Two Organisms, Same Govt Hysteria—Where Is the Consistency?

Six years ago, a prosecutor summed up the government’s case against a Missouri cheesemaking family: “This is not about the state’s goal to … READ MORE

I Stood Up for Your Food Rights, Will You Be There for My Rights?


Wisconsin demonstrators in support of farmer Vernon Hershberger, at a 2012 food rights rally outside the courthouse.

Four years ago, I sat in a Wisconsin … READ MORE

Can Anyone Save Amish Salve Maker Sam Girod from Rotting in Jail?

sam products 2

Sam Girod’s salve products

The feds came for Amish salve maker Sam Girod this morning, hauling him off to jail, where … READ MORE

FDA Bets It Will Escape Coming Political Hurricane, Targets Raw Camel Milk

camelmilkWhen government regimes change, the people with the best noses for where things are headed are usually the bureaucrats. They spend years, even decades, watching … READ MORE

I Admit It: I Am One Nervous Journalist


Johnny Cash

“I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die…”

Johnny Cash, in “Folsom Prison Blues”

“I did it (sued a journalist) … READ MORE

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