Why Is FDA Trying to Block Families of Autistic from Accessing Raw Camel Milk?

Earlier this year, I wrote about ominous noises coming from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration about raw camel milk.

The agency had warned the owner of a small Missouri farm, which accounts for the bulk of raw camel milk production in the U.S., to refrain from shipping it outside that state. The owner had reportedly agreed to the FDA’s order.

Now, a number of media are reporting that the FDA is asking a federal court to allow it to seize raw camel milk from the farm, known as Hump-Back Dairys, along with that of a national distributor of camel milk, Desert Farms.

Desert Farms is understood to be a key distributor of the Hump-Back Dairys milk, along with that of lower-volume farms. The Desert Farms web site reflects the huge impact of the FDA action on the availability of raw camel milk—the site shows availability of pasteurized camel milk, but no availability of fluid raw camel milk, raw camel milk kefir, or camel milk powder.

Food Safety News, which has the most complete account of the FDA action, says the FDA is asking the federal court to allow it to seize more than $70,000 worth of raw camel milk, some of it frozen, in storage in Kansas.

Desert Farms is understood to supply thousands of families around the country, many of which include autistic children. Many of these children experience a reduction of symptoms from the raw camel milk—a more significant reduction than provided by raw cow’s milk.

The government’s latest assault on camel milk is bad news for these families on several counts. First, it indicates that the FDA has no worries of objections from President Trump or his attorney general, Jeff Sessions. There was some hope among Trump supporters that he would show his commitment to reducing regulation by keeping the FDA in check in its long campaign against raw milk. Second, there is no indication that either Hump-Back Dairys or Desert Farms are equipped to mount an aggressive defense against the feds.

When I spoke to Samuel Hostetler, the owner of Hump-Back, yesterday he told me, “We are totally in compliance with the FDA. We don’t ship milk across state lines.” Any Hump-Back milk shipped out of state by Desert Farms “went to a powder company,” which turns the milk into powder, which he says is okay with the FDA. “If they (Desert Farms) did something else with it, that is beyond our contract.” It’s not very hopeful when one of the two FDA targets is blaming the other for the problem.

The owner of Desert Farms, Walid Abdul-Wahab, didn’t respond to my phone and email requests for comment.

Raw camel milk continues to be produced by smaller farms around the country, but it likely will be made available to existing customers, or at prices elevated beyond previous high prices. Even before the FDA push for seizure in Kansas, the price was $100 or more per gallon.

It’s difficult to understand why the FDA would be so intent on depriving people of access to a food that hasn’t been associated with illness, and has provided relief to many families for a condition that can’t be helped by pharmaceuticals. There are no corporations to protect, and lots of people to help. Moreover, the prohibition on interstate shipment and sale of raw milk can be interpreted as exempting raw camel milk, since camels aren’t hoofed animals, as specified in the prohibition. Are the FDA dairy people just so jaded after so many years of trying to destroy raw milk that they can’t appreciate how important it is to autistic families to find relief? Or can they just not resist such easy legal targets?

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  • William March

    The FDA wants to seize the camels milk from Desert Farms and Hump – Back Dairy is as follows . Camels milk was found at locations in Kansas ,since there are no camel farms in Kansas the milk was shipped over state lines this is illegal .Also the farms involved were making medicinal claims which is also illegal .They claimed in their ads that the milk might cure many health problems including autism ,crohns diease ,cancer ,diabetes ,hepatitis ,heart conditions ,etc.As we are well aware claims like this cannot be made . without studies which take many years .It appears to me that making claims like these injures gullible people ,since these stories are all antedotal .Also what is the dose which would be needed to have results from the milk .Is the dose 1 pint per day 5 pints per day or 5 gallons a week.Since this milk is very expensive we need further clarification .If camels milk is really needed for a health problem it’s available right here in Lancaster Pa.Thank you

    • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

      Unless I’ve overlooked information on the Hump Back dairy and Desert Farms website, apart from the testimonials, there are no medicinal claims made by the companies per se.

      What Hump Back dairy states, and I would hardly classify the following statements as a medicinal claim, “As camel milk isn’t a drug or medication there aren’t any universal dosage limits. However, we’re sure that you’ll work out what’s right for you after just 1 glass of delicious Camilk… “Researchers have proven that Camel milk is a better choice for people suffering from lactose intolerance”.

