FDA Wants to Jail Sam Girod for 48 Years, for Making Salves People Love

sam products 2

Sam Girod’s three products.

Sam Girod is a Kentucky farmer who runs a small business selling natural skin salves made from herbs such as chickweed, which seem to help relieve a host of skin conditions, including allergic rashes,  psoriasis, poison oak and even skin cancers.

If you look up chickweed on Amazon, you will find pages of chickweed products, dozens and dozens of products, in some cases followed by glowing testimonials from users about how this or that chickweed provided relief from terrible itching, and even cured their skin cancers.

So why has the U.S. Food and Drug Administration picked Girod out from all those producers, and had him indicted by a federal grand jury on a dozen criminal charges that could jail Sam Girod for 48 years? Neither Girod, who is 56 years old and the father of twelve, nor his lawyer, Chuck McFarland, can explain it.

According to McFarland, Girod, who is Amish and has no criminal record, has been selling chickweed for the last 15 years, from his farm in Owingsville, Kentucky and from some convenience stores in Missouri.

Girod says the problems originated a dozen years ago, when the FDA went after him for referring to skin cancer as one of the conditions the salve was effective for. He agreed to remove skin cancer from the label and various promotional materials. He called it “Chickweed Healing Salve”.

Everything seemed fine after that, says Girod. “It was a nice family business.” He had been in construction for many years, and the salve business was something he could do from the farm, and involve his children. “A lot of love went in that business.”

The big problems started four years ago, when a local health department official saw Girod’s products on display in a small Missouri town’s convenience store, and reported them to a state health department official. That agency apparently referred the matter to the FDA, which struck again, seizing products from the store, contending that because Girod included user testimonials at the same store where he was selling the salve, he had to register it as a drug.

According to a 2012 FDA announcement, “FDA requested the seizure….because the products claim to treat or cure diseases but have not received FDA approval, and are not exempt from such approval requirements. Moreover…..the seized products contain ingredients that could cause toxic or allergic reactions in consumers sensitive to these ingredients. According to the federal complaint, Chickweed Healing Salve contains comfrey, which may increase the risk of systemic toxicity, and To-More-Gone contains bloodroot, a caustic, corrosive substance that produces a thick scar that can mask tumor recurrence.”

Obtaining FDA approval for a supplement or salve as a drug requires years of testing, costing millions of dollars, something that is out of reach of most producers. They are content to sell their products as supplements, and not include claims of benefits for specific health conditions. For Girod’s company, it made no sense, since the company never exceeded $200,000 annual sales.

The FDA said in its 2012 announcement about seizing Girod’s products that it had responded “to a consumer complaint regarding the product Chickweed Healing Salve and claims in pamphlets that stated the product helps treat skin cancer. A previous complainant used the product on skin cancer on her leg…..and the product reportedly made her condition worse, requiring medical treatment.” It isn’t clear if the “consumer complaint” was from the local or state public health official who alerted the FDA. Girod’s lawyer, McFarland, said he hadn’t been able to obtain information from the FDA about who might have complained, or the specifics of the complaint.

Girod says he’s never received a consumer complaint, aside from someone saying the salve produced a burning sensation. “I have 50 or 60 written testimonials on how chickweed helped their skin cancer,” says Girod.

The FDA, after seizing product in 2012, filed for an injunction, prohibiting the sale of “Chickweed Healing Salve”. Apparently the FDA objected to the word “healing”. So Girod renamed his main product again, calling it “Chickweed Salve”. (It has since been renamed yet again, to “Original Chickweed”.)

That wasn’t sufficient to the FDA, and it sent two agents to search his farm in Kentucky in early 2013. They all sat on his front porch, and worked out an agreement, as Girod recalls it. Girod’s understanding was that the agents would return to his farm a few weeks later, when he was producing product, and search his production area, with the proviso they not take any photos.

According to Girod, the Amish have an aversion to cameras for cultural and religious reasons. He thought the agents could do their inspection and take notes without using cameras.

The two agents returned a few weeks later, as agreed, and according to Girod, “The first thing they did was pull out their cameras” and photograph his supplies, to see where he obtained his oils. “They had sweet talked me” about not taking photos.

The two agents returned some months later, in November 2013, as Girod recalls it. He was being driven by a non-Amish driver, and spotted the agents about three miles from his farm, being escorted by a deputy sheriff. Several of his older children joined him in following the agents to his farm.

The agents were back to do another search of Girod’s facilities. Based on them breaking their word about the photos the previous time, Girod refused. Besides, he says, they didn’t have a search warrant. The sheriff’s deputy respected his wishes, and, gesturing toward the street, told the agents, “There’s the road.”

The agents left, and haven’t been back since, says Girod.

The episode apparently upset the agents enough that they convinced the FDA to throw the book at Girod and seek a federal grand jury indictment; federal grand juries are reserved under the U.S. Constitution’s Fifth Amendment for “capital or otherwise infamous crimes.” McFarland, his lawyer, is now reviewing 29,000 pages of discovery—evidence provided by the U.S. justice Department on behalf of the FDA, to Girod, in preparation for a trial now scheduled to begin in April.

The main clues to the agency’s irritation come in the first two counts of the indictment, worth potentially 11 years in prison and $500,000 in fines— related to the unfortunate agent visits. And apparently the rest of the charges, related to selling unregistered drugs in unregistered facilities, were upgraded to felony counts as well—heavy penalties for refusing a search by government agents.

According to the indictment, Girod “knowingly and willfully conspired with others to prevent, by force, intimidation, and threat, FDA Compliance Safety Officers (“CSOs”) N.L.P. and M.D.S. (two investigators) from discharging the duties of their offices, trust, and places of confidence under the United States; and to induce, by force, intimidation, and threat, FDA CSOs N.L.P. and M.D.S. to leave the place where their duties as officers of the United States were required to be performed.”

It adds that “the manner and means used to accomplish the objectives of the conspiracy included, among others, the following:

“Members of the conspiracy, including Girod, physically surrounded N.L.P. and M.D.S. when they arrived to inspect Girod’s establishment pursuant to the injunction.

“Members of the conspiracy, including Girod, obstructed N.L.P.’s and M.D.S.’s attempts to gather information about Girod’s establishment.”

Just for good measure, the twelfth and last count of the indictment, carrying a possible penalty of 20 years in prison, charges that Girod “threatened” a witness who was testifying in the grand jury investigation. It isn’t clear what the threat was.

Girod says he has no idea, either. He said he didn’t try to discourage any witnesses subpoenaed before the grand jury to testify. “I didn’t want anyone to get in trouble.”

The one in trouble is Girod. Looking at a maximum sentence of 48 years in prison is terrifying to him. At his age, he says, “I’ll never see daylight.”

He sees the world as made up of two spirits. “There is good and there is bad. The FDA is from the bad.”

He says that when the FDA seized his products back in 2012, they violated one of the ten commandments, thou shalt not steal. “They are bad. They have stolen products.”

He adds that he used to think the FDA “was part of something good, to make sure our health laws worked. No more. They are full of lies.”

– 151001 Indictment counts 1 – 12

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  • Sally Oh

    Great job, David, thank you so much for telling the story!!! Sam is my neighbor and a hardworking, cheerful, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial human being. His attorney, Chuck, emails me motions and legal docs and I print them out and drive them over to Sam. The Amish don’t use electricity… the scope of that is amazing to this English 🙂

    One of the first things I noticed about being with Sam’s Amish family — at Sam’s first court appearance actually, to determine if he was a flight risk (what a ridiculous waste of taxpayer money) — is that they are very social. There were probably 35 family members there. When two of us are talking, the others slowly gather round… yes, they “surround” the ones chatting in order to listen in and participate in the conversation. When that conversation is over, everyone drifts away.

    When another conversation starts up, same thing: everyone drifts over and surrounds the chatters, listening in and participating in the conversation. Then drift away when the conversation is over.

    I am confident this is how it happened when the agents were at the house demanding to search (without a warrant). Sam and the agents were talking, everyone drifts over to hear the conversation. They may look solemn at times, but never threatening. The idea is completely ludicrous. The FDA talks like Sam’s family were brandishing sticks and slapping them on their hands with menacing scowls… Not promising that wouldn’t happen at my raw milk drop if any agents came hassling us, lol. And I can’t speak for all the Amish but I can speak from experience about Sam’s family. Not a menace among them.

    Sam refused a search and that pissed off the agents. They are out to get him and make an example of him. Sam is very well aware of his rights as an American. Thank you again, David, for shining some light on this travesty of justice. I’m sharing this everywhere!!!

    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      Thank you, Sally. One of the things that’s amazing to me about this situation is how insensitive the FDA agents (and their superiors) have been toward the Amish culture. Some of the Amish traditions may seem strange to outsiders, but one thing that is pretty consistent is that they are nonviolent. They’ve been conscientious objectors during our wars. That the agents felt so threatened that they needed to retaliate with a major legal offensive against them is pathetic.

      Girod’s lawyer, Chuck McFarland, told me that the cultural issues have continued to present a problem in this case, when U.S. Marshalls wanted to take a mug shot of Girod at his arraignment. As I said in the post, the Amish hate photos, and avoid at all costs having their photos taken. So when McFarland made this objection to the judge, he was ordered to write a brief explaining his case. Eventually, the judge accepted it, and a compromise was reached, with Girod just being fingerprinted.

      But from the Amish perspective, the avoidance of photos is a big problem in the world of American justice. The FDA agents know there won’t be any incriminating video shown of what really happened at those inspections. Thus, it will be their word against the defendant’s, and we know which way the judges rule–with the cops.

      • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

        Yes David, and it could also be said that “avoidance” of legal and health protocol “is a big problem” in a world of vain and paternalistic government and medical bureaucrats whose actions are based, so they claim, on concern for public “safety”. In other words for “the general good” as Blackstone refers to it, or in the case of vaccines, “for the greater good”. Who are they to decide what is better or safer in such matters, and what moral criteria do they abide by that gives them the credibility to overrule human freedom and dictate what a person eats or drug that aught to be injected into their or their child’s body?

    • sandra nicht

      I hope he is a member of the Farm to Consumer Defense Fund which represents farmers like him…

      • The F2C won’t represent him because it’s a salve and not food. But Pete did recommend an attorney who has been helpful. Also the Institute for Justice recommended two attorneys.

        • Rachel

          Sally! I would donate to an online crowd sourced fund for Sam! Please let us know when this is started so people can help!

          • Carreen

            I would be willing to help also!

          • https://www.gofundme.com/supportsamnow Sam is a Good friend of mine since 2005, in fact I sold his products for 9 years

          • https://www.gofundme.com/supportsamnow Sam is a Good friend of mine since 2005, in fact I sold his products for 9 years

          • Gordon S Watson

            on that website, for which you supply the URL, Mr Yoder, the headline sez : “Pray without ceasing”. please tell me = “to whom?” To the god Horus ? whose iconic eye-ball stares down at Ham-merica, from atop the ziggurat on the paper currency?

            I wish I could get across to you how ironic it is, for this Amishman, to now call on for assistance = the very society whom his religion eschews, ie. “the English”. Where’s your Big God now?!!

            For the last hundred years – as America descended into the pigsty in which we find ourselves today – the Amish kept to demselves … refusing to participate in politics. Getting special tax exemptions from the Tyrant Govt. but when that Tyrant state intruded its tentacles right into their compound, well! Mister Girod turns to the state-of-the-art of “The World” … the internet, created and run by the Military Industrial Complex / DARPA.

            is MIster Girod registered to vote? When’s the last time he ever donated some of the income from his commercial enterprise, to fund the legal bills of anyone else who was in trouble with govt? When’s the last time we saw Amish-volk pull up in their trade-mark quaint buggies around an abort-uary, making religious witness against babies being killed in their neighbourhood? No, like so many other of the namby-pamby so-called “Christians”, the Amish were conspicuous by their absence in that particular POLITICAL controversy. In contrast to which, the ‘clean food movement’, is small potatoes

            But when it comes to Sam Girod suddenly having his political conscious-ness raised, I guess all that’s just “water under the bridge”, eh? Now!! rectifying his predicament is the moral imperative of the community in general, is it? The same people his religion treats as “unclean” otherwise?!

            John Bunyan coined the word “penitentiary”, out of the notion that a sinner would sit “in ward”, and come to repentance for sin. God chastens those whom He loves. Could be that Sam Girod is imprisoned ’til he = AND his shabbat goy enablers, that would be you, Owen Yodder = realize what they’ve done wrong. Of course I am well-ware that the prison system today, is the very opposite of such original intent ; today it’s a school for criminals. The starting point to understanding human government in our fallen condition, is Tupper Saussy’s masterpiece “Rulers of Evil”. If you give us a surface postal address at which Sam Girod can receive mail from “the outside”, I shall send him a copy of it. Looks to me like he’ll have plenty of time to read it

            Charity starts at home. First : Let’s see the Amish community pony-up the level of breath-taking amounts of $$ it takes to go to war in this theatre = constitutional law. : to all-concerned paying in the Campaign for REAL MILK, I warn >>> do NOT throw fund$ down this particular rat-hole of a contest.

          • Ceebe

            Support for Sam and Elizibeth Girod

    • Renie

      I am outraged and saddened by the corruption and the ignorance of this situation. Big pharma and all their greedy cronies occupying jobs at the FDA who have approved drugs and poison cancer causing products vaccines…we need to clean the house…political offices as well as corrupt bought out government regulated agency’s such as the FDA and CDC. Hopfully his packaging statements will exhonerate Sam from the madness of this stupid situation.

    • Adam

      Who is the accuser? Will the accuser come forward?

      These are the questions he needs to ask!!!

      The FDA cannot come forward because the FDA is an organization, not a man or woman.

      Only the FDA lawyers can come forward but the lawyers have no first hand knowledge and Sam has not caused them harm.

      Please contact me: [email protected]

  • Mark mcafee Mark mcafee


    You are so right. Every time I have ever spoken at an event where the Amish were present, they slowly surround me to listen….then they move slowly away when the listening is done. The fda knows nothing of this ancient and gentle culture that have their own medicines and healing cures.

    I can say that I too have fallen for the idea that I thought I had first amendment rights to speak of testimonials and make claims based on experience and science. Not so….I paid the FDA $8,000 as a fine for simply posting a consumers testimonial on our website 13 years ago. They called it “commercial speech” and it is not protected by the First Amendment. However, you can blog on thevinternet and post information on non profit websites. But if you try and sell using commercial speech and making unauthorized claims on a commercial cite…..you are in trouble.

    This is all part of the FDA protecting the public from ourselves. What we really need is protection from the incessant barrage of drug ads at every TV commercial that are only matched and to be outdone by lawyer TV ads with offers to sue for damages for the deaths caused by the drugs just advertized.

    This is beyond insane. If it was not tragic….it would simply be hilarious.

    The way arround this is to learn to use the dietary suppliment laws under DSHEA ( 1994 Health Suppliment Act ). We live in crazy times.

    Great news from Ontario. The RAWMI application, RAMP and test data documents are starting to flow in from Canadian raw milk applicants for RAWMI, All of this while Michael Schmidt is courting members of parliament and some are publically recommending that raw milk be regulated and legalized. Huge progress.

    • Bob

      Yes, this is the kind of stuff that angers to no end. The FDA will ignore complaints of (profitable) drugs actually killing people until the death toll is too large to ignore but seem to spare no expense in harassing the small farmer or herbalist who has never harmed anyone and benefited many. I think Mr. Girod’s error was to mention the word “cancer” on one of his labels. That is where the drug cartels have a iron grip on the market and want no one interfering. The FDA are the SS soldiers of the cartel sent in to harass, intimidate, arrest and destroy anyone who dares to offer alternative care. Unfortunately, this is a story that has been recurring since the birth of the FDA (and their partner, the AMA).

      • Gaye

        Bob, he is lucky, he still has his life, where as many others who have found cures for cancer are killed.
        It is possible that pharmaceutical is mentioned in the Bible, the word Pharmacia is mentioned, and it would appear that what will happen to them is not good. eg.

        (Revelation 21:8 and 22:15 – KJV) These uses of ‘sorcerers’ (KJV) use a different Greek word to the singular use of this word in Acts 13:6,8; so this is not just the plural of the same word. From the Greek ‘pharmakeus’ (Words 5332 and 5333 in Strongs). So there is a connection between all four uses of words 5331, 5332 and 5333 in Revelation. There is indeed a relationship here to the English word ‘pharmacy’ (which of course, is directly derived from these Greek words). Could it mean that the modern medical practitioners are equivalent to ‘sorcerers’?

        I gather from what I have read that the root meaning of this group of Greek words is ‘druggist’ ‘poisoner’ or, ‘giver of potions’. These particular ‘sorcerers’ were people who were able to prepare and dispense potions. The modern English word ‘pharmacy’ happens to be derived from ‘pharmakeia’! Some say that there is no connection and that might be true, but it seem strange that they mixed up stimulate hallucinations or visions, and so does many of our pharmaceutical drugs today..

        The words “pharmacy” and “pharmaceutical” are derived from the Greek word, pharmakeia (Strong’s G5331). This word is found in the Bible in the following passages of scripture.

        Now the deeds of the flesh are evident, which are: immorality, impurity, sensuality,
        20) idolatry, sorcery (pharmakeia), enmities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions,
        21) envying, drunkenness, carousing, and things like these, of which I forewarn you, just as I have forewarned you, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.
        Galatians 5:19-21

        and the light of a lamp will not shine in you (the great city Babylon) any longer; and the voice of the bridegroom and bride will not be heard in you any longer; for your merchants were the great men of the earth, because all the nations (ethnos) were deceived by your sorcery (pharmakeia).
        Revelation 18:23

        The Heritage Bible interprets the phrase “because all the nations were deceived by your pharmakeia” as “…because in your spell inducing drugs all the races were led astray.”

        However, some say that we should not go to a Dr, but I think that is dangerous, God can use them to heal us also, I am just pointing out that if pharmaceutical is the same as pharmakeia that somewhere in the bible I am sure that it says that they will be cursed.

    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      The drug laws the FDA uses to prosecute cases like this grew out of bad stuff (snake oil) being peddled in the 1800s and early 1900s. The prosecutions have become perverted, with cases like this, where decent law-abiding people become the targets, and the dangerous drug makers, Big Pharma, buy influence with the politicians and are allowed to peddle their stuff on TV.

      Obviously, Sam Girod didn’t know or understand the drug laws very well, understand “commercial speech”, and didn’t seek out good advice. From his view, his big mistake was trying to cooperate with the FDA, by changing the names of his products and improving the labels, and such. “There is no pleasing them,” he says.

      • Julie M.

        No one peddles more dangerous snake oil than Big Pharma, yet they are protected and coddled by the FDA and there is a revolving door between Big Pharma and positions at the FDA and other alphabet agencies. This whole thing is a disgrace. I would like to see one proof that these substances they are taking issue with truly are harmful and not just in some rare case, which could be possible with ANY substance. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, David!!

      • ingvar ingvar

        Off topic.

        What, exactly, is “Snake Oil?”

        We all know the cartoon answers.

        Perhaps it is (or was), exactly, an Echinacea tincture, because it strongly stimulates the immune system and strongly stimulates healing, whatever the injury maybe.

