Hot Alternative Doc Cowan Censured By CA Medical Authorities

Dr. Thomas Cowan

Over the last 15 years, Thomas Cowan has established himself as a hot alternative doc who handles complex health challenges ranging from hyperthyroid conditions to digestive and metabolic problems to cancer.

It is this last matter, cancer, that has landed the founding board member of the Weston A. Price Foundation in very deep in hot water—he had his medical license revoked in California earlier this year for “unprofessional conduct” and “gross negligence”; the revocation was stayed as part of  a five-year probation agreement, during which he must be supervised by another physician, known as a “practice monitor,” and be “prohibited from providing cancer treatment to patients,” according to the “settlement and disciplinary agreement.” He must also take a number of medical-related courses on prescribing medications and keeping proper records.

It is almost certainly a bitter pill to swallow for the doc who has drawn patients from around the country and around the world to line up for his $350 initial phone consultations—no insurance accepted. I say “almost certainly” because Cowan declined via email to comment on the agreement he signed, or to speak with me about it. In fact, he said his “preference would be to leave it alone.”

I decided to write about it in part because of his prominence in the alternative field. I have met a number of people from around the country who have consulted with him—nearly always by telephone.

I also decided to write about it because it’s unusual for the medical establishment to go after one of its own, unless the offenses are truly offensive to those running things. The medical authorities very likely thought long and hard before going after Cowan, since he has been outspoken in a couple of books and in talks he gives about his view of the failings of conventional approaches for any number of health issues; his latest book is “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor’s Quest to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease”. The book includes this endorsement from Weston A. Price Foundation founder and president, Sally Fallon Morell: “What happens when the medical profession views the heart as a mechanical pump? We get ghoulish surgeries, medications with horrible side effects, and soulless low-fat diets.”

You might expect Cowan and the people who support him at the Weston A. Price Foundation to be outspoken in their opposition to the doctor’s censure by the medical establishment. Yet I could find nothing anywhere on the Internet about Cowan’s settlement and disciplinary order, including on his web site, where he has potential patients fill in forms online. (The settlement and disciplinary order came to me via a source who prefers not to be identified.) The only possible allowance for the order on Cowan’s web site is that he says initial phone appointments for out of state patients are “currently unavailable.” (The order provides that “all patients being treated by [Cowan] shall be notified that  (he) is prohibited from providing cancer treatment to patients. Any new patients must be provided this notification at the time of their initial appointment.” The probation agreement was signed last March, and was scheduled to take effect earlier this month.

Why did the Medical Board of California come down so hard on Cowan? If you read through the agreement covering the probation, it has to do with his treatment of one woman with metastatic cancer between 2013 and 2015, who apparently complained to authorities about Cowan’s treatment methods. Among the reasons cited by the agreement are the following:

  • Treating the patient by phone;
  • Failure to examine the patient’s records;
  • Failing to conduct a physical examination of the patient;
  • Encouraging her to obtain a drug not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Association, known as GcMAF.

What is the real reason? Certainly a big part has to do with encouraging the patient to seek out a non-approved drug. According to the agreement, Cowan consulted with the patient four times via phone in 2013 and 2014. “He never saw her in person. (Cowan) did not advise (the patient) of the potential risks of evaluating a patient by telephone without examining the patient in person. In February 2015, (patient)….learned that GcMAF was potentially unsafe. On her last telephonic visit with (Cowan) on February 9, 2015, she advised (Cowan) that she was concerned about the health consequences of having taken an unsafe medication for fifteen months. Respondent did not document this discussion in his chart notes.”

The drug, GcMAF, has become controversial because of wild initial claims that it cures cancer, followed by studies and analyses throwing cold water on those claims. Wikipedia has an overview, with all kinds of specific source citations.

If you want a sense of how Cowan approaches medicine, and cancer in particular, you might take a look at a couple of YouTube videos from a 2009 presentation he did on cancer. The first presents his admittedly casual approach to medicine, and the second his alternative explanation of cancer.

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  • Kyle

    Tom Cowan isn’t in trouble because he was treating cancer. He got in trouble because he didn’t bother to look at the patient’s records and didn’t bother to talk to the patient’s other doctors. He also didn’t bother to look into the manufacturing practices of the alternative remedy he prescribed. In brief, unsanitary procedures using a blood product. The patient had reasons for her grievances. Similarly, Tom Cown didn’t bother to listen to all his patients harmed by Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil or support investigation of that product. He seems to have forgotten, FIRST DO NO HARM.

  • John Dutcher

    Do not piss off the powers that be, you will experience the wrath of the governing boards.

  • Blesse'd are the cheese makers

    I know this is not on point, but —

    News update on the New York Times, the pinnacle of . . . today’s, cough, cough, “journalism” (and I use that term very loosely)

    I guess if you lay off enough folks and get rid of their salaries, your bottom line will increase and that might make your stock prices go up . . . hey, David . . . ?

    Ahhh, CNN, a/k/a the Clinton News Network, such a stellar media outlet . . .

    Looks like James O’Keefe with Project Veritas fixed up CNN pretty good . . . I know “Cryin” Jim Acosta has been sent to the little kids’ table at the White House . . . and looks like the impending buy out by AT&T will include sacking Jeff Zucker. I guess the Russian’s did it . . .