      With respect to the Desert Farms website and its “Science and Research” page pertaining to camel milk they state, “FDA asked us to remove this page … No Joke! But if you were curious enough to know what was in here you can go to https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov and type in “Camel milk” in the search bar you will know why.”

      As far as officials locating camel milk in Kansas… Cross border shipping is technically not illegal since as David pointed out, “interstate shipment and sales of raw milk can be interpreted as exempting raw camel milk”, (as is also currently the case with human breast milk that is routinely shipped across the country) “since camels aren’t hoofed animals, as specified in the prohibition”.

      • D. Smith D. Smith

        What “officials” located camel milk in Kansas?
        Where did they find it?
        HOW did they find it?

        You know, of course, just because the milk was found in Kansas doesn’t mean it was “shipped” there. Someone could have purchased it and went home with it. As I’ve said on this forum before, the seller is not responsible for what the buyer does with the purchased milk, or where he goes with it. So, without knowing answers to the first three questions, I’d say this is a floater issue and really has no substance.

  • Gordon S Watson

    and thank YOU! Mister March, for cinching my suspicion that you’re on this forum for no good reason to do with advancing the Campaign for REAL MILK. Rather = you’re the kind of whom the Bible warns us : sent to wear out the saints

  • Shana Milkie

    Good questions at the end of your post, David. I suspect the answer to both is “yes,” unfortunately. Thank for you bringing some light to this dreadful situation.

  • AJ

    We pushed with David and others help ,,a Raw milk Bill here in Arkansas which passed .

    point being that this is a personal food choice issue – FREEDOM OF CHOICE of a Wholesome Food .FDA ONLY REPRESENTS OTHER BIG PHARMA and DAIRY CORPS, as long as these Farmers follow laws ,the FDA has no business blocking healthy food sources !


  • This sucks…but I’m disappointed in you David.

    Yes, the regulation is stupid. Yes, Trump has said he is going to roll back regulations that negatively impace business, and he hasn’t done this for raw milk, camel or otherwise.


    He’s been in office 9 months and 5 days, a short time, but you just can’t resist an opportunity to take shots at him. You are being petty David…not what I’ve always expected from you.

    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      My, we are sensitive. I’d bet a significant sum that even if we give him 90 months, or 900, the response will be the same. No restrictions on the FDA.

  • D. Smith D. Smith

    The second prime reason for the existence of the FDA is to make people afraid of “real food”.

    Their first prime reason for existence is to push drugs. When those two forces are at odds, the FDA is not going to be still, and it doesn’t matter who’s in the White House.

    Rest assured, none of this has a thing to do with anyone’s health issues. You’d have to be a fool to believe that.

    I’d rather do away with the FDA than silence them, anyhow. We’d all be much better off without this misfit organization.

    • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

      Hear hear, D… and we could rightly add that “cesspool of corruption” known as the CDC to your comment.

      • D. Smith D. Smith

        Absolutely, Ken. The problem is, all of WADC is a huge cesspool of corruption and no one there will ever vote to eliminate the “branches”, which are now also cesspools. Their jobs depend on them all being liars, cheaters and thieves – from the highest to the lowest on the totem pole. But then, wasn’t it ever thus?

  • Actually, raw camel milk has been associated with deadly illnesses: MERS. Other raw foods like sprouts have been contaminated with salmonella and E.coli. The long the supply chain, the more risk.
    Raw milk is a sensitive commodity that should be distributed locally through short supply chain.
    Risk of breaking the cold and long supply chain is high in interstate distribution, especially in a corpocracy than puts the corporates’ interests over those of the consumers.
    For once, the FDA is right!

  • D. Smith D. Smith

    @ Fred: This “contamination” can be true of any food item on the market. Sprouts can be raised at home, no need to buy them and thousands of people eat sprouts every day – mostly vegetarians.

    I agree about the short supply chain, but that was not the BRAINCHILD of the FDuh. They are not that smart and they don’t care that much unless someone else brings it to their attention.

    I’ve lived more than half my life on raw milk and have purchased it in various places over those years (nearly 30 to 35 years)and never had a problem. You see, it’s as I said earlier – the FDuh is PAID to scare people away from real foods. Could you please provide stats on the number of human deaths for raw milk vs pasteurized milk?