        Hence, “It’s Good For What Ails You!” (Including “snake bite.”)

        If so, why anyone would mock it or make it the butt of jokes, is beyond me. Jealousy perhaps? An attempt to limit competition perhaps?

        Does anyone have solid information on this? Even hearsay, I dare say.

        Step right up folks! First one with a good answer gets a free bottle!

        Mr. J. Ingvar Odegaard

        • Wendy

          Snake Oil was a term applied to “cure all” elixirs back in the late 1800″s and early 1900″s, and sold by Snake Oil Salesmen. Generally, they had no medicinal value at all, and the actual ingredients in them could be anything.

          • ingvar ingvar

            Thanks Wendy. That’s a start.

            I want to know what the ingredients were, how they were processed, and how they were packaged, and how they were used, and, of course, to what effect. I can see (purported) old label images on google that indicate “snake oil” (or rattlesnake oil) as an ingredient. What is “snake oil?” Do you know that they had no medicinal value? And do you know that the actual ingredients were, let’s say, random?

            Mr. J. Ingvar Odegaard

          • Cecily

            Some reportedly had wormwood (murcury) and lots of them had laudanum (highly addictive painkiller).

          • Emma Gardner

            I have never heard of wormwood (a variety of the artemisia plant, a common herb) being associated with mercury, other than in astrological herb-lore, as Mercury is the planet it “falls under.” Artemisia was commonly used in herbal liqueurs, most notoriously in the original absinthe recipe (not any longer). See
            https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artemisia_absinthium#Uses for more info on one variety. More at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artemisia_(genus)#Medicinal about medical properties of other varieties of artemisia.

            You do have to be cautious in dosages with wormwood – it’s not for the casual backyard herbalist – in larger doses it is poisonous.

        • lucky jones

          originally snake oil was a chinese traditional medicine. It was a chinese water snake. chinese immagrants brought this to america and americas tried try reproduce it with american snakes which were’nt as effective and the original. It was very healthy similar to how omega 3 or 7 or 6 or 9 oils are healthy today. Probably had many other benifits as well. We’va all heard how wonderful EMU oil is or all manner of oils from coconut to Jojoba. Of course all Jokes originate to discredit original medicine (alternative medicine) and prop up the medical mafic (health care system, drug companies Alopathic medicine etc)

    • Another way around the unjust treatment against healthy natural food, supplements, and herbal products is to advertise them as decorations. As ridiculous as that sounds, the FDA has zero authority to regulate the arts and crafts industry. So go ahead and produce your raw milk, herbal salves, etc., and sell it as a decoration. People will still know what to do with it. Even though your ad may say “adorn your refrigerator with this beautiful bottle of white liquid” people will still know to drink the milk. Some products like supplements and herbal medicines do need a bit of instruction, so an independent third-party web site could be created that would display all the product information, testimonials, and reviews, but no link to buy anything. So that site would simply be exercising free speech, just as I could write on a blog post that drinking adequate water cures dehydration — without having to shell out millions of dollars in studies and beg for FDA approval. The independent site would have links to the original vendors’ product site where they sell the item as a decoration – no health or functional claims whatsoever. To make things easier, the independent site could use a simple product numbering system and include a link for vendors to reserve a product number. This site would serve as a clearing house of truthful info for many vendors that are currently heavily restricted from disclosing to their customers. The site could also include a feature where consumers could print out ingredient and usage labels for products once they order them, because the “decorations” won’t be able to have that on the label or packaging. Whether the FDA wants to realize and admit it or not, they will not succeed in crushing the will and the rights of the people.

    • Gaye

      Mark, you said… The way around this is to learn to use the dietary suppliment laws under DSHEA ( 1994 Health Suppliment Act ). We live in crazy times.

      They will take those from us also once they realise that it is there and people are using it..
      I gather that there are places in America and Britain where you cant even grow veges in your own back yard.. not sure how true that is though…

      Unless we do something soon they will have total and complete control of every aspect in our lives.. the America for fathers would be horrified at what these governments are now doing, especially the left..

  • D. Smith D. Smith

    Want a little education on how a grand jury works? Check out this 9 minute vid, which contains some great information. The first minute or so seems a little weird and you might wonder what’s coming, but stay with it and you may learn some things you didn’t know.

    This is why the FDA will seek out a grand jury to do the dirty work. The whole system is absolutely sickening.


    Judge Napolitano makes some good points, as do some others interviewed for the vid.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Also, I’m not sure why, but the line of Dr. Christopher’s healing salves, etc., had to change the name of their chickweed salve a few years ago. I used to recommend this (chickweed salve) to people who had babies and small children with diaper rashes (and other rashes for that matter) that simply wouldn’t go away because it always, always works – rash gone, baby happy, parents happy. BUT, of course, it worked, and we can’t have that now can we, especially because of good old common sense. Then for a long time I wasn’t able to find the salve so I kinda forgot about it. Recently I located it (accidently) and it’s “permanently” out of stock. The site simply says out of stock, but it has been unavailable for several years now. Go figure.


    Only something Rx and FDA approved can possibly work, right? Yep, even if it kills you it will have the FDA blessing, as we have seen over and over with “approved” drugs. It’s akin to playing Russian roulette. The tv will run an ad for some drug and then the very next ad will be some law firm sueing the drug company for that very same drug . . . how crazy is that? I just read an article within the past couple of days saying the AMA has put its foot down and is calling for the ceasing of tv ads for drugs. Yeah, that’ll happen – starting February 30th . . .


    • Lynn_M Lynn_M

      D. Smith,

      Dr. Christopher’s itch ointment is available now at iHerb, Swanson’s, and Amazon. The product ingredients are
      still listed as wildcrafted chickweed herb in a base of extra virgin olive oil and beeswax. The unavailability issue seems to be with the Dr. Christopher’s Herbs website and not with the product itself.

      • D. Smith D. Smith

        Oh thanks, Lynn, that’s good to know. I usually check amazon (you can get absolutely anything at amazon I think!) but haven’t needed the stuff recently so never gave it a thought. I made up a mixture of my own (but I’m not telling what’s in it). I don’t have skin issues but a lot of people do, especially little people. Between the crud in the air and the crud in the water and the crud in the food, is it any wonder people have cruddy skin? No wonder, at all. It’s almost expected these days.

      • D. Smith D. Smith

        @ Lynn_M: I guess the one thing I forgot to mention in my last post was that even though it’s still available, the name has definitely changed from when I used it years ago. It was simply called Chickweed Ointment. Now it has to be called “itch ointment”, they cannot use the word chickweed in the name. This is, of course, 1st Amendment vandalism at its finest from our malevolent gubmint apparatchiks.

  • Royce Hamer

    Perhaps Sam Girod should get hold of Karl Lentz and sue the FDA. Karl Lentz
    Home Page common-law common law kommon law kommon-law.

  • Although this particular story is new to me, the idea isn’t. The FDA, the AMA and big pharma have a stranglehold on all things medicinal. Medicine and “health care” are an INDUSTRY, and these three agencies have decided that they and they alone can tell people what they may or may not do to heal themselves. I personally know a man in Florida( whose compounds were all made from natural ingredients readily available to the public) who was seized at gunpoint despite never receiving a single complaint from any of the people who came to him. His story inspired me to write an article for a health-related newspaper, which I also published on my blog at http://www.hotrodgranny.wordpress.com In the article I cite an out-of-print book entitled “Politics in Healing” by Daniel Haley. It is one of the best pieces of investigative journalism I’ve ever laid eyes on, and is neither inflammatory nor conspiratorial in tone. It is a compendium of ten true stories about men like Girod who discovered and shared easy, inexpensive, natural cures for health problems. Seven of the ten stories told stories about cancer cures, one of which was a single injection. Without exception, these men were systematically persecuted and their cures destroyed by some combination of the three agencies mentioned above. Thank goodness there is a strong grass-roots movement toward eating good, whole, unadulterated foods and treating maladies with natural remedies. Strong pressure from large numbers of ordinary citizens is the only way to take unreasonable power away from too-big agencies.

    • Are you talking about Greg Caton? I used his Amazon black salve (before I knew about Sam’s black salve) to take off a persistent basal cell carcinoma on my nose. Greg was also extradited illegally by the FDA from Ecuador… the FDA is truly brazen and unlawful.

  • Michael Schmidt

    The world is going insane.
    War ,war ,war against everything farmers try doing to make the world a better place

  • Sue

    David, I too have to applaud you for bringing this to everyone’s attention!! Without people like you there would truly be no hope for any of us.

    How “F-ing” TYPICAL!!!! There’s a man in jail in Michigan for doing nothing other than selling jalapeno peppers to the local Mexican grocery. Now this.

    I was fortunate… I was warned before I started selling my products that this sort of thing could happen. Therefore, I sell them – no one else.

    IF one goes to the store, and looks at the body-care products, and otc at the pharmacy – and reads the labels, they will find hosts of brand name products that defy the FDA rules on labeling, and a host of other things that FDA sucks up the independents for. Hosts and hosts of them. Try it some time. Its disgusting – but its ok because those companies have already paid their protection money to the government, and in many cases its more through campaign funding and revolving doors between company attorneys and government offices than fees and licenses.

    Just look at USDA. Warning people that Ann Venemen was former legal staff for Monsanto brought jeers from even the people at Countryside and Backwoods Home magazines. No – just because she worked for the “Big M” didn’t mean she shouldn’t be head of a government agency regulating food. Until NAIS. Then she went to FDA, and now she’s with CDC.. Hmmm….

    How many people realize the true origins of these “alphabet” agencies? They ALL began as nothing more than lobbying groups. Every. Last. Single. One. And now we (we elected the idiots that continue to hand over more and more power to these ADMINISTRATIVE agencies – it is indeed our fault) have to fight tooth and nail and still go to jail for nothing more than telling the truth.