    Ahhh, MSNBC, a/k/a MSLSD, with “Psycho Joe” and “Crazy Mika”

    Looking for the Real News? Try Matt Drudge and Drudge Report . . .

    or Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage or Mark Levin or Sean Hannity or Breitbart . . . I could go on and on . . . for every progressive liberal media pundit you cite to “prove” your point, I can give you a conservative media pundit back to contradict you.

    So . . . stalemate.

    Let’s get back to talking raw milk and local food here, whadaya say?

  • Its times like these that some people tend to “climb on those” that are down. We must all remember all the great healing advice that has been provided by Dr. Cowan and other doctors that are trying their very best to pioneer a better or different way to health. Remembering that medicine is a practice of humans in the compassionate assistance to fellow humans.

    Practice means a best effort….always striving to get it right or better….but never perfect. That’s why it is called a “practice”.

    Having spent some quality time with Tom, he has always been thoughtful, caring, kind and compassionate. I wish him all the best as he learns and grows and perseveres. In life….it is not all about how many times you were knocked down, it is instead all about how many times and how well you got back up and pushed forward.

    Doctors face a very tough “white lab coat line”. Doctors hate anyone that strays away from the prescribed protocols of western medicine for fear of severe punishment, reducule or scorn. So many of these protocols are not actually medical…but prescribed by insurance.

    Tom….stand up proud, smile, and push forward with more knowledge.

    • Kyle

      Seems to me that a doctor who practices “compassionate assistance to fellow humans” would take the time to review his patient’s medical records. Cowan has admitted he did not. He probably attracted attention because of his alternative ways, but he’s on probation for legit reasons. i.e. failure to review medical records, failure to advise his patient of risks & benefits of the alternative therapy, failure to investigate the manufacturing process for the GcMAF and sloppy record keeping. For this he has nothing to be proud about or to smile about.

      • Cindy

        What you have described is standard western medical practice. The question is, why are they picking on just him. Look at all of the doctors that do not prescribe drugs according to the manufacturers recommendations. I’d like to see those doctors brought into compliance.

        • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

          Good point Cindy, The off label use of drugs is prevalent in both human and animal medicine. For example, the common off label use of antibiotics in the apiary and poultry industry is a case in point. You’d think regulatory enforcers would be concerned with the practice? On the contrary, they use the oxymoronic phrase that the practice is “generally legal unless it violates ethical guidelines or safety regulations”. Hummm, if used in an unapproved manner, how can they be certain of its “safety” and effectiveness for off label use? I suppose, if the patient is informed that the drug therapy is not approved for the purposed that it is being proposed, and that that individual agrees to it’s use for such a purpose, then it is considered “ethical”. Ok then, when the decision is made to use off label antibiotics and other drugs, in the production of food as described above without consumer input, in what way is this ethical??? In the meantime they hire rapacious lawyers who are experts in the practice of skullduggery to prosecute an individual such as Sam Girod who’s producing and selling a natural therapy, (albeit not FDA approved) that his customers highly value and believe to be effective!
          Regulatory Agencies such as the CDC and FDA are indeed “a cesspool of corruption”.

  • don

    Sam Girod cast into a dungeon for 6 years!!! No surprise.. They make a man an offender for a WORD Isa 29:21 800BC and now 2017AD also!!! Nothing has changed has it ??

  • Gordon S Watson

    no, Don, nothing has changed in human affairs since Nimrod set up a globalist govt. at the Tower of Babel.

    In the photo on The Family Cow website [ URL below] notice the motif of the cross of Ainu, surrounding the main door of the Courthouse. In his masterpiece, “Rulers of Evil”, Tupper Saussy explained its significance. The politics of REAL MILK, or the efficacy of Mr Girod’s salve are not about “health”, nor any other aspect of risk of harm to the public … it’s about sheer power. The whole world lies in the power of the Evil One

    Innocent lamb that he is, after Sam Girod had irritated the Powers-that-Be, he refused to take the advice of Jesus Christ … when one is being hauled before the Magistrate = “settle with thine Adversary in the way”

    BUT! “all things work for good, for those who love God, and are called according to His Purposes”

    • don

      Gordon are you saying that Sam [and others] should have agreed with wrongness, false accusations or maybe even slander or perhaps judicial misconduct? And is there any rightness in todays LEGAL BUSINESS?

  • Bill Williams

    Stick to your mission. “This sites mission is to provide news and analysis about food rights and raw milk”

    Every time you write with a vendetta beyond your mission is shows your true colors and it is not pretty

  • Gordon S Watson

    Don = having been “around the block” a few times, on political activities of the most dangerous kind, I have glimpsed the evil power behind the mask of civility. The Courts are utterly corrupt. The Scales of Justice symbolize commerce … its prime purpose to restore Harmony, so business can continue as usual. Its Blaci-robed functionaries toss off an exception every once and a while, so the administration of Justice is not brought into utter disrepute.
    I am the first to complain loud and long, about the perversion of common sense, which is now installed in the high places of our nation. but after a fair bit of experience beating ’round the bushes in Her Majesty’s Courts, I can tell you that Christians are the very enemies of the god of that system. Christians = guerilla warriors in hostile territory = MUST pick their spots. There’s a time and place to dig in one’s heels when martyrdom is imminent. From what I gathered about Sam Girod’s predicament – mainly from this-here website – he had options to settle in the way, but preferred not to take them. had the enormity of the consequences really sunk in, , he would’ve done it differently

    when contrasted to the tidal wave of deadly drugs / every kind of Oriental medicine ( genuine and fraudulent), flooding-in to this country, the notion that Sam Girod’s salve, is “illegal” / a threat to the public health, thus ought not to be available, is absurd.
    bottom line.
    each man has to figure out for himself, where he’s going to compromise with the World, and to what degree. Me : I would not sacrifice my liberty on that particular point = taking on the medical cartel. Neither would Sam Girod, had he taken good counsel

    the story of Christian Harry Hoxsey taking on anti-christ Maurice Fishbein ( originator of the American Medical Association ) is required reading for understanding the Big Picture. After that, confer with the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

