Who Was That Masked Man?

Those of you old enough to have watched “The Lone Ranger” on television growing up in the 1950s will recognize the heading here—it was the question often … READ MORE

NJ Caught Up in Raw-Milk Dragnet with a Twist

Coolers from The Family Cow farm of Pennsylvania at a drop-off point near the New Jersey border, in 2014.

(This post has been updated since … READ MORE

Why Raw Milk Has Trouble Emulating Organic Farming Movement

Joseph Heckman, left, with Blaine and Mark McAfee, at a California organic agriculture conference in 2014 at which they passed out raw milk and cookies … READ MORE

The Tough Civics Lesson for Americans in Michael Schmidt’s Jailing

It’s sometimes said that a picture is worth a thousand words. That is certainly the case with the photo of Michael Schmidt at left, taken … READ MORE

FDA Reported on a New War Path Against Raw Milk

Edwin Shank of The Family Cow, a raw dairy in Pennsylvania.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is trying a new tack, using an obscure regulation, to … READ MORE

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