If we want to win the war against raw milk on all three sides ( litigation, freedom and safety ) we need to really put our money where are fear is. We need to fully fund RAWMI, fully fund Liz Reitzigs Go Fund Me!

    Money does the work and if there is no money….little work can get done. All those people that are being beat up in New Jersey need to spend some money and really energize the movement. Studies will get done, interstate commerce will get litigated, RAWMI studies will get publishedthst factually refute the CDC publications that are truly biased and amount to lies. I am sorry, but when the CDC uses assumed error factors with no basis, that’s not scientific that’s lazy and politically motivated.

    We need to fight fire with fire. Donate today and lets get this fight started on real terms.

    If you are worried one little bit about state or Feds and your raw milk access or your rights Donate to RAWMI and Donate to Real Food Consumer Coalition. Liz and I are engaged in ongoing collaboration and this one two punch will be very effective.


  • JHeckman

    Question for Liz:

    How is the work of Real Food Consumer Coalition different from that of the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund?

    • Hi Joseph,

      RFCC formed in response to Amos Miller and the attack against consumers that was manifesting as a direct result of advice (or lack of) he was receiving from ProAdvocate and FTCLDF. (ProAdvocate is an extralegal organization whose reps use common law and sovereign-man arguments on behalf of clients.)

      As the USDA investigation against Miller intensified (due to his mistakes made in California and thereafter), contempt of court charges ensued. ProAdvocate and FTCLDF were highly ineffective in getting results prior to and after the contempt charges. RFCC in conjunction with PA attorney Joseph Macaluso got Amos Miller off of his contempt of court charges, thus thwarting a setting of precedence.

      The difference between RFCC and FTCLDF is that the RFCC strategy is to seek to prevent farmers from getting ensnared by the court process, preemptively, when possible. The court process is highly costly and extremely limited with regards to offensive and defensive maneuvering by farmers and consumers being attacked. Dragging victims into court is a tactic that the FDA and USDA use to intimidate, harass and threaten people, forcing them into a corner where the agencies are in control and eventually the farms give up or a negative precedent is set.

      If we are continually only rallying to fight after a farmer is attacked and dragged into court, we are always too late in strategy. This is where farmers can be taken advantage of on both sides of the courts — prosecutors and incompetent or unscrupulous attorneys or other reps sucking hard earned money out of farmers, consumers and the people who donate to fight these court battles from a defensive situation. Don’t get me wrong, there are very good attorneys out there, who have been instrumental in past situations.

      RFCC was formed to start fresh, to depart from using the same solutions against ever changing tactics. Repeating actions that fail to provide positive results will assuredly worsen the situation and lead to cynicism and apathy from those who most need access to these foods. One example of a fresh new approach is the Citizen Petition that RFCC helped conceive to use improved labeling as a means to dispense with the prohibition on interstate sale of raw milk, which has done nothing to improve food safety by encouraging an ever-growing black market for raw dairy.

      In the past I have helped FTCLDF and other organizations gain public exposure that has helped their cases and campaigns succeed. I and many other mothers have developed workable strategies, only to have our funding and strategy usurped by organizations that purportedly are working toward the same goals, but which largely do not follow through on their strategies.

      With all the money that has and is being spent through “traditional” legal strategy, we are in a worse place for enforcement than we were before. Now the governmental authorities are coming after consumers in New Jersey. This is a tactic that RFCC predicted, and has prepared for.

      The biggest difference between FTCLDF and RFCC is that RFCC is comprised of farmers and consumers who look for ways to avoid enforcement, thus staying out of court. FTCLDF is, by virtue of its organization, comprised of attorneys who gain from long drawn out cases that should have never made it to court.

      RFCC has a circle of influence that is, and has been, the backbone of raw milk advocates and activists for decades. RFCC is made up of a coalition of people and organizations that have been instrumental in helping farmers, under attack by the courts, achieve successes. RFCC is by and large, supported by Moms and other consumers at the heart of the raw milk movement.

      And to be clear, the core of people who make RFCC what it is are the very same people that have achieved the only concession from the FDA regarding interstate transportation of raw milk (that it can be taken across state lines by consumers for personal use).

      There is a huge need for change within the structure of the real food movement, specifically with regards to raw milk.

      I look forward to continuing this much needed work on behalf of those everywhere who want to peacefully access the foods of their choice from the producers of their choice.

      Thank you for such an important question, Joseph.