  • don

    Gordon a few years ago the cost the Medical Cartel was 16-17% of the US GDP. If the cost of the Legal Cartel were added [and ALL that consists of] would not these 2 BUSINESS alone reach or exceed 50% of the total US GDP? And if the cost [25% ? of US GDP}of the POLITICAL CARTEL were added? One might guess that the real production of REAL PRODUCTS in the USA might be maybe perhaps 25%. NOT A PRETTY PICTURE

  • Mark Mcafee Mark Mcafee

    Here is a radical concept. How about replacing the ACA with nutrition based wholefood system. Then insurance would be affordable when fewer citizens become sick! In 1961 the GNP for medical system was about 6%. Now it is about 19-23% depending on what data you look at.

    Of course western medicine is not affordable or sustainable. It is growing like Americas wasteline!

    Unfortunately, our president is more concerned with his Twitter Wars, devaluing the office of the president, and watching himself on TV. He is so screwed up…. even the republican women hate his guts.

    To hate the media… is to hate America and its people. The media tell our common story. Trumps days are numbered. Get ready for Pence.
    This will be an interesting transition to civility.

  • Gordon S Watson

    Mister McAffee, apparently you missed the 2 Presidential terms during which your boy personified the Biblical prophecy “the racial alien will reign over you” as he forged the fetters of socialized medicine upon the nation … Obamacare doubled your premiums for sick-care. When the federal budget runs out in August 2017, the country will enter the classic end-stage of collectiv-ism … the parasites overwhelm the ability of the producers to pay even the immediate costs of govt.

    PRESIDENT Trump will then allocate what funds go to whom, line by line. You’ll like that part, because you’ll get to rant to your ilk = the ignoramuses = that “he’s a Dictator”. And he will be, because that’s how the institutions of the Republic work when the fiscal machinery grinds to a halt.

    as for ‘hating the media’ : you still don’t get it, do you? Americans voted Donald Trump into the White House, because he and his handlers exploited the nation’s distrust of the consumate liars who run the media. If you want to see what real “HATE” looks like Writ Large, go back and read your own posts from August 2016, to date … disdaining the very people who, other days! you boast you love!!! I marvel how you just plow ahead, blithely … I guess in the fast and furious life in the celebrity land, doesn’t have time to review the record of your posts, so as to grasp your hypocrisy
    ‘Trump’s days are numbered’, alright. Only 7 and half years more to go.
    what you post on this forum about PRESIDENT Trump, indicates your blood pressure will destroy you long before then.
    No, there isn’t going to be a peaceful transition to civility ; confer with what David Stockman has to say … formerly the head of the Office of the US Budget under Ronald Regan. Mister Stockman does know a hell-of-a-lot more about the financial state of the nation than do you. He explains why “it’s all over but the crying”. Trump was installed as the Strong Man to whom the nation turns, in crisis.

    • John Dutcher

      Gordy, Gordy,
      You are wrong when it comes to medical insurance prememiums, my wife and I’s insurance premimums are the least expensive that they have ever been, and being self employed, it is quite a savings Mr. Watson. Most everyone I know has insurance costs that have gone down, here in Mi, where our gov. took the federal monies, may not be so in other states whose govs refused the federal monies, I do not know, but that would be the fault of said governors. Of course, Trump will make sure his insurance company cronies make more money on the working man’s back.
      On another note, It is quite the shame when a man like Sam Girod goes to jail, but a guy like Martin Shrekheli( SP??,a.k.a. Mr.Greed) is given the highest of capitalist honors and paraded in front of Congress. And Congress does nothing about this mans extreme greed and total lack of empathy.

      • blesse'd are the cheese makers

        Where do you think “federal monies” come from? The magic gumdrop tree? Federal “monies” used to be your money and my money. It’s amazing to me the total disconnect progressives exhibit when it comes to government funding.

        You must never forget — the government does not “create” anything. The government is the master magician, doing its sleight of hand while you are watching the big busted blonde distract your attention. Federal money, public money, and all those euphemistic terms to describe it is all money that was stolen from us citizens in the first place.

        Your alleged “lower” insurance premiums is an illusion. Asserting that your insurance premiums are the “least expensive that they have ever been” in and of itself is questionable at best. Compared to what? My guess is that your deductible has doubled, tripled or even more. That’s like the new car dealers who tell you they give you zero percent interest, only to raise the sticker price by $3,000 – $5,000. Another illusion.

        Keynesian economics is a Ponzi scheme and you’ve been duped into the deal.

  • John Dutcher

    you are wrong cheesemaker.

    • Blesse'd are the cheese makers

      Sure I am. I’m a deplorable with a terrible tendency to see things the way they are, not the way I’d wish them to be. My bad.

