In Defense of Politicians

constitution-moron-cartoonIn1967, a group of Greek army colonels, fed up with the country’s established politicians, staged a coup d’etat. The military officers ruled the way military dictators always rule—they suspended freedom of speech and assembly along with due process and other freedoms long taken for granted.

In 1974, though, something very strange happened: The colonels called in the same politicians who had been jailed or exiled in the 1967 coup and, in exasperation, essentially begged them to take back power. There had been a war that went badly in Cyprus, and university demonstrations, among other problems, and the military officers realized they were in way over their heads—or, put it this way: more incompetent than the supposedly incompetent rulers that had been toppled. The old, previously discredited politicians were welcomed back with huge public demonstrations of joy and appreciation.

I often think about the 1974 events in Greece, especially with hostility to politicians so in vogue during our current presidential election. (The Greek dictatorship got a lot of attention in the U.S. back in the late 60s and early 70s, with its large Greek population, and was popularized with a riveting movie I remember well—“Z”.)

Many Americans are taken with Donald Trump simply because he’s not a politician, as if that automatically qualifies him to assume the highest office in the land. Because he’s not a politician, the reasoning goes, he will have the guts to shake things up enough to “make America great again.”

It’s a seductive narrative to think that politicians are inherently incompetent. But it’s also important to realize that politicians do perform important tasks. They oversee the machinations of government to ensure roads and bridges get built, fires get put out, a semblance of law and order prevails, public schools educate kids, that there’s a military to defend the country from outside invaders, that the financial system is reasonably transparent, among other things. They often need to compromise with colleagues from different parts of their states, or country, to make sure various tasks get carried out.

No question, they’ve screwed up a lot of things here. Some have lined their own pockets while handling their duties. Many have abused power on behalf of corporate contributors, and we’ve seen the results in the arena of natural farming, via regulatory assaults and crackdowns, and favoritism shown to corporations like Monsanto and Tyson Foods.

But simply blowing up the entire system isn’t likely the answer. Such an answer implies that any alternative is better than what we have now.  It also implies the current system is beyond redemption.

It’s definitely not the answer if that alternative is Donald Trump, and his form of tyranny. We know that from his history. He is tyrannical in running his business, running roughshod over suppliers, daring them to sue him. (I’ve dealt with people like Trump in my own businesses and learned pretty quickly to not deal with his type without being paid in advance.) He’s run roughshod over women, sexually assaulting them and daring them to do something about it. He’s proposed running roughshod over Muslims and Mexicans.  He’s made clear via promotion of his own businesses during the campaign that he’d make previous politicians who lined their pockets look like pikers.

He’s also made clear his contempt for the U.S. Constitution by declaring himself prepared to suspend the rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights of the first ten amendments. He’s talked about maneuvering his own generals into key positions, which is military dictator talk. Moreover, there would likely not ever be an opportunity to vote him out, because he would never voluntarily give up power (certainly not to a “rigged” electoral process he now decries and in the middle of a terrorism “emergency” he likely would declare, and never end).

What’s especially ironic is his complaint that the media are doing him in. It’s the mainstream media that made Donald Trump the serious contender for the presidency that he is today. How many times have CNN and Fox and other media held their collective breaths waiting for the latest pearl of wisdom from a Donald Trump press conference or speech? He’s received many millions of dollars in free publicity. How does he express his gratitude? By singling the media out as the enemy, and essentially threatening to get even once he is elected—most likely by seeking to reduce freedom of the press.

I hold no special brief for Hillary Clinton. She is the conventional politician, two-faced, lying, lining her pockets. Much like the Greek politicians forced out by the military coup in 1967. But she’s a known commodity, and one thing we know is that she isn’t a tyrant. Conventional politics aside, she appreciates the dangers Trump represents, as when she said on Sunday: “I’m the only thing that stands between you and the apocalypse.”

One last point: as bleak as our politics appear, I’d argue those who have tried to encourage more locally produced food have had significant success over the last decade. There are more pockets around the country where producers of good food have multiplied, and are doing well, and fewer examples of heavy-handed government interference in food production. I think that’s because more politicians have come to realize that sabotaging local food producers isn’t a recipe for winning votes.

It was Winston Churchill who said back