Why Sam Girod’s Martyrdom Does Us All a Disservice

The Amish salve maker, Sam Girod, was sentenced last week to six years in federal prison for illegally selling skin salves that are … READ MORE

Hot Alternative Doc Cowan Censured By CA Medical Authorities

Dr. Thomas Cowan

Over the last 15 years, Thomas Cowan has established himself as a hot alternative doc who handles complex health challenges ranging from hyperthyroid conditions to digestive … READ MORE

Compelling Raw Milk Evidence? For Opponents, There Is No Such Thing

Demonstrators in support of Michael Schmidt milk a cow outside an Ontario courthouse last fall.

It’s evidence we need to convince the anti-raw-milk public health officials that … READ MORE

O Canada! Will You Become First Nation to Criminalize Raw Milk Consumption?

A demonstrator outside an Ontario courthouse last year hearing a case against raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt.

After 23 years of unsuccessfully chasing down raw milk farmer … READ MORE

Proposed Warning Label Advising Self Pasteurization Offers Way Out of Raw Milk Regulatory Logjam

A new citizen petition designed to eliminate the need for FDA regulation of interstate sales of raw milk would presumably also eliminate the need for raids on food clubs … READ MORE

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