    • Mr Smith, You hardly address any of my factual points.

      Sprouts can be raise? LOL – go ask the Americans to raise sprouts! They hardly cook at home and you want them to raise sprouts. As long as sprouts are in the supermarkets, there will be a risk. That’s a fact.

      It does not matter how smart or not and corrupt FDA is on this matter, the point is sensitive raw food should not be involved in LONG cold supply chain.

      Please do not misinterpret me, I’m fine with raw milk that’s LOCALLY available. I am against large scale distribution of raw food because of the health risk involved. And you should too. Disregarding such risk is similar to Monsanto’s stance on GMO’s risk for our future generation. Monsanto made similar statistics request in their defense.

      Last, FDA is not blocking family of autistic, they are blocking the free large scale circulation of raw milk. Families are still free to drive to the nearest camel farm to get their safe supply of raw milk. It may be challenging for a few families but certainly not all since there are quite a few farms now.

      Have you read about MERS now?

      • D. Smith D. Smith

        @ Fred: I was not trying to address your “points”, I was simply making a statement – and yes, a lot of people grow their own sprouts. I know many people who do, and they don’t buy them for the reasons you stated. Sprouts need to be eaten within a certain short time period, and most stores will keep them on the shelf longer than they should; that is a huge problem. So, I grow my own, too, when I think we may want them.

        I did address your short/long chain thing. And I did finally get to read up on MERS. Not one article mentioned camel milk, but then I could be looking at different things than what you saw. People can find anything online, slanted whichever way they want it to be.

        You might enjoy reading this (others might find it interesting, too). I am not necessarily a huge fan of Mr. Trump, but I sure didn’t want Hillbillary in the WH, so he was, as the saying goes, the lesser of two evils at the time.


  • D. Smith D. Smith

    What is MERS? I think you meant MRSA?

    • Lynn Lynn

      He didn’t mean MRSA. MERS is Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). Look it up.

      • D. Smith D. Smith

        Sorry, Lynn, I’m just an ignorant fool, I guess.

        I had never heard of MERS, although it doesn’t sound any worse than any other virus we’ve recently seen. It’s been around since 2012 and I’ve never even heard of it until now. I don’t get a lot of time to come to these comment sections – I get here in fits and bursts.

        I’m using a different computer today and I can’t get it to do what I want it to do, but an article I found said because MERS is so similar to many other respiratory illnesses we are to take the same precautions. Most of the articles I read never mentioned camel milk, they only mentioned taking regular precautions (like you would for preventing any virus – washing hands, yada yada) if you’ve traveled to any Middle Eastern countries and begin to feel ill within 14 days. I tried to copy and paste some of the info to place here, but it wouldn’t let me. I’m not good on computers that I’m not familiar with, either, so another check in the ignorant box. Go figure not being totally up to date on everything in the world.

  • Vera

    To interject a bit of levity, Happy Hallowe’en from Canada! Even our Prime Minister is getting into the spirit – http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2017/10/31/justin-trudeau-dresses-up-as-superman-for-halloween-because-of-course_a_23262401 . Somehow I can’t see your President Trump pulling off this look. 🙂

  • William March

    The virus that causes Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is known as MERS .This virus has been found in camels milk .Countries in the middle east are now recommending boiling camels milk before consuming .Thank you

  • Gordon S Watson

    Levity? Hardly
    when asked to comment on his open borders strategy, Justin Trudeau said
    “the very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to
    me. Old stock white Canadians are an upleasant relic, and quite frankly,
    replaceable. And we will replace them”.

    his pronouncement evidences intent to commit Genocide. Not surprising, though, to those of us convinced that this guy was sired by Fidel Castro. Too far-fetched? Have a look at hundreds of photos of Trudeau jr, alongside Comrade Castro at the same ages. Fold-in the snapshot of Fidel walking alongside his mother ( Margaret ) with Justin in arms, and it becomes overwhelming.

    as I participated on this forum over the years, I was slagged as a “racist” … not least, by the Ranter from Kernan California. Based on the premise that white people / Caucasians, are direct descendants of the man Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel, I posited that ‘racial identity’ is the prime engine of the Campaign for REAL MILK. I got that notion from studying the topic for the last 50 years. >>>>> Well ? Who’s the “racist” now?! With hard evidence staring you in the face = of a race traitor in (almost) the highest position in government, unapologetically calling for a certain racial type to be eliminated?