      • David Gumpert David Gumpert

        While I agree with much of what you say, Liz, about why RFCC is necessary, I’d like to acknowledge FTCLDF’s important contributions in the food rights movement. It got a big win for Vernon Hershberger in Wisconsin, in a case that had national ramifications. Its threat of legal action has also helped a number of farmers.

  • JHeckman


    Thank you for your detailed reply. And thank you for supporting our farmers and consumers.

    I recently had a meeting with a New Jersey dairy telling me people come by their farm all the time wanting to buy milk.

  • question for someone….
    what would happen if there was a day we arranged to happen when all organic raw dairy farmers stood up for one day ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES..…i mean all….. not even one opting out.
    they don’t do this on the battle field now do they or they would be court marshaled…

    standing up on one arranged day,opening they’re farm up for sales of raw organic milk etc..
    the new jersey moms also opening they’re homes up also for the folks to come pick up they’re milk.
    whats the worst that can happen…someone …anyone…
    it needs to come from farmers
    the consumers
    buying clubs all in one day
    what is the worst case senario
    and would some be willing to accept this risk?
    kathy from udder milk

  • mark mcafee mark mcafee


    In this world these are weapons used against people. If raw milk leadership could seize on these words and provide some training and guidance, these words become weapons.


    Know your rights. Your home is your castle. You do not have to let anyone enter unless they have a search warrant.

    If they do enter…you have the right to turn on your camera and take a video of the activities. Think of yourself as a movie producer telling your story!

    You also have the right to ask for business cards and ID from anyone that is at your front door. Take a picture of it.

    Then take that information and place it all over social media!!

    There is no greater source of power than the exposure of government activity against the people being blasted all over social media in full living color. Especially when it is filled with images of moms and kids being harassed by regulators on a mission all about what foods we chose to eat!

    Simple rules to win. If people did this…they would get one heck of a lot more respect.


    • Gordon S Watson

      good points, Mister McAffee. We tried all that from 1988, on, in the so-called “Pro-Life movement”. The government was so embarrassed by exposure of its complicity in the horrors inside the abortuaries, that expressions of criticism was criminalized within 50 yards of the entrances. And people like you not only kept silent, they applauded the Tyrants … namely your pal HilaryBillary and that feminazi cur, Janet Reno. Those insults to the core values of the Republic could have been stopped and reversed, had people like you shown some backbone, then. Coming along now … 4 decades later, whimpering like you’ve got a newsflash for us, after wilfully evading your civic duty then, and with 16 years in the medical field, pretending you don’t know where babies come from! = I despise you. Your credibility re legal rights of the citizenry is less than zero

      The Campaign for REAL MILK is ‘a walk in the park’, compared to the price my friends and I paid, trying to reach the conscience of the nation, concerning the fact that 2 generations of white babies were liquidated while your crowd yelp’d about “transgender rights”. As old Sheldon Emry put it : “responsibility not taken is freedom lost”

  • Joseph Heckman

    David is correct. FTCLDF has made many valuable contributions to the food freedom movement.

  • and pro advocate group did indeed help out amos miller as he told us DIRECTLY there was never a “lack of” help

    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      FTCLDF and ProAdvocate are different animals. FTCLDF has provided competent legal assistance to farmers, in return for nominal membership fee. ProAdvocate provides highly questionable legal assistance, in return for huge cash payments. ProAdvocate has churned out a lot of paperwork on behalf of Amos Miller, but there’s no evidence it accomplished anything positive for him. For no charge, RFCC helped Miller out of a very threatening situation when he was charged with contempt of court in federal court in PA last year. It’s established a track record of success.

      • all of the above asks for their money either in the beginning or soon after david there is no shame in this
        pro advocate asks for 3ooo.00 dollars however if you choose the other 2 Im sure they will try and get near that amount soon also maybe more.as they rightfully should david.
        and yes you are right different degrees of money is being asked..it depends which animal you want to pay for ..which animal you think will help you the most
        but you still don’t really know after all is said and done now do you
        because whats good for one may not turn out good for the next person
        each of our fates are different in this life
        i have not spoken bad about any of them .
        But again if you ask amos miller
        he will tell you pro advocate DID help
        and so did rfcc they both did !!
        ever since we have started trying to find someone to help us
        we noticed one group in particular that bashes the other 2.
        i won’t tell you who they are
        In my eyes they all help …they are good in their own special ways

  • and pete kennedy is a good man
    llways was there for us when we started in 2005 a year after he started ftcldf

  • FTCLDF did a fantastic job with Gary Cox and opdc years ago. I will always be grateful. Gary put the FDA in their place big time and the judge gave them nothing.