    Wish I could talk to him. Administrative procedure could solve this in a heartbeat – but people still look at true legal action as the stuff of tinfoil hats. The only “conspiracy” here is the one perpetrated by our own government.

    Geeez I wish people would wake up! A people that does not know its history is indeed doomed to repeat it.

  • Steve Tallent

    It’s just bullying by an out of control agency that is more or less controlled by the pharmaceutical and food industry giants they are supposed to be regulating. After being rebuffed, you can bet that the agents probably tried to get a warrant and were unable to. So when not able to continue getting their ego stroked, by further intimidating a farmer, his family, and local officials, they resort to scorched earth retribution. And why not? It will cause cost and anguish for this man and his family and friends for years. Yet, it costs these men nothing. There is no stress, there is no monetary expense. And even if they can get absolutely no conviction, their will be no rebuke coming their way, no loss of pay, or prestige. In fact, there might be a job in the private sector with a big raise, just because of their audacious attack on a micro manufacturer that sends a message to all small producers. They are driving people out of business and preventing new ones from being started. And why target the Amish? Because they won’t file a counter suit that will personally name those two men.

    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      Steve, in many respects, it is similar to what we are learning about our big-city police departments. For years, the cops have gotten their kicks arresting, or even killing, black kids involved in some relatively minor transgression. The cops claim the kids were threatening them, putting their lives in danger. Before a judge, the cop’s word always wins. But now that we’re seeing videos of some of these encounters, we are learning that they are in some cases nothing more than legal murders.

      The FDA inspectors are cops. They don’t have arrest powers, and may not carry guns (though sometimes they do). So they use the legal system to get their revenge for some perceived slight, knowing the Amish aren’t filming the incident, and it will be the “cop’s” word against some poor farmer.

      • Gordon S Watson

        no, what moves the FDA to lower the boom on a seemingly-inconsequential skin salve, is the fact that the stuff contains bloodroot. That being the essential ingredient in Harry Hoxsey’s formula, as well as the original prescription for Essiac. It is effectual in curing = yes, “curing” = skin cancer, as Hoxey’s clinics proved beyond doubt. And there’s no way the Cancer Establishment can let that go on.

        Thanks for bringing this incident to our attention : the Campaign for REAL MILK needs a bit of comic relief… ie. another an Amishman in conflict with the Babylonian system. Where’s the pulpit parrot, now, spouting the boiler-plate sermon from Romans 13?

        if you’re going to talk about racism on your forum about raw milk, Mr Gumpert, please be realistically even-handed … so to admit that the police officers you tar with such a broad brush, are out there on the front lines contending with third-world conditions. The cops don’t “get their kicks arresting even killing black kids involved in some relatively minor transgression”. The FACT is that a]- these “youths” are grown men b] – police officers are human, too, so, their accumulated resentment against seeing ghetto thugs ‘game the system’, and the inevitable media pandering of stereotypes of “brutal cops” eventually breaks-over into an incident which is then blown all out of proportion.

        The very liberals who – glory! – in finding fault with the cops don’t live downtown, Detroit, do they?! No, they reside in gated communities where “diversity” is conspicuous by its absence … insulating demselves from the thousands of provocations = daily = committed by ghetto denizens who live in a culture / tribal-ism / very different from the Law of God which white Christian Americans presume

        • David Gumpert David Gumpert

          Gordon, I didn’t mean to tar urban police in the U.S. with a broad stroke. I know they are up against some very tough hombres, on a daily basis, and that there are many decent and professional officers who put their lives on the line. That being said, there have been enough videos of serious police responses (violent subduing, multiple shootings) against unarmed, non-threatening youths over the last couple years to suggest that these aren’t isolated cases, and that this sort of thing has been going on for a long time. Moreover, the police in their official reports, even the police not directly involved, will lie about what happened so as to exonerate the guilty cop. In other words, they stick together in their misrepresentations. I only raised this matter because I sense something like this scenario playing out with Sam Girod. The FDA agents were pissed about being told to leave Girod’s property, and made up a story about a “conspiracy” and being surrounded by threatening Amish farmers. They acted out their anger, and got revenge in the easiest and most convenient way for them.

          • Being a cop doesn’t even make the top 10 most dangerous jobs. Loggers first, farmers 9th.

          • Karen

            I understand that cops have a difficult job, but even though I have been a model citizen with just a few minor traffic tickets over the past 45 years, I have had interactions with cops that left me scared and shaking. Too many officers are aggressive and disrespectful and they don’t have enough oversight. Just this year, I was in an unfamiliar part of a nice Milwaukee suburb with two of my boys when I pulled into a neighborhood to pull to the side and safely check my phone for directions as I was lost. Well a cop pulled up and came to my door. To say that he was aggressive is an understatement. He asked if I lived there and I stated no, that we were lost and I was checking directions. He then proceeded to yell at me for sitting in the neighborhood in front of a house that I didn’t live in. I swallowed hard and as nicely as I could, told him that I was sorry. He stalked off. I was afraid for my boys and my youngest actually said “wasn’t the policeman supposed to help you?”

            I am white and so are my boys and we were in a nice car in a nice neighborhood. I can’t imagine how I would have been treated if I had dark skin and an older car. I called the police dept to complain and left a message. I was later advised by s eral people not to follow up on that as it could bring trouble to our family. These are from church going friends with no criminal record either. I had other instances as a young woman. So I think the cameras are just capturing what has been going on for a long time.

            I’m sorry for this man. It struck me hard as I just made some salve for my husband to give to a man whose hands are dry and cracking. I put essential oils in it and referred to it as medicinal salve. I guess I’ll just call it salve and will continue to give it away. I’m going to look into bloodrot. Thanks so much for this info David. I’d like to know when the trial is and where. Maybe we could take a trip.

    • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

      Steve, it has gone well beyond mere bullying.
      FDA official have demonstrated nothing but contempt for free thinking individuals like Sam Girod. They are serial free enterprise predators whose repeated willful deeds are grounded on, unscrupulous and deceitful behavior.

      • Steve Tallent

        I’m expecting some day that they will shut down our business. We’re just trying to hold out for as long as we can, share as much good information as we can, and help people get as healthy as possible in the meantime.

  • I am pondering how to gently require my customers to speak in terms that are very general, and cannot be misconstrued as healing. Its not an easy road, and one that will slow my company growth down a great deal.

  • D. Smith D. Smith

    @ David: I made a post here yesterday but it’s not showing up. Is there a reason (re: content) it didn’t show up or did it get lost? There were a couple of links in the post, but nothing bad . . . I did have to re-enter the blasted security code letters/numbers three times, however, so it may have ended up in cyberspace.

    • AAA

      I pray that he continues to make the salve, and passes down the recipe. Pharmacai has taken from herbs hte substance that works but forgot that the rest of the plant is necessary to offset the negative reactions.

    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      D, I missed your comment. It should be up there now.

      • D. Smith D. Smith

        @ David: Yes, thanks, it’s showing up now – Feb 6 at 12:16. There’s a great link there about how a grand jury works. Many people do not understand a grand jury and that is why the FDA chooses to use that particular tactic.

  • Leon Moyer

    The really sad thing is that Sam Girod is using an attorney. This means he is already losing–money–even if others will be donating to the cause as they did in the Ken Miller case, (Millercase.org) where the gov’t and Mr. Miller’s attorney discovered a “cash cow”. Mr. Girod should simply speak for himself, and use the assistance of others who do pro se (latin for “self representation” in court) work for themselves and sometimes others who are going into court without an attorney. Also, if Mr. Girod would divest himself of all finances and become poor, then he would qualify for a public defender (pretender), paid for by tax payer money. It is possible for Sam to represent himself and still have a free P.D. as his “legal counsel” without the P.D. controlling the case, this is called “hybrid representation”. There are so many ways to have fun in a court room, that Mr. Girod should be educating himself and filing his own motions that would blow the court away–raise constitutional issues, etc. This is how O.J. Simpson won at trial–he had the appellate attorneys present who were raising issues for the court of appeals to hear if or when he lost at the trial level. This is how the game is played, not addressing the government’s issues directly, but raising Sam’s issues of the right to engage in commerce and other rights given to all of us under the highest law of the land, the U.S. Constitution. And of course he must have a jury trial, that changes his odds of not being convicted greatly. But it is a lot of work, and the only real way to “win” this type of case is to become a free man–freedom means having nothing left to lose! The alternative, which is where I am at, is simply packing up and leaving this nation–it is totally corrupt in so many ways, because it is what the people–the voters especially–want to have for a gov’t. Where in the world can people go to live in freedom from gov’t intervention?

    • Gordon S Watson

      except that Sam Girod – professsing to be an Amishman – cleaves to a religion in which one of the main tenets = is : separation from the world. ; if he’s exchanging his product for Notes of the Federales, then he’s engaged in commerce …thus his business falls under govt. oversight. He cannot have it both ways If he can compromise his conscience so as to hire a state-licenced driver to transport him in a newfangled horse-less carriage, over public highways, then the simple solution to his problem, is : contract with an inter-mediary to broker his product,

      • D. Smith D. Smith

        @ Gordon: I’m not picking a fight here but being Amish doesn’t separate him from the world, as far as I can see. They choose to do some things differently than other people do things. So do the Hutterites. So do the Mennonites. So do the Mormons. I do things differently than my neighbors, but the sad part is that we are all tied to one monetary system because we have no choice. If you feel he shouldn’t be accepting Notes of the Federales, what SHOULD he be using? If he were living in Canada what would he be using or what would you suggest he use? Or are you saying he shouldn’t be making his product available to the public?