    I preach that message – known as Christian Identity – as a way to educate anyone with ears to hear, about our birthright = milk and honey. The agricultural and food laws of ancient Israel, being an easily-understandable way to awaken Sleeping Beauty. Read the Bible some time, people – and ALL of it. An important part of our national history is : ancient Israel had racial enemies, then, and we continue to have them, today … in the form of the people whom Justin Trudeay refers to as “we”.

    • Fact checker

      Do you have a source for that Trudeau quote? Can’t find it anywhere.

      • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

        “Old stock Canadian”, is term that has been used by both left and right wing politicians in the past.

        If Trudeau in fact made the comment about, “old stock Canadians” it likely would have been a reaction to Steven Harper’s ill-thought-out use of the phrase in relation to health care payments for failed or bogus refugee claimants.

        I haven’t found any conclusive evidence to suggest that Trudeau used those exact words refered to in Gordons comment… However, Harpers use of the term certainly unleashed an onslaught of criticism by opposition candidates, Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau including the media at large. It was speculatively suggested by Robert David, a part-time professor in the School of International Development and Global Studies at the University of Ottawa that Harpers use of the phrase “old stock Canadian” was “code for non-Muslim” and naturally… the media ran with it.

        If Trudeau didn’t make the comment, then someone went out of his or her way to mimic his unique style of speaking.

  • Gordon S Watson

    the source for that quote by Justin Trudeau is : the Twitter feed on Dr Henry Makow’s website, which has along with it, a photo of Trudeau posing for an interview. Both he and I have queries in to the office of the Prime Minister of Canada, to verify it

    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      You sure you didn’t pick it up from one of those phony Russian Twitter feeds? Sounds like one of your fascist-racist wish fulfillment dreams.

      • Gordon S Watson

        David Gumpert = your reply puzzles me ; I get the impression you’ve out-sourced your thinking to the world–hive-mind and now fault me because you cannot locate Trudeau’s quote with a few keystrokes. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

        One thing for sure : if Boy Trudeau did say such a thing, his handlers would do their utmost to send it down the memory hole. Regardless of verification at the moment, : that quote encapsulates what is UN-deniably going on. Surely you didn’t miss the mass invasion of Europe by the rising tide of color, in the last few years, as predicted decades ago in the book “Camp of the Saints” ? It’s happening in America, for those with eyes to see

        I did my best ( with my limited command of the English language) to tell you-all where I got it = the Twitter feed on Dr Henry Makow’s website, along with a photo of the Dauphin.
        For about a decade, I’ve followed Henry Makow [ one of your tribesmen ] as his website became the pre-eminent compository of proofs for the ages-long Grand conspiracy. Since you seem to have this obsessive burr under your saddle about “racism”, you’d do well to spend time studying what he has to say : the main theme of his work being : that the Zionist movement was contrived as agentur for the Coudenhoven Kalgeri Plan for displacement of the white race, especially Christians. In which unter-menchen mullatoes are bred / deliberately dumbed-down so as to be governable by an overlord class. No, that’s not my”fascist-racist” dream … It’s the stated policy of Zionism according to the scripture of the official religion of their country. Don’t take my word for it = Dr Makow’s books have the evidence, for those who can handle the truth. Get the facts ; think for yourself ; start with the fact that Angela Merkel received the Coudenhoven Kalgeri award, as the formerly white, Christian nation over which she presides, is swamped by racial aliens.

  • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

    Although off topic, this article is related to many of the ongoing discussions on this blog and demonstrates that our reductionist attempts to control the almighty microbe has been the bane of existence.

    “Dr. Patterson mentioned in his 2006 magazine article, something that today might get him run out of Caltech but was still allowed in the scientific discourse back then, he said this: ‘Finally, I want to ask a question that’s come up in the literature in the last few years — should we really be promoting universal maternal vaccination?’”

  • John Dutcher

    Just got back online, glad to see Ol’ Gordy is still alive and well :>)
    John Dutcher

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