    I am hoping that FTCLDF continues the valiant fight with the current board


  • Download the 8-page LAWFUL Remedy to Tyranny Workbook at http://naturallawremedy.com/articles/Lawful-Remedy-Workbook.pdf, which provides a legal theory and happens to have a focus on raw milk.

  • Dr. Joe Heckman,

    There is a real reason that modern medicine so often reports that none of their treatments cures disease or cure is unknown or not possible.

    This is exactly why: modern chronic disease medicine does not treat the origins or causes of illness or disease. Modern medicine turns off pain, turns off signs and symptoms of ilness. Symptom relief is not curative !!! So of course they don’t know how to heal ( with a few exceptions ). Of course they fail to know the origins of illness. That’s not their business. Their business is to treat and retreat….then retreat again and again. Great business plan.

    Its been said that doctors don’t want you to die, they don’t want you to get better….they just want you to keep on coming back. Complete Healing is a horrible abomination for western medical practioners. They need long lines needing treatment and a source of endless funding to pay for it all.

    Society will awaken to this scam sometime soon.

  • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

    “Food-poisoning expert reveals 8 things he refuses to eat”

    Raw water
    Uncooked flour
    Raw oysters
    Precut or prewashed fruits and veggies
    Raw sprouts
    Rare meat
    Uncooked eggs
    Unpasteurized milk and juices

    I gather from the list above that he won’t be trying my eggnog drink any time soon?

  • Today was a very big day for all California Dairies. CDFA counted the votes on the long awaited Quota preservation program. Voting has been going on since October 2017. The votes came in and it was a landslide. 90% voted in support of the program. This has huge implications.

    This was the last step prior to CA dairies abandoning the CDFA milk pool and voting in the USDA federal milk pool system. The next step in the process is pretty much automatic. All CA dairy coops have already agreed to “block vote” for the Federal Milk Pool Order.

    This is huge and has a powerful and very good impact on all dairies in CA, whether they are conventional, organic or raw.

    • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

      Hmmm, this likely explains why representatives from Canada’s milk marketing boards have ventured south of the border into your country…. It was rumored back in the eighties at various meetings I attended that Canadian Milk Marketing Board representatives were heading south of the boarder into New York State in order to advise… And I believe it was mentioned a while back on David’s blog that they had ventured into California as well. Is that not the case?

      If so, you may wish to consider the following Toronto Globe and Mail article.

      “Ontario farmers have produced 5.4-million litres of excess skim milk in the past month, according to DFO (Dairy Farmers of Ontario) spokesman Graham Lloyd. Since late May, roughly 800,000 litres of milk has been poured into farm manure pits, called “lagoons.” Emphasis in brackets is mine

      “Sold as low-cost animal feed, the milk would have a value of $500,000; instead farmers will get nothing for that milk, Mr. Lloyd said.

      ‘Supply management depends on perfect market conditions, and there are no such things,” said Sylvain Charlebois, a professor at the University of Guelph’s Food Institute. “You can never achieve a perfect equilibrium between supply and demand.

      ‘Surpluses are a recurring and chronic problem for the industry, he added. “There is too much production out there,” Prof. Charlebois explained.”

      NOTE, the article goes on to state, “A recent internal DFO report foreshadowed the current dilemma, warning that soaring imports of concentrated milk protein from the United States and elsewhere are creating an existential problem for the dairy supply management regime. These designer ingredients replace fluid milk in the making of cheese, yogurt and other products.” By “designer ingredients” they are referring to ultrafiltered milk, a concentrated ingredient used to boost protein content in cheese and yogurt.

      The report, according to the article further states, “‘If milk protein imports continue to grow, the industry will no longer be able to sustain itself as there will be no market for the [skim milk] … leaving the industry no choice but to dump skim milk or import more butter’. Indeed, the Canadian dairy industry has a vested interest in how milk is managed in the US…

      GOOD LUCK!!!

    • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad


      What effect will this quota preservation program have on raw milk sales in California?

      What we have in Canada is state tyranny motivated by the dairy industry and administered via the judicial system… in other words, JUDICIAL TYRANNY.

  • JHeckman

    Why not raise hogs to utilize surplus milk?

    • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

      Milk fed hogs are tender and tasty… I raise a couple of pigs on milk and oat chop for the family every year.

      • John Dutcher

        That is some tasty pork, for sure, my friends raise milk fed hogs, YUMMY!!!

        Then do not eat hog, your choice, as for me I LOVE BACON!!!

        That appears to be some good news, at least on the surface.

        • Gordon S Watson

          as always, Dutcher, you missed the point. I conclude = you do it on purpose. Vis = consumption of swine’s flesh is a major factor in the degeneration of white folks in Ham-merica. You go right ahead and fill you-self full of parasites, and all the zoo-notic diseases that come with ingesting pork. Just don’t ask me / the Seventh Day people / and fully-informed consumers, to pay for your medical treatments. You wouldn’t be licking your chops, if you saw the conditions under which those animals suffer

          • John Dutcher

            When we don’t raise our own, we buy one from some close friends, I always know the hogs I eat LOL!! I tried some of your Seventh Day foods years ago,YUCK<YUCK<YUCK!!!

            We do NOT EAT commercial meats, period!! But thank you for your concern for my health, but I will be fine without your help, Thank YOU!!

            You eat what you want and I will eat what I want, capisci?

          • John Dutcher

            So do you eat meat Gordon? My mother-in-law got tangled up with the 7th Day Adventists a few years before her passing, what a mess that was, they kept trying to get her to give them all her money and also managed to convince her not to eat ANY meat, her health started deteriorating, all that fake meat made out of processed soybeans did not do much for her health!! YUCK,YUCK, YUCK, BAD<BAD<BAD!!!

  • Gordon S Watson

    “why not raise hogs …”? Because doing so is counter-productive to the overall aim of the Campaign for REAL MILK. Personal and national health suffers when white people eat swine’s flesh. In the same way as the science accumulated pre-WW 2 which substantiated the benefits of raw milk versus par-boiled [ Pasteur-ized ] the scientific evidence proving how pigmeat causes disease, has been suppressed by the pork promoters

  • Dr Joe,

    I love bacon….yum!! Especially skim milk fattened pigs.

    The federal order impact on any vertically integrated producer ( whether, organic, conventional or raw ) will be total exemption from he current CDFA milk pool obligations.

    Currently OPDC pays up to $50,000 each month into the pool. ( It really hurts badly and it is totally unjust ) Why? Because OPDC sells a high percentage of fluid whole milk for human consumption. The conventional dairy utilization of fluid milk for drinking is about 9%. This forces a shift of money under the program.

    Raw milk is not allergenic, does not cause lactose intolerance therefor…..our utilization is completely lopsided to fluid for consumption. The CDFA milk pool forces a contribution to dairies that make cheese in order to subsidize and equalize. Our raw organic money goes to pay for CAFO dairies to make cheese!!

    Under the federal order, OPDC ( and several other dairies also ) will be exempt up to 11,000 gallons of milk per day. No more shifting raw organic dollar voting money to CAFO cheese makers. It is a joyous day!!

    I have been working with other producer-distributor daries for the last five years to make this miracle happen. It finally is happening!!!


  • One last thing on quota. Producers in CA that own Grade A Quota did not want any sort of federal order unless their Quota was somehow protected. That quota sat as a value on their balance sheets and provided a margin of extra income. In order for the federal order to be voted into CA, producers had to negotiate a protection for quota holders.

    That protection was what this vote was all about. It passed with a 90% to 10% landslide. Now the federal order can come in with all coops block voting.

    Should be done by mid year.

    There still is a big problem with supply management. Producers under our current USA milk programs over supply markets and kill their own prices.
    Markets. There must be some sort of inventory management system that encourages producers to supply a limited amount of milk and not glut the systems.

    Free market capitalism and its guiding hand ends up looking like CAFOs when efficiencies and power run he show. If we want a system that looks a little greener, other incentives must be used.

  • John Dutcher

    Dr. Heckman,
    You certainly find some very interesting reads, Thank You!!

  • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

    “Another Ruling Against Durham-Area Raw Milk Advocate”

    “The private rights of the people are basically completely squashed by these kind of rulings and it just keeps going,” says Schmidt.

  • mark mcafee mark mcafee


    Sounds like Glencolten Farms has just gained a bunch of farm workers and owners. Brilliant innovation will overcome this headache.
    Bless his heart and mind. The place needs to become a “Super Air BnB” and have hundreds of people come and stay the night all the time. Bed & Raw Milk Stay!


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