        Since our gubmint wants a socialistic type system more than they want a free-market type system, bartering is also off the table. Gold is no longer available for “commerce purposes”, so in a perfect world what should the Amish be using? What should any of us in business be using? An intermediary would also have to use Notes of the Federales so I guess I don’t understand how you think that would be a “simple solution” to his problem. As far as I can tell, he has a product people want to buy. If people aren’t able (for reasons of their own) to come and pick up the product at his farm in person, and you say he shouldn’t be using the new-fangled horseless carriage over public highways to transport it to people who want it, what should he be doing? An intermediary, once again, is going to have to charge him a fee and what should he use to pay them? I guess I don’t understand what it is you’re suggesting he do, other than stop selling his product because he’s Amish? When an Amishman needs to purchase something from the English world he must have Notes of the Federales to do so, right? I’d be interested in hearing more from you about this issue, and in less cryptic posts.

        • Gordon S Watson

          to this day in the united states of America, gold and silver most certainly are available for carrying on private enterprise, perfectly legally. George Gordon proved that. Old George is no longer in the land of the living, but = after taking a bit of a beating in 2008 = Jason Hommel is the standard-bearer now, on the issue of lawful money.

          The founding fathers knew what they were doing as they established the money of the Republic on a bi-metalic standard. Any Amishman who wants to make a bar-gain outside the gated-commnity, can exchange silver or gold, for what he wants. Honest money was one of the essential factors for America going from a standing start, to a world power, based on honest money.
          The so-called Federal Reserve System … in practice, the central Bank called-for by the Communist Manifesto … was the beginning of the end for the white Christian nation, called the U. S. of A.
          … this particular Amish-man can run his business to suit his-self. …. just don’t come kvetching to me about ‘govt. meddling’, resulting from his own double-minded-ness. Look at the formal indictment. If Mr Girod were to sell strictly within his home state, the Feds couldn’t touch him.
          … Sam Girod’s problem is the existential challenge every man faces, at every place and time in history : how to fit in to society. Which requires answer the challenge posed to ancient Israel “choose you this day Whom you shall serve.” ; the Baal which today is called “the State”, or God Almighty, the God of our fathers.
          …. if he can compromise his beliefs enough to hire someone as an intermediary to work-around use of the highways and by-ways of the Babylonian system, then that same solution – barter= this for that – enables him make an honest living from his very valuable product. Second : Bucky Fuller taught us that “information” is the most valuable stuff in the world. Apparent from the anecdotal evidence, the stuff works. Thus, Mr Girod can franchise its manufacture/ brand name in each of the other 49 states, and and everywhere else in the world, without transgressing the federal laws/ regulations concerning trade/ transport.

          • D. Smith D. Smith

            @ Gordon: Well, I didn’t say gold and silver weren’t “perfectly legal”. The problem is that not too many people have stashes of gold or silver laying around for everyday transactions. If I took gold to the grocery store to pay for stuff, I wouldn’t even be able to make that transaction work. No way. They are not prepared to deal with that kind of payment. And at the cost of things these days, I’d have to haul it into the store with a wheelbarrow or two.

            The other thing you’re basically saying is that because people from other States want his product, he shouldn’t sell it to them because he’s Amish and therefore shouldn’t be able to accept their “payment” – – and because they aren’t from his home State so it has to be shipped? If people want his product I would imagine he feels obliged to get it to them. Did he actually advertise or did people find out about his product through word of mouth? I’ve never heard of this stuff before.

            How many people do you actually know who barter for everything they have today? Do you barter for what you need, I mean for everything you need? I barter with friends (we trade our time, mostly) but beyond that the barter system is all but dead here in the USA, I don’t know about Canada. Doesn’t Canada use fiat money?

            You know, none of us may like fiat money, but it seems to be what we have to work with and that would include the Amish or anyone else living in America. I have a feeling our gubmint has other plans for us anyway, and money will be the least of our worries.

    • Bora Petski

      Leon, where you moving to? I might want to also. Costa Rica seemed nice and they don’t have a military

    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      Leon, what you say about Girod representing himself or using a public defender sounds logical. But remember, what’s at stake here is his freedom, likely for the rest of his life. In such a circumstance, I think you get the best possible legal representation you possibly can.

      I have seen a few farmers and food producers/distributors try to represent themselves in court, and it wasn’t pretty. First off, you alienate the judge, who doesn’t want to have to explain basic court procedure to the defendant. Next, you prejudice the jury, because it will hear a one-sided story, as presented by the prosecution. Finally, it is simply a very difficult task to go up against the toughest prosecutors in the land–most of them graduates of Harvard, Princeton, and other top law schools–and try to learn what to do on the fly.

      Vernon Hershberger, the Wisconsin raw dairy farmer, handled most of the pre-trial hearings (and there were many) himself in his criminal case, and he did an amazing job. But as committed as he was to being his own lawyer, he eventually concluded that representing himself in a jury trial, with his freedom at stake, required a real lawyer. He interviewed a good number, before finally settling on Glenn Reynolds, one of the top trial lawyers in the state. Glenn’s skills and experience were key in convincing the jury to acquit Vernon.

      BTW, O.J. Simpson had several of the top trial lawyers in the country representing him in his trial. They are a big reason he got off.

      This is serious business. You get one chance. You’ve got to go with the best you can. I’m not sure what Girod has decided about how to handle this, but I’d advise him to get the best trial lawyer(s) possible.

  • Sharon

    But Big Pharma can knowingly sell products that they KNOW will possibly kill people, with NO Warnings etc., yet a person that is simply using what nature provides and is seldom, almost never in trouble for selling their goods. Not fair!

  • Brandy

    This is a witch hunt plain and simple. In my life anywhere have I read that comfrey is nothing more than an herb to help with certain conditions, not kill people ANYTHING can kill people if they MISUSE IT! This is a witch hunt and it needs to stop!

  • Jeanmarie

    This is just absolutely chilling.

  • rebecca

    typical gov tyranny..big pharma poisons ppl everyday..fear tactic/intimidation to suppress natural methods b c they want ppl to use only their drugs.. same old story back in the days of witches who were natural healers. the church n state burned them at the stake!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

  • rebecca

    at least i hv to say, the sheriff did the right thing in kicking the feds out,its his duty to the ppl of his county. and he has the right..

    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      Yes, that was my favorite part of the story, when the sheriff deputy told the FDA guys, “There’s the road.”

    • Disgusted Brian

      The sheriff did not kick the Feds out the first go round and if it wasn’t for Sheriff Mack, the Feds would have taken Samuel in the last time they were there. It was only after Sheriff Mack’s pre-drafted letter was delivered to the Bath County sheriff and asked for signature was any protection offered is the way I understand.

  • ann

    if it was wrong for him not to let them back on his farm with a search warrant and the police made them leave shouldnt the police be charged also for making them leave. they are the ones who made them leave and they are the law who knows the rules!!! and the law right

  • All government agencies tend to pick on person to focus all their distaste on. Does not matter whether it is religion, beliefs, culture or whatever else you can think of, if for some reasons they get their gander up they pick that eternal fight. I say eternal for it does not end until the citizen backs down or has more power than the agency. Non one should EVER think the FDA or CDC are our friends. They should question everything that is put out and argue. We as a country have let this go on way too long. I send my best to Sam and his family!

  • Gordon S Watson

    food safety news spends a page gloating about Organic Pastures Dairy recalling a certain batch of product after in-house tests raise a flag. . No illnesses reported. Now a decade into this political movement, Mr Marler et al. are proving to be slow learners = the more they advertise their bogeyman, the more people learn the truth about REAL MILK and go looking for it

    • Gordon — FSN reports 6 children with a genetically matched strain of E. coli all drank Organic Pastures milk. That’s as much of a match as any lawsuit would ever require. The dairy claims that, despite RAWMI, a batch slipped through that was false negative. It makes no explanation for the second recalled batch. It makes no comment about how a single false negative test allows tainted milk through a triple-tested system. I wonder what is “triple” about the system.

      • Lynn_M Lynn_M

        You are incorrect. FSN reported that 4 of the 6 children drank Organic Pastures milk. All 6 had the same unique strain of shiga-toxin producing E. coli O157. Since 2 children didn’t drink Organic Pastures milk, it seems possible the E. coli may have come from somewhere other than Organic Pastures. Mark says they have collected hundreds of samples from the dairy and none were positive.

      • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

        Here we go again relying on test methodologies that are less then reliable and surrounded by considerable “taxonomic ambiguity”. In time I suppose, we will come to realize that bacteria aren’t just out there wearing neon jackets and raising their hands saying, “Hey, I’m over here!!!!
        Note how, when describing the accuracy of test results researches use “routine high confidence” as apposed to unequivocal.

      • David Gumpert David Gumpert

        This is an unfortunate situation, on a number of levels. OPDC looks to be the first RAWMI-certified dairy to be the source of illnesses from raw milk. I have always assumed that when an outbreak occurred at one of its member dairies, RAWMI would sanction an impartial investigation to determine exactly what went wrong, How did a “false negative” batch of milk get shipped? How reliable was the “negative” aspect of the testing? Was there a double or triple protection plan? What is the difference? How did E.coli O157:H7 directly from within a cow contaminate milk, or did it?

        RAWMI is first and foremost a safety organization that sets standards to reduce the incidence of illnesses. It needs to use this situation as a learning opportunity so that all RAWMI members, and other dairies, can learn from what went wrong.

