FCLO vs Professional Responsibility

This post has been edited since it first went up, with material removed and added. The conclusion remains unchanged.

A few months ago, I watched a new … READ MORE

Ticking Time Bomb? Former FCLO Users Wait and Wonder

Ramiel Nagel

At a memorial gathering in Connecticut for Ron Schmid last week at his farm home in Watertown, there were lots of fond remembrances by his friends, relatives, … READ MORE

Hot Documentary’s Questionable Path Making the Vegan Case

There’s a new foodie movie just out, and I have to admit, it really had me going. … READ MORE

Mourning Ron Schmid

Ron Schmid

The author, naturopath, and food rights activist Ron Schmid died unexpectedly last Thursday evening. He was 71, and died in his sleep at his farm … READ MORE

The Inspiring Message Behind Maine’s Food Sovereignty Success

Heather Retberg, at her farm in Penobscot, Maine.

It’s been nearly seven years since I first met farmer Heather Retberg in Maine and learned about … READ MORE

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