  • John Dutcher

    No,I did not say you were deplorable cheesemaker, you are just wrong about the cost of our medical insurance premiums and about our deductibles. I know where the federal money for our state accepted came from, it is not rocket science cheesemaker, most junior high school students know that, I pay taxes, I should get services in return, as should you and every other American.It is not my fault that maybe your state refused the federal help, but our Republican governor here wanted the citizens of Michigan to be as healthy as can be( his words),you may want to consider moving to Michigan if your state is not that way. You do not know what my politics are cheesemaker, I do not fit any mold, so your attempted sarcastic slam on me by calling me a “progressive” is quite humorous and completely misplaced :>) Maybe you should not make conjectures.

    • Blesse'd are the cheese makers

      Still missing my point. Compared to what? What you assert has no context. For instance, I know that in Michigan, your Affordable Care Act offerings go like this: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Catastrophic. Each one carrying different co-pay schedules and different deductibles and covering different conditions. What might apply to you would not necessarily apply across the board to others in Michigan. Plus, you are “self-employed” which tells me that your reported income may fit you below the level required to receive your medical coverage at a reduced rate. (Just conjecture . . . sorry).

      I realize that most junior high students apparently know this in Michigan, but whatever the case, when you receive money from the federal government, for whatever the reason, it was either 1) stolen from you or other tax payers in the first place, and/or 2) the government just borrowed more money and put it on your great grandchildren’s tab.

      Maybe that’s not a “progressive” policy based on your understanding of economics, but it sure is a “progressive” policy based on my understanding of economics.

      Health care not driven by market forces but rather by geniuses in the government will always be a cat chasing its own tail and sooner or later, as asserted by the late Margaret Thatcher, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

  • John Dutcher

    cheesemaker, I digress and am not going to get into a pissing match with you over hair splitting. In my opinion, health, is NOT something you leave to the whims of the market place, that is purely foolish, money cares not for your health, greed does not care if you live or die. You are going to pay taxes whether you believe they are legal or not. The straw man theory is NOT going to work in this judicial system we have in the USA, as seen by Sam’s outcome and many others sitting in prison. Conjectures are 100% fiction cheesemaker.

  • blesse'd are the cheese makers

    Computers, I-phones, software, electronics — totally free market based, very little regulation — So inexpensive nearly everyone can afford to have most of these devices.

    Healthcare — totally government regulated and totally government administrated = Basically anything but free market — most inefficient and expensive in the world to the point almost no one can afford — case in point — Veterans’ Administration Hospitals

    Go read some Milton Friedman, Frederick Hayek and Henry Hazlet and then get back with me about socialized medicine. I agree with you on one point you make. Arguing or “splitting hairs” with someone with no knowledge and understanding of economics is an aggravating waste of time.

    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      Why does nearly every developed country in the world have “universal health care,” except for the U.S.? People sometimes ask me that, and I don’t have a good answer, except that for some reason our healthcare system seems to be much more costly to run than the healthcare systems in other developed countries. The standards of care, drugs, treatments, are pretty much the same. Here’s a map of the world, showing the countries that provide universal health care to their citizens. It’s revealing:

      • Gordon S Watson

        imposition of so-called “universal healthcare” is a measure of how collectivism has succeeded by stealth. Not only do the serfs come to depend on the state for permission to keep on living, with digitized health care records, the state can peer into each citizen’s very being. But the sick-care racket only pretends to cure people. Take the cancer industry, for instance. I rest my case.

        ALWAYS Alongside socialized medicine, is the ‘black market’. Like here in Canada, where Boy Wonder Trudeau is the shiny face Red Facism 2.0, all the while those who can afford it, get what they need / want by bribing their way to the head of the line. All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. In this two-tier reality, desperate people head on down south of the 49th parallel, where the very best technology is available, at First world prices.

        I urge The Complete Patient to walk through a hospital in one of the big cities of Canada … notice that well over half the patients, obviously, were not born in this country. Nor did they spend their working lives paying medicare premiums. No : for immigrants from the 3rd world, making it on to Canadian soil – legally or illegally – is better than winning the Lottery. People who spent their lives in Red China, are quite happy to retire here, with all amenities laid on!!

        Same thing is happening in the US … non-whites swarming in to overwhelm the civilization built by white people. Socialism seems like a good idea, but eventually you run out of other people’s money

        • David Gumpert David Gumpert

          Don’t think you’ve been following the news about happenings in your budding white paradise over the southern border, Watson. Here in the U.S., your white supremacist legislators are close to enacting legislation that will throw more than 20 million people, many of them gung-ho whites who voted in our new fuhrer, off the insurance rolls completely. The biggest hits will come in places like Kentucky (home of the Senate Majority Leader and also the libertarian Senator), West Virginia, North Dakota, etc., etc. They’ll be completely on their own, without access even to the worst hovels of hospitals. Many of them have been working multiple jobs, paying lots of taxes, for many years. But that’s the way of fascists, isn’t it? Hit their poor supporters the hardest, and then blame it all on the liberals, immigrants, and non-whites….and get re-elected. All to support tax cuts for these white leaders and their financial backers. What a beautiful system.