      • Gordon S Watson

        put this incident in the larger context : when has Food Safety News – or any detractor – ever compared overall risk of illness from raw milk produced with intent for human consumption, versus illnesses from all other food sources? Fresh leafy greens are flown-in to YVR, daily, direct from fields in Red China, then on the shelves of local supermarkets .. but have we heard a bleat from the lame-stream media about people getting sick from foods grown in fields where “night-soiling” has been practiced for 1000s of years. Oh, no, that’d be “racist”. Meanwhile, the company doing its utmost to pioneer genuine food safety, is pilloried by an outfit which makes its living prosecuting.
        … As REAL MILK is normalized, the hue-and-cry about every little incident, is getting stale … the perpetual naysayer from Woe-Be-Gone CAL. flying-in on her broomstick, right on cue … and ‘no’, Amanda, I don’t mean vouz

        • David Gumpert David Gumpert

          No question, places like FSN yuck it up when there are raw milk illnesses. But that doesn’t mean producers and consumers shouldn’t take them seriously. The raw milk community needs to continually demonstrate that it demands safe practices, and isn’t tolerant of illnesses. That’s why I suggest that RAWMI research what went wrong at OPDC, and make the results publicly available, as a learning tool.

          • Realist

            We’re all praying that the cause of this outbreak is found. Especially, hopefully, that it was not caused by Organic Pastures, but by another food that all these children had eaten. (Is anyone testing the lettuce or spinach in their fridges?)

            RAWMI and its HACCP-based protocols is vital to seeing raw milk laws changed to legalize the product in places where authorities are convinced that it will kill someone.

            Mark, if you are reading this, please post updates on what you and your team have found.

  • Mikey

    Its all about money, or the “love of money”, the FDA has been bought off by big drugs, they can prosecute any one of us on some trumped up charges if they deem it good for them. common crooks in the name of “healthcare”

  • D A Kross

    Shouldn’t we have a personal choice regarding the products we choose to treat our illness, inflamations and ailments? Do you trust the natural by-products such as this effective chickweed oinment remedy or do your rely on the FDA approved cures that continue to poison our bodies with adverse side effects? Regulation of these all-natural cures needs to happen, but not by the FDA. Realistically, it has come down to Nature vs. FDA, who are clearly endorsed by Big Pharma lobbyists.

    To demonstrate how this affects your personal choices, I’d like to share a recent event that occured while taking Mom to her GP for prescription renewals and wellness checkup. I told the Doc, (who has professed to be a non-fan of Big Pharma) that I had begun giving Mom an occassional cup of herbal Turmeric Tea. The red lights went off in her head as she immediately stated not to give Mom any more Turmeric tea because it could have an adverse interaction with her other medications (synthethic by-products of nature). Do the research for yourself and you’ll discover that Turmeric is a plant. You probably know turmeric as the main spice in curry. It has a warm, bitter taste and is frequently used to flavor or color curry powders, mustards, butters, and cheeses. But the root of turmeric is also used widely to make medicine.

    Turmeric is used for arthritis, heartburn (dyspepsia), stomach pain, diarrhea, intestinal gas, stomachbloating, loss of appetite, jaundice, liver problems and gallbladder disorders.

    It is also used for headaches, bronchitis, colds, lung infections, fibromyalgia, leprosy, fever, menstrual problems, and cancer. Other uses include depression, Alzheimer’s disease, water retention, worms, and kidney problems.

    Some people apply turmeric to the skin for pain, ringworm, bruising, leech bites, eye infections, inflammatory skin conditions, soreness inside of the mouth, and infected wounds. (Resource: Web MD)

    Since Mom does suffer from several of the ailments mentioned, I feel she has been cheated out of the opportunity to experience some benefits that would come from regular consumption of herbal Turmeric products. Where are her choices? The FDA made them for her.

    • D. Smith D. Smith

      @ D A Kross: You can buy turmeric in bulk at any health food store (better quality, no doubt than the grocery store stuff) and use it in/on her food or to make tea. People who take Rx medications eat curried food all the time, not to mention it’s in many foods and people aren’t even aware of its presence. If you’ve been using it for your Mom and she’s had no problems with it before the doctor put up red flags, there’s no reason she should have a problem now. Everyone is different and what affects some people will not affect others – a doctor should know that. We do not need a doctor’s OK to eat or drink things which are readily available unless there is a multitude of “evidence” to indicate not using it. I’d ask the doctor about it the next time you go with your Mom. Personally, I hate the taste of turmeric or any curried food, so if I were going to use the stuff I’d put it in my own capsules in small amounts.

      I would never use WebMD as a source for anything (nor wikipedia either), but that’s just me. There are many other sources for information available who are not using biased information.

  • Kathy

    of course, the government gets nothing if we can be healed with natural ingredients. that is why medicinal marijuana is not approved because they know it can cure cancer and what would all the hospitals do if we don’t need all their treatments

  • Freddy

    I have treated myself for over 30 years with natural therapies for various conditions, even some that were deadly. I attended school for Nutripathy but learned most of what I have applied through self study and most of that was before the Internet. Now, information is easily available.

    We don’t need the establishment, all we need to do is share the truth. Most may not accept it but some will and then they spread the word. We just need to be careful how we share it. For years they fought to stop us and they still try but isn’t it interesting how they decided to get in on the action. Several pharmaceutical companies now manufacture many of the vitamins and herbs you buy at the big chain stores. Hypocrites, small in comparison to drugs sales but they take whatever they can get thier grimey paws on. You need to learn how to care for you and your families because even though your Doctor may be sincere about your welfare, he isn’t properly equipped to cure you. Don’t wait until it’s too late like so many people I have seen. Their diagnosed with a serious disease and then because they’re unequipped to treat themselves become victims at the mercy of the medical field and many die. The pharmaceutical companies pretty much dictate what the medical schools teach.

    It’s simple, all they want to do is treat your symptoms not cure you because if they cure you, they can’t keep selling you that high blood pressure medication and then sell you more drugs to treat the side effects of that one.

    Pray for Sam because he’s going to need it. Learn how to take care of yourself, never tell anyone you can cure them because they will lock you up for it, just share your own cures, share what you did and they can’t touch you. friends and family and so on and on and on call me all the time and I just share. God Bless

  • Mark mcafee Mark mcafee

    Amanda and everyone,

    Today I sent a complete report to the Listed RAWMI community. I explained every detail to everyone so that everyone could benefit.

    I sent that email to David as well so he could know the truth.

    There is a very good reason that the state did not act to recall OPDC products. FSN has blown this story far out of reality. Marler needs to go chase some lettuce.

  • Mary Rutkowski

    ~ This is too sad, too horrible, too outrageous – I can’t bear it when I read of things like this ! How have we ever come to such as this ? I like what Sam said: ” There is good and there is bad. The FDA is from the bad”. They most certainly are, thieves and liars ! What can we do to help this man ? Right now, I am praying that God will protect him and that justice may somehow, by His grace, prevail. I am heart-broken .

  • Concerned citizen

    If this has to become a landmark case I hope the attorney points out the FDA wasting time picking on one man whose putting together naturally occurring elements that are unpatentable together in a can or bottle… they need to just issue statement requiring him to change his labeling and not allowing the verbiage it cures anything or making any medical statements at all and use at own risk simple concept here. The personal attorney in this case hopefully will point out to the court about the FDA allowing big companies big pharmaceuticals to kill thousands of people ..men women and children to experiment their drugs on the population without them knowing …yet one mans all natural product that hasn’t killed anyone gets all this attention . stop the government for making “carrots” illegal and any & every other naturally occurring food that helps you be healthy… Illegal.
    The FDA should stick to policing anything created in a lab anything not naturally occurring in nature that actually can include genetically modified foods in my opinion and you don’t see them regulating that do you!

  • karen

    sad crazy and very frustrating to say the least!!! water curse dehydration come on take it why why why are they so worried about their ever loving profit. The are plenty of people who love those toxins and would rather buy them so leave the ones alone who want to use what nature provides. Gifts from God, thank you Jesus

  • Gina

    I really hope this gentleman is cleared of all charges. It’s bewildering, the charges that have been made against him and for producing products intended to heal and help people. Please let him know that people around the World are thinking of him and sending him loads of goodwill.

  • Gaye

    It is a shame he had not killed someone then he would only have got 3 years… but now he will perhaps get 48 years for healing people … yep that sure makes sense… like hell it does…
    So let me get this straight, new prescription drugs have a 1 in 5 chance of causing serious reactions after they have been approved.

    Few know that systematic reviews of hospital charts found that even properly prescribed drugs (aside from mis-prescribing, overdosing, or self-prescribing) cause about 1.9 million hospitalizations a year. Another 840,000 hospitalized patients are given drugs that cause serious adverse reactions for a total of 2.74 million serious adverse drug reactions. About 128,000 people die from drugs prescribed to them. This makes prescription drugs a major health risk, ranking 4th with stroke as a leading cause of death.

    The prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association published a study in 2000 iatrogentic damage (defined as a state of ill health or adverse effect resulting from medical treatment) is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer, the proof is there and nothing is done.

    BUT a person who sells products that might cause a rash etc will get 48 years in prison..
    Yes the salve can leave a scar, AND when A Dr burns skin cancers off, it causes a scar which also can hide any tumor recurrence…
    It is time that people woke up and realised that they are being controlled and started fighting back…it is our bodies, our lives, our decisions etc, and they have no right to control that.

  • This proves how well Black Salve works! Even with all their scare tactics on the internet showing horrific pictures trying to say Black Salve eats through flesh etc. What about Chemo and Radiation! Chemo’s main ingredient is what killed people in the second world war – Mustard Gas! and Radiation is what it says – it is RADIATION! so how does all these POISONS , which in the end kill you, Help with you???? CRAZY!
    I have tried Black Salve, it works. No Poison, little or no scaring, CHEAP, doesn’t cost thousands and I am ALIVE! 48 years for helping people and literally saving life’s! WHERE IS OUR FREEDOM TO CHOOSE HOW WE WANT TO HEAL OUR ILLNESS! What right has the Government, FDA, Pharmaceuticals to govern our lifes and tell us what we should take! Why aren’t they Jailing the Cigarette companies, who are putting 100’s of chemicals from Bleach to Rat poison in the cigarettes to make you addicted to these chemicals, Know-ling that it will kill you ! Makes me so angry! Sam Girod has done NOTHING WRONG BUT HELP PEOPLE AND SAVE LIFES!

  • Sonny

    Despicable that this hard working man has to deal with these outrageous charges , he should be directing his energy to his farm and family instead of dealing with this crap.

    The Alphabet Gangs – FDA , EPA , TSA , FBI , DEA , AMA , NSA , IRS, CIA, USDA, IMF, and of course the newest HomeLand Security , and HLS has big plans for America in the very near future . These Tax Parasites are increasing their attacks on the innocent – and they answer to NO ONE ! They threaten members of Congress & The Senate with no threat of accountability. Now occasionally the State Run Media – ( TV , Newspapers , Radio ) will rant about some injustice but that’s just for show. These Gangs all hold the Ace Card – The Judges, Courts , and Key Government Officials allow them to operate outside the law.

    Even Communist East Germany at its height didn’t treat their citizens as badly as these Jack Booted Thugs . Disgusting how the FDA allows countless millions to die from cancer treatments – Cut , Burned , Poisoned and sent home to die , while Doctors who have researched and proven natural cures are persecuted , jailed and killed ( death by suicide or the ever convenient car crash ) – Some examples – Renee Essiac , Dr. Max Gersen , Dr. Stan Burzynski , Raymond Rife,

    Our government is turning a blind eye to the large corporations that are making us all sick (Monsanto) while raiding small farms and food co-ops with Swat Teams – to address problems that don’t even exist . Their agenda is simple – get rid of all the small farmers , dairy farms , organic growers etc & sicken the populace with GMO foods & These Crops are pure Poison – How can a crop repeatedly sprayed with roundup be safe for young kids to eat or the GMO crops that make their own pesticide ( BT GMO Crops ) , when an insect takes a bite from a BT plant it dies – how can that be healthy for one to consume ? Watch the movie Farmageddon

    Maybe the local & surrounding communities can come out on a weekend and show support for this man – get his story picked up onto the National News .

    Don’t take their deal – insist on a trial by jury and keep the trial local ! Jury Nullification is in the cards

    Keep Fighting !


    • The REINS act would be a step in the right direction!!!

      • Kristina

        Sally, thanks for being there for your neighbor. Is there a fund set up to help pay for attorney or other legal fees? Or, is there a way we can send comments to the FDA or somewhere to put public pressure on which everagency is trying to crack down on this (not the first) natural way of healing?
        (The answers to my questions might be in the long discussion above, but not able to read everything!!) 🙂
        And, just a side comment – Probably a good idea to have hardcopies of critical information, in case we lose the internet someday.
        Blessings on Mr. Girod and his family.

  • Rosemary

    Sally Oh when you see Sam the next time, tell him that we said hello from Vevay Indiana and we miss him and his salve. They are a fine family!!

  • Wyman

    Exodus 14;[14] “The LORD will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.”
    Gal 5:6 Faith works through love
    Disengage with your lawyer, put your trust in the Lord, this the spiritual mind understands
    Resisting evil will only inflame more evil
    Be a Jehoshaphat brother, go the Word for wisdom, Jesus is the Word

  • irene

    I wonder if Sam’s salve will work on the cancer THAT IS the FDA? Everyone knows they are the “strong arm” of the pharmaceutical industry who wants to vaccinate everybody to death! How about a GO FUND ME for Sam’s legal fees?

  • I hate the FDA I worked for a FDA controlled pharmaceutical company, they should all be put in prison for crimes against humanity.

  • joyce

    The FDA has no interest anymore in the peoples health. It is run by Big Business.

  • susan

    sally, does your friend have a GO FUND ME page for the lawyer fees? our farmer down the road has one. after 10 months he finally got his horses back. but everyone felt awful they had to even deal with the law. these also are very nice people. wish your friend good luck.

  • Please start a petition on behalf of this man before it is too late! Public pressure works! Also has anyone contacted the congress person for that area? A lot of times a simple contact to them can end the whole thing very abruptly! This is especially true for one who wants votes – and the public on their side – either way I would start a petition NOW. Shalom!

  • Callie

    What a waste of time and taxpayers money.

  • Bob K.

    I’m convinced the FDA (F’in Dumb As%$) are in cahoots with big Pharma and Biotech companies like Monsanto. Anything that’s natural and seems to get any traction or word of mouth they go after so it seems.
    The fact that our president has many former Monsanto people in his administration really make one wonder whats going on. I feel bad for Mr.Girod that this simply man who’s only trying to do good is being put through this BS, wheres’ the justice of this injustice!!!

  • Mandi

    Don’t they have better things to be doing, like stopping Monsanto?!

  • Claudia M

    This doesn’t make sense. There are all kinds of products in “health food stores” indicating their uses and stating they have not been “evaluated” by the FDA. This is crazy. What a waste of everyone’s time and taxpayer’s money. Sounds like he has been complying with all of their requests. Hope all turns out well for him.

  • Alizabeth Morin

    The FDA has all their priorities wrong. Leave the choice to the consumer if they want to buy natural products. How many times has the FDA approved pharmaceuticals that kill people and their commercials that make people into hypochondriacs-and food that is synthetic that kills people-maybe not right away but definitely over time. I don’t trust what the FDA approves.

  • John

    Here we go again with the FDA sticking it’s nose where it doesn’t belong.

  • Meg

    anything we can do to help this fellow?

  • Leslie Johnson

    And yet the FDA will approve a drug for a certain ailment, Big Pharm advertises it on TV… and then there is a laundry list of side effects (some even stroke, or death)….to cover their asses. Just one more reason to money out of politics. And I really respect the Amish community and their values. I know they have faced criticisms, who among us hasn’t. I think what has happened here is awful.

  • David Martin

    Newcomer to the thread: Has anything been set up yet to help Mr. Girod financially, social media petitions, community support at trial, demonstrations to “Just Say No to FDA Bullying and Supression of Natural Products Never Shown to Cause Harm” I’ll show up just about anywhere anytime it will help a friend in need. This man, Sam Girod, is my friend even though he may not know it & I never met him.

  • Disgusted Brian

    This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. I don’t know why this was ever allowed by the Bath County Sheriff who has jurisdiction over the county. Hard earned taxpayers’ monies being spent to harass good people? The Feds should be out with their assault rifles after the gangs instead of holding Samuel’s children hostage with assault rifles while they basically “rape” the family, going through their home, barns, buildings. The Feds and and the Missouri company, which should be named so others can boycott the business, should be sued and Samuel Girod should be given his freedom back. Who was ever hurt by using chickweed or any of the products for which the Feds have indicted Samuel?

  • Donna Voetee

    Any updates on this situation? It is now September; this story was posted in Feb.

  • esbee

    and to think, while our govt wastes tax payer money on this non-issue, how many drug dealers, meth-makers and child molesters are running free to do their evil?

  • Gordon Watson

    a year ago when you first published this report, Sally Oh commented that “Sam is very well aware of his rights as an American.” … well, Sam and his group are now learning the hard way that citizenship is a 2-way street. Obligations go along with those rights. Someone who ventures off the Amish reserve, and traffics in the currency of public commerce, is entrained in govt. regulation of such activity. The “English” , i.e., the world outside their compound – have a quaint notion that the Amishvolk use the Bible for governing their cult. If so, then open that booke, and read the bit in there where Jesus Christ held up a denarius ( penny) and asked whose image was on it. Then take a look at the obverse of a Federal Reserve Note. Cans’t thou see the eye of Horus staring back at thee?

  • David, it would be good to break out the latest story! Federal Marshals arrested Sam Girod on Thursday January 12 and he is currently sitting in Lexington County Jail!

    • I do not know this gentleman, but I do know the Amish as I have traded with them for many years and have never known any of them to do or try to do any harm, lie or steal from any person. They are a blessing to the community and are God Helpers to one in need; The FDA should start checking on all the drugs/ointments coming into the USA from the foreign countries that have contaminents and stop that trade instead of someone who believes in the nattural healing process. Please pray for this gentleman and his family to “BEAT THE SOCKS OFF THE FDA CASE”

  • Alfred Pearl

    Cancer is a multi-billion dollar per year industry. Their lobby works tirelessly to preserve their monopoly.

  • Please join the initiative to free people like Sam and others. Get involved here: http://www.thefreedomcoalition.com

    Kevin Blake
    National Communications Director

  • Lin Timbers

    These are ridiculous charges!!! They should be totally dropped!

  • Esther mast

    Is there an online portion for Samuel Girod ( this case)?


  • Sally O I’m a friend of Sams Girods friend please email me right away I have lawyers that will take his case but I need to talk to to someone that can get in contact with Sam to see if he will want the help . The lawyers are to contact me today by twelve please email m e I’m wating for your response

  • Jan

    Gordon Watson- are you one of the agents or perhaps a relative? You have your opinion and yes- that is all it is!

    • Jan J.

      For the record, I have commented on this blog a few times recently as Jan and I have been pro Trump and I commented maybe two or three times in the last few years total before this Trump business, but I am not the Jan above and I am changing my handle from Jan to Jan J I also believe in permaculture as an answer to humanity’s woes, in agreement with another person who recently commented on this blog.