          • Gordon s Watson

            white people being tossed off the rolls of the welfare state, is wonderful news, Mister Gumpert. Obvious to those of us who have “eyes to see” = there is a great big divide happening in the nation. And this is what it looks like in practice … the birthpangs are not pretty, but it’s all for the best

            one of the foundational values of America used to be! : self-reliance. Every one of those who are completely on their own will be forced to turn their face away from the statist gods, particularly _ the Cult of the White Robe _ and rely on our Saviour, Jesus Christ, who has healing in his wings. As Joshua said to the Israelites : “choose ye this day whom you will serve.”

            what fun to see you using the word “Furher” … indicating that you’re on-board with The Program.

      • blesse'd are the cheesemakers

        Please get off of this “white supremacist” mantra. That’s bullshit and you know it.

        As far as “universal healthcare” being provided by “almost” every developed country in the world besides the USA, go look at the tax burden placed on their citizens. France, for instance, has a tax rate of up to 66 percent. Again, there is no magic gumdrop tree that supplies the money for “universal healthcare.” That money is stolen from the taxpayers in a giant Ponzi scheme of wealth redistribution.

        Also, in case after case in these “one-payer” socialized systems — sure, they have “coverage”, but many times the patient must wait weeks and/or months to actually be treated. You also get situations like recently in the UK where a panel of “experts” decided that the health system was not going to cover an infant who has an alleged terminal condition, even thought the parents have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring the child to the USA for experimental treatment.

        I urge anyone who advocates “universal” healthcare to point me to some learned treatise that lays out the argument to support it. I give you Milton Friedman, Frederick Hayek, Henry Hazlet, Ludwig von Mises as scholars to whom I can point to support my argument that “universal” healthcare is nothing but a disaster.

        What do you have other that emotional political rhetoric to which you can point me?

        • David Gumpert David Gumpert

          “Learned treatise”? Since when are you into political theory? I’m talking about people getting sick with illnesses that require urgent treatment–diabetes, heart problems, cancer symptoms–being able to go to a medical facility and get assessed and treated, and not be afraid to seek treatment because they could be bankrupted by the costs. I’m talking about a model that works in many developed countries of the world. Sure, there are complaints about wait times and such, but the treatment is available. It’s actually available in the U.S. as well through a well established system that could serve the same single-payer function: it’s called Medicare and all you’d need to do is make it available to everyone. But those in power prefer tax cuts for themselves and their rich friends.

          • Gordon S Watson

            what irony!! on The Complete Patient, usually focused on REAL MILK, yet here you are advocating for the scheme of sick-care which keeps millions of its customers deluded into believing that ‘diabetes is a disease that must be treated with expensive drugs’. Meanwhile, it’s been proven repeatedly, that some people ( some ) can be cured ( yes, cured) of the symptoms of diabetes by putting them on a diet of whole fresh pure raw milk. Mister Gumpert, you – of all people – ought to acknowledge that so-called ‘universal health care’, is no prescription for what ails the nation

            ” a model that works in many developed countries”, you say? sure = for a while. For a generation. ‘Til other people’s money runs out. Take a good look at the healthcare systems of those socialist countries … if you’re honest, you will admit that they are unsustainable : first because of demographics = costs demanded by aging babyboomers go up beyond the state’s ability to pay. Second, those schemes are ruined by unanticipated demands being made by invading hordes from the 3rd world.

            s a footnote ; in France, once a person reaches age 65, “you’re on your own, monsieurs et mesdames” … as to costs pour votre health care. so much for ‘universality” !

          • David Gumpert David Gumpert

            When I talk about universal healthcare, I’m acknowledging that all of us get sick and need treatment at different points. It’s a fact of being human. People break bones, have appendixes that go bad, develop cancer and diabetes….sometimes even when living healthy lifestyles. I don’t think you’re going to get a lot of public support for requiring people who develop diabetes to go on raw milk diets before they can opt for more conventional treatments. As for the long term, education about the benefits of good food, exercise, and other lifestyle shifts is essential, and actually is happening right before our eyes. This article in yesterday’s WSJ starts off: “Big Food is in big trouble.” Meanwhile, sales of organic food and even raw milk have been booming, rates of coronary heart disease are declining.


            All this also doesn’t mean all health care should be free. The cost structure is among the details to be worked out. Obama Care did a clumsy job of it, but that was the result of trying to satisfy all the lobbies and interested parties. Whatever the plan, there needs first to be acceptance that all Americans have a right to access health care in a way that doesn’t bankrupt them.

      • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

        Canada’s publicly funded health care system is supposed to be and is often referred to as, “universal”… a far cry from the truth to say the least!!! It has proven itself to be a white elephant, that caters to the CMA and drug companies. In reality the system, whether intentional or not, is designed to keep people coming back for more… so-called health care! Explain to me why so many Canadians travel south to the US and Mexico in order to receive timely and often unavailable health care? In fact, charity drives have been organized for this very purpose. When was a charity drive organized in the US to send an American individual for health treatment in Canada?

        I am not in total disagreement with a publicly funded health care, especially when it comes to emergency and chronic care. That being said, if we truly wish a publically funded health care system it to be universal then the government, rather then dictate the mode of treatment or care should offer the patient and parent of the patient the freedom to choose. If an individual chooses chiropractic, or naturopathic care as his or her preferred treatment method then that should be honored as well.

        This growing mentality that the government needs to take control of various aspects of our lives such as determining our need for health care is based on a flawed top down ideology that will lead to draconian measures that will inevitably and severely erode our freedom to choose. The history of human nature and its governments should be proof enough of that.

        • Blesse'd are the cheese makers

          You are correct, Ken. However, it appears that 50 years of public school indoctrination has rendered many on this blog unable and unwilling to actually consider the fact that government is not the solution to the problem. Government is the problem. Many of those on this blog will cling to their utopian concept of “universal healthcare” until the bitter end. Cognitive dissonance is a terrible condition and, unfortunately, it runs rampant here.

  • John Dutcher

    Some things should not be left to the free market, health being the biggest one, who the devil wants a system that the quality of care is controlled by how much money one can pay for it, which is what you are promoting. I would much rather pay a tax for a basic human service than to depend upon the whims of some CEO of a large corporation that only has self interest in mind.

    • Blesse'd are the cheese makers

      So. Then you and I just disagree. You trust that a government bureaucracy, manned by government idiots who’ve never worked a real job, and who are subject to the AMA lobby, the pharmaceutical lobby, the insurance lobby and numerous other lobby groups, plus political pressures, to determine what is the best medical care to provide to you and to each and every other citizen in the country in a fair and equitable way, after taking my tax dollars and your tax dollars and redistributing it in the way they think it should be redistributed.

      You should be happy since that is exactly what you have.

      I, on the other hand, can only dream that these numerous special interests, government morons, Big Pharma, Big Medicine, and Big Insurance interests were neutered and deleted out of the equation so that the forces of the unfettered market could be allowed to determine what is best for each and every consumer of health care access based on choices made by hundreds of thousands of individual healthcare consumers.

      My scenario has not been given the chance to operate for many many decades, so you really don’t know for sure whether it would be more efficient, better service, better medical care and for less cost. Again, try reading Milton Friedman’s take on healthcare. I know you won’t do it, but, if you’re ever flailing about wondering if there is a better way to deliver decent health care to the masses in the most efficient manner, you might give Friedman a look see.

      • John Dutcher

        You would rather put the very people you say can’t be trusted in charge???? The lobbyists, who work for the very same corporations that would rather make money off of you than to “cure” or “heal” You??? The pharmaceutical, the AMA, the insurance lobby? Cheesemaker, these people are running the show right now, why would you want more of the same and worse???? I would rather take my chances with a system that has regulations in place to put my health at the top of the list, not a corporate profit or a ceo’s huge salary made off my illness. That is where you and I will never agree, letting the “unfettered free market” determine what is good for my and your health, surely you jest? In your scenario, profits will ALWAYS be put ahead and above you or anyone elses health needs, I trust businessmen less than I do bureaucrats,they will do whatever is neccessary to keep you alive as long as they can, without a quality of life, to make their stinking profit on you and me!! Is that what you really want?? If corporate takes over all aspects of health care, there will be no “choices”, but you will be able to buy the best medical care available, I’m not rich, I will not be able to afford ANY healthcare in your scenario sir/madam. Your scenario is EXACTLY what we HAD in the past and it did not work. I do NOT want a corporate shill determining what I need for health care based on corproate profits. My wife and I are getting the best care that we have received in years, in fact we could not afford ANY health care since 1999 until the ACA, due to pre-existing conditions. I certainly trust the AMA much more than I do Wall Street!!!
        You do NOT know me, you do NOT know what I will or will not do and I do not “flail about”, I already know and am 100% convinced of the “best” way, and what we have now and what you prescribe is NOT it.I live in a very remote area and have limited internet service and I will try to see what I can find on Milton Friedman, but I remember when he was advising Reagan and my life was miserable then, the highest interest rates I EVER paid, could not save a dime, inflation was rampant , fuel prices skyrocketing,rampant corporatism,companies shutting their doors, people losing jobs, don’t know why you worship that or would even want it again.

        • blesse'd are the cheese makers

          Yes. They are “running the show” right now. Why? Because they infiltrate the government and influence legislators to pass laws to mandate their programs. The government being in cahoots with Big Business is nothing new. It’s just that Big Business loves to grease the skids of government so that Big Business interests can get laws passed that are favorable to Big Business. Just like in this local food movement, raw milk arena, where Big Dairy is continually pushing for more government regulations from the FDA so that they can regulate the little guys out of business. Has nothing to do with food safety, and everything to do with political agenda. You honestly believe that the paradigm is different when it comes to healthcare?

          So, again, we disagree on cause and effect. I would rather leave health care up to market driven forces of unfettered competition than Big Business coerced government mandates.

          If I can get the government to pass a law that mandates that you buy my cheese, wow, I’ve got guaranteed business for life. On the other hand, if I have to get out there in the market place and compete with all the other cheese makers to make a quality product that the consumer wants to buy, I’ve got to work had to do so. The fallacy that you work under is that business and corporations dictate what the market is and what the price should be. That is not true. The consumer dictates that — willing buyer, willing seller — sans regulatory interference.

          Whatever the case, you misunderstand my premise. In my scenario, “Corporate Shills” would not be the entities that determine what I need for health care. I would be the one to determine what I need for healthcare based on good old fashioned competition and informed market choice. In other words, We, the People, would be the ones to make the choices as to what is best for us in healthcare. The market place would have to adjust to that if the government mandates were deleted from the equation.

          You may not have faith in that concept, but I do. It’s just that it’s never going to happen with this out of control government we currently have.

          As far as highest interest rates ever, please study your history. Those double digit interest rates rode into town during the Carter Administration. From 1981 forward, interest rates steadily declined, mainly because Reagan endeavored to turn the market place back over to the individual consumer rather than a greedy, money grabbing political class with its Big Business buddies.