  • Gordon S Watson

    Jan = having been over the hurdles in Her Majesty’s Courts in British Columbia for 33 years, contending with over-educated idiots perverting their office, officials, on various topics, particularly : availability of REAL MILK for human consumption … I do have a bit more understanding of how it goes in that arena, than you do. Come on up here some time, and we’ll compare mythologies as to the proper response of a Christian under a Tyrannical government. Meanwhile, I recommend you educate you-little-pea-pick’n self as to the content of what I’ve posted re Mister Girod’s difficulty, before you reveal your ignorance on this forum, anymore. Open your Bible some time, And read it ALL. Especially the bit about the admonition to believers, on that point. My opinion is backed up by orthodox doctrine going back 2000 years. What’s yours based on … other than sentiment?

    Sam Girod’s dilemma was presented to this forum as a contest of morals; the Big Bad State versus the conscientious objector. I said from the start that he had disqualified himself from our sympathy, because of his double-minded mis-conduct = preferring to separate himself from the World, one day, referencing his religion, then doing business with “the English”, the next day. Particularly ; profaning himself by HAPPILY trafficking in the currency of the god, Horus, as advertised on the Federal Reserve Notes

    Given – for the sake of this come-back, only, that Sam Girod is a Christian ; do you think that he’s somehow such a wonderful guy that he excused from suffering? – even just this little bit, relatively – when millions of Christians did suffer and die, and are doing so this very day? Even in prison, Mr Girod is sitting in the lap of luxury, compared with others. Do your own homework : read the history of the Mennonites and the Amish. Then get back to us with what Menno Siemens’ position would be, in this case. “All things work for good, for those who love God and are called according to His purposes.” Could be that Sam Girod is in for the Epiphany of a lifetime. I urge you to deliver to him Tupper Saussy’s masterpiece “Rulers of Evil”

  • Kathy Bidoul

    Gordon Watson, you are a moron.

  • Gordon S Watson

    Kathy Bidoul, you can’t insult me : I’ve been insulted by experts.

    the term “moron” has to do with Intelligence Quotient. Mine was measured at 150 when I was 11 years old, selected in the prelims to be a Rhodes Scholar. But so what? As me old Dadeo used to say, lovingly ” if you’re so smart, how come you’re not rich?!” It sure isn’t that now = IQ goes down over the lifespan, as everyone else in that cohort catches up.

    If you’re criticizing the crux of my comments on here ie. Sam Girod being put “in ward” ( as the old KJVersion has it) in order to confront the Amish with the hypocrisy of their position, in modern world, so as bring on a healing crisis – then you’ll have to take it up with the Author of Romans 8:28

    My 3rd grade teacher taught us that = “people use profanity when they run out of intelligent things to say”
    I invite you to contribute something worthwhile to this forum, perhaps more information on Amish theology, of which I am not aware?

    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      Gordon, I don’t think Kathy was questioning your intelligence. I think she was looking for a short-hand way of telling you that you’ve become even more of a nasty and annoying person of late than you have long been, that your racist and bigoted comments have become ever more offensive. I’ll just add that if you don’t knock it off, I’ll ask you to take your low-life act elsewhere.

      • Mary McGonigle-Martin

        I’ve never understood why you have allowed him continued access to this blog. He is a toxic human being filled with hate. I really feel sorry for him. People aren’t born hating others. Someone taught him to hate.

        • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

          If I were to hazard a guess Mary,
          Because David has reached a level of maturity and experience that enables him to have a good grasp on the importance of free speech…

  • Gordon S Watson

    well excuuuuse me! (as old Steve Martin used to put it), for responding on-point …. my problem is, words have meaning for me.
    the comment of mine, to which Miss Bidoul replied, had to do with Christian conduct under Tyranny. You want to conduct a love-in, with Mr Girod seen as a martyr … I confronted readers of this forum with a different take on it. How is that “racist” … even according to your and Mark McAffee’s worn-out mis-use of that term? If people have intelligent things to say contradicting me, great. Iron sharpens iron. You and Mr McAffee go ballistic against people on your forum voicing righteous indignation about America being invaded by 3rd world hordes, yet when I quote what the Framers of the Constitution had to say about the original intent of the Republic = I’m the dink?!

    But maybe you’re right … perhaps I shouldn’t have dignified her response if the best she can do is toss-in a pejorative. If you come across a website where they’re actually discussing REAL MILK, please let me know

  • Lisa

    My grandfather made dandoline salve and other home made remedies. There are many people in the holistic health field or simply those who make or use natural holistic ingredients products to treat ailments rather than the synthetic drugs peddled by the drug companies which include a long list of side effects, many of which are worse than the ailment the drug claims it is supposed to help. And for the rude comment made by some hateful person, when the Amish are forced into America’s court system without just cause then he should absolutely have the support of all Americans with a heart. I pray for Sam and his family and will keep them in prayers. Shame on our corrupt system, its a legalized cartel.

  • Gordon S Watson

    Lisa … you’ve ignored the substance of my comments. I.E. from when people on this forum started soliciting support for Sam Girod, I said that the Amish doctrine of isolating demselves from the “hated English” = their term = is fine with me. As long as they’re consistent. Compromising so as to take from “The World”, ( make a profit in Federal Reserve Notes) all the while refusing to play by its Rules, then complaining because his Amish whiskers got caught in the machinery of worldly rackets, makes this particular Amish-man double-minded. Then throwing himself upon the mercies of the “public defender” is the height of foolishness. What about Jesus Christ being our Advocate? did he forget that bit? Where the Elders of his congregation in all this? Point being ; many of the people in the Campaign for REAL MILK revere the Amish as though they’re “special” for the sake of their religiosity. I don’t. To me they’re just another cult. And that’s fine too. But it disgusts me to see certain of them use their Amish-ness as a brand name in commerce, then come bleating to the “hated English” for sympathy, when things go wrong.

    as for “forced into America’s court system” ? Did we see Amish-Volk witnessing outside the abortion mills, or standing up for the “rights” of anti-abortionists, who were brutalized by the Alice-in-Blunderland Court system, 2 decades ago? And to this very hour. No, the Amish preferred to stay home nice and safe and warm and dry in their religious compounds … shutting out the problems of the World. What goes around, comes around

    Mr Girod’s issue isn’t about the efficacy of his hand-cream, or compliance with labelling regulations : It’s the Beast System doing what it always does … using any pretext to establish dominance. If I’m hateful person, for preaching the hard truths that sappy sloppy-Agape so-called “Christians” don’t want to hear = so be it. That’s the role of the prophetic type for the last 3000 years. JC Ryle said “Controversy may be our duty”

    In Canada, it’s a criminal offence to interfere with the deliberations of a jury but in the US of A, investigators regularly interview jurors after the fact, and publicize what the thinking was in the jury room. Rather than unload your internet drive-by sneer at me, let’s see you exert yourself and get the facts, so as to be able to say something intelligent, … go ask the jurors why they convicted Sam Girod. That would assist the Campaign for food rights, far more than just wringing your hands on this forum to utter your sentiment

  • Julie Clark Close

    I come late to this discussion.
    And as usual, there are too many personal “feelings”, “opinions”.
    I want facts please, because I am concerned. Has there been a jury trial already?

  • It is awful. I lived in Dover Delaware for a time in a trailer at which time I saw the Amish go by on their buggies, and they were always friendly to my father and I. We used to see them at the grocery store where there were hitching posts for their wagons. Dover is rural and there are many Amish farms. The poisons that the FDA approves like Cipro are worse, and do more neuropathy damage as well as those stimulators for incontinence and none of it works.

  • I did leave a reply as it is awful and unconstitutional to prohibit these sales as other places sell herb ointments.

  • Ina Mitchell

    Goaded by Big Pharma, no doubt. This is ridiculous to jail a man for herbal remedies that have been used since time immemorial! His family of 12 children need him! This is revolting! Free him now!

  • could you kindly show us the name of the Complainant in this case?

    I think we ought to give those people a piece of our minds.

    And I’ll be happy to spread their Contact information across the world.

    Predatory pirates, those FDA “asset forfeiture” traitorous bureaucraps are.

    Please send info to [email protected] . Thank you.

  • Katie Sears

    The FDA is part of that swamp that needs drained, as is the CDC. They allow big pharma to continue to promote the lie that vaccines work and are perfectly safe. The people involved in all three (FDA, CDC, big pharma) are the scum of the earth. It’s just like these low lifes to waste time and money on something like this while letting real crimes go ignored. I hope Karma bites these people in the butt big time!

  • I have been emailing, writing, making phone calls to our state representatives here in Kentucky in hopes that something will be done about this tragedy. Please do the same. Call, write, email your state and local reps- Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, etc. Share the link to this story so they can read up on it for themselves and see just what a miscarriage of justice has been handed down to this innocent man.

    If enough of us ‘bother’ them with this, maybe our squeaky wheel will get some grease!

  • Gordon S Watson

    and while you’re at it, Danielle, “remember those in bonds” … send a card to Sam himself, pointing out that he’s sitting there because he rejected the commandment to “settle with your Adversary in the way, lest you be hauled before the Magistrate and made to pay the utmost farthing”. IF and when Sam Girod figures out that much, then repents … he’ll be back on the farm, in short order. Not until

  • don

    Hey Gordon what did Sam owe his adversary to my knowledge there was no debt involved so how could Sam settle with his FDA enemy? Was not that scripture about a monetary debt owed? Was it not just about words as in Isa 29:21 they made Sam an offender by a word just as they did about 2500 years ago? There is nothing new under the sun it would seem.

  • Gordon S Watson

    well, the first thing he owed his Adversary – that’d be The State – was, “deference to the ruling power”. If you want to go ’round the bush about application of Romans 13, for Christians today in the Belly of the Beast, we’ll do that on our own time / not clog up this forum. Starting point, “Render unto Caesar that which is his, and render unto God that which belongs to Him”.
    I’ll keep saying it : one cannot understand how the Republic of the United States of America got to the condition it’s in today, until you read “Rulers of Evil” by genius Tupper F Saussy

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