          • John Dutcher

            Unfettered competition IS Big Business!! A lot of people get very upset that our healthcare is a “mandate, why no such anger and upset over “mandated” car insurance?? You say “fallacy” that corporations do not set prices or what the market is??? Ever heard of Dean Foods, Merck,Pfizer, come on….. Free market does NOT = Free choice. If government mandates are removed prices will skyrocket, that is how the market place will adjust. I was living and working during the Reagan and Carter days, things were way worse for my family during the Raygun years, I do not know where you were in those days, but here in Michigan, it sucked during Reagan’s reign, interest rates increased under Reagans rule, I lived it, I remember it, and how much money I could NOT save, Reagan was one of the worst for blue collar workers in my lifetime.Reagan was in “bed” with big business, good grief!!

          • Blesse'd are the cheese makers

            Unfortunately, I am unable to utilize my sock puppets to effectively educate you on these issues on this blog. The historical record speaks for itself. All you have to do is research it. Michigan was not ruined by Reagan, but cling to your beliefs if it makes you feel better. Screaming and having a tantrum does not prove your point, I’m afraid.

          • John Dutcher

            If they are running the show right now, what is your complaint?? Again, why not all the anger when the gubbermint made automobile insurance a mandate?????????? Your level of healthcare will never,ever be determined by you. The market place will adjust all right, just like deregulation made everything so much less expensive. Interest rates did not come down below double digit for any amount of time until Goerge H.W. Bush was elected president, I gave you the link, look it up.

          • Blesse'd are the cheese makers

            Really? The car insurance argument? Red Herring argument. A non sequitur. No comparison. Car insurance is not “mandated” if you don’t drive. It’s not administered by government bureaucrats either. You’ve been listening to Bernie Sanders too long.

            Interest rates peaked in 1981, all in the wake of the 70’s out of control inflation, oil shortages, etc. Nixon, then Ford, then Carter all contributed to the out of control inflation of the 70’s, though the Carter administration really threw gasoline onto the fire. The Fed likely made things worse, but that’s a subject for another day. Reagan took office in January 1981, the year interest rates peaked and topped out. Interest steadily declined for the next decade after this point in time.

            George H.W. Bush had little to do with any of this from a policy standpoint, other than he tried to sabotage much of the economic corrective measures Reagan implemented.

            Your ire at Reagan is misplaced. That’s like coming to the scene of a burned down house, nothing left but ashes smoldering, and blaming the fireman standing there with the fire hose in his hand for being the cause of the fire.

            I have looked it up, by the way. Many times and long before this discourse back and forth with you.

  • don

    HUM If MDs REALLY wanted ALL their patients healed and cured or not get sick would not that put them all out of work UGH no more business and that would swell the welfare rolls. If lawyers REALLY wanted everyone to be honest and obey THEIR LAWS none of us would be so called criminals and they would be out of business also! And if we all loved our neighbors as our self the rulers sitting in lofty places would have no boggiemen to protect us from hence the Crown would be out of business also!
    THE MASK NEEDS TO COME OFF OF THE MEDICAL BUSINESS MODEL THE LEGAL BUSINESS MODEL AND THE CROWN BUSINESS MODEL! Maybe the root of it all just the LOVE OF FRNs? Sadly this is present reality is it not?

    • John Dutcher

      don’t think that would put them out of business, there is always going to be sick people, there will always be someone that wants to sue someone else, there will always be someone that just wants to steal your stuff, there will ALWAYS be someone that wants “more”. Love yuor neighbor, tell IS that! not sure what you are referring to with frn.

  • don

    John FRNs = the green paper air bubbles we all carry in our wallets called $$$ inflated gas bags aka money. Its just my belief John but I think there is a time coming when the nations will be healed peace and righteousness will be the rule of the day but not of our own making! 6000 years of horrific bloody human history surely proves we are fully incapable of justly ruling ourselves. If there is no Messiah or God or Savior or Lord or Redeemer or Hashem or YHVH to deliver us from ourselves how can the human family survive many more years. In all my 80 years I have not seen so much evil and so much wrong and so much disgusting activity everywhere I look but of course that’s just my view.

  • John Dutcher

    I should have known that, guess old age factors are setting in, Thank You!! humans are going to just keep going for quite a while yet, there has been much evil in the past and yet, we are still here, I am not an atheist,if you were to give me a religious label, I suupose I would have to call myself an agnostic (for lack of a better term, i don’t really like that word very much)as I ( and everyone else ,if they were honest) Really Don’t Know what comes after this life. At 8o y.o. you have seen as much evil as we have now, Hitler,Stalin,Korea, Viet Nam to name a few.

  • John Dutcher

    No need to get so personal and on attack mode, the only reason I capitalized those words is I cannot put the word in italics in this format,don’t be afraid,I am not screaming or having a tantrum sir/ma’am( you do not upset me as much as you think :>) None of this makes me feel better
    August 1978 was when the prime interest rate went double digit, Carter was president, albeit ttowards the end. After the presidential election of ’79 when Reagan won, rates shot up to 15.5% It was 1985 before rates dropped back down under double digit. I remember as I had a mortgage when Ronny Raygun was president, highest interest I ever paid. It was under President George H.W. Bush when interest rates finally took a big fall, Reagan was very good for the lenders, not so much for borrowers.
    Try putting on yuor sock puppets and stand in front of your mirror and teach yourself something new :>)

  • ERAM

    Interestingly, Jeffrey Bradstreet was also targeted by the Feds for using GcMAF and to treat autism and he would up dead (supposedly a suicide).

  • Catharina Berge

    how come this community that are so concerned about healthy pure raw natural Food and habits let so much destruktive words come across your mouths? Let me quote the only man that I totally idolize ‘ It is not what you put into your mouths that make you unclean, but what comes out of them’

    Why do you not stick to the topic of the article in your discussions?
    It is not holistic medicine unless you take a full medical history and meet the patient in person, that is simply someone scamming money through phone consultations.

    • Kyle

      Thank you! Finally a comment that’s on topic. Not sure scamming, but definitely lazy, arrogant and with no true caring for his seriously ill and trusting patient.

  • Gordon S Watson

    re : Why do you not stick to the topic of the article in your discussions?” because : bad communications corrupt good morals ; that’s why. Contending for the Truth, repudiating lies and perversions which are posted here as assertions of fact, is part of the ministry of apologetics. That requires ; Lately on this forum, rebutting the resident crypto-commie, Mark McAffee, as he swings between his good persona as ” proud purveyor of REAL MILK for the masses”, then – in the very same message! – his asshole~self, who dumps-in the very worst of the AntiFa filth concerning PRESIDENT Trump.

    Tell me this, Miss Berge : do you side with Mr McAffee in his position that the Black group anarchists at Berkley were “ONLY exercising free speech”, when they destroyed property and assaulted innocent people” ? As for the one Whom you idolize ; read the bit in the Bible where Immanuel fashioned himself a whip, then waded-in amongst the usurers in the Temple. No honeied words that day!!

    From the very start of my involvement on this forum, I made it as clear as I could ( with my limited command of the English language) that the Campaign for REAL MILK is an outworking of the basic religious controversy on the planet = a battle between those who are awakening to our inheritance, the Law of the God of Israel, particularly his food / agricultural laws, versus the anti-nomians.

    if I had a $ for every time someone advised me “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, I’d be happily retired. But I learned to say back “I’m not in the flycatching business”

  • don

    Actually Gordon Immanu-El drove out the bankers twice once in His early service to mankind and a second time near the time of His sacrifice as a payment and for a ransom for all our sins. Two witnesses against the bankers at that time if my memory is correct. In OT times no one was put to death unless there were two or more witnesses there could not be a greater witness against the bankers than Immanu-EL!! Woe be to the bankers then and now!!!

  • John Dutcher

    You are incorrect about interest rates peaking in 1981.
    Dec.3,1981- 15.75%
    Feb 8th 1982-16.50%
    Feb 18th-1982- 17.00%
    Nov 22nd 1982- 11.50%
    Jan 11th 1983 11.00%
    June 26th 1984- 13.00%
    Dec. 19th 1984- 10.75%
    May 20th 1985- 10.00%
    June 18th 1985- 9.50%
    This data was reprinted in the Wall Street Journal and put out on a website So you can see you are onlty about 4 years off on your dates. To you Raygun was a hero, to most Americans,not. Your comparison to my “ire at Reagan” does not even make any common sense, Reagan was president, he holds any blame for that period of time.
    Your comparison of not having to have insurance if you don’t drive is like saying you don’t need medical insurance if you don’t go to a doctor or hospital, again makes no common sense. And It has nothing to do with Bernie, it has everything to do with me being forced to buy car insurance for years. it is mandated by government bureaucrats in M<ichigan, jeesh!! 40 years ago in Colorado you could post a bond with the state and they would give you auto coverage for a very small fee, could be done that way everywhere, except insurance company greed( free market=greed). Mandated health insurance was not nor ever will be ruled unconstitutional as the insurance companies yield great power and if it would to be found unconstitutional then so would car insurance mandation. And I never said Reagan "ruined( your words)" Michigan, my words were "it sucked in Michigan under Reagan" and it did suck to be a blue collar worker then, but he sure helped a lot of white collar workers.

  • Blesse'd are the cheese makers

    You got me on that. On further review, interest rates peaked on December 19, 1980 (prime rate) at 21.5. Again, prior to Reagan taking the oath of office. By the end of 1988, interest rates had fallen to about 10 percent — so during the Reagan Administration, interest rates were cut in half. Still not bad . . .

    Trying to make a comparison in any fashion between car insurance and health insurance is ludicrous — apples to oranges. But, hey, if it makes you feel like you one upped somebody on the debate, go for it.

  • don

    John and Cheese Maker William Shakespere the Kings PR man {no TVs then] said “ALL THE WORLDS A STAGE” nothing has change has it??? We don’t need to be a CPA or watch the stage puppets mouth their lines to understand interest rates. But as TOTO did in Alice IN WONDERLAND pull back the Vail and see the real thumb on the monetary scale or air pump shall we say and is it not the USURERS the MONEYCHANGERS private central banks worldwide. Not a happy WONDERLAND for us monetary slaves who think we are FREE.
    AND NOW BACK TO THE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE CALLED FRESH SWEET MILK. Please pardon my sarcasm I am a cranky old man maybe if I said please [and pay a fee] Big Brother would let me have some FRESH SWEET CREAM for my [mourning] coffee. UGH not much chance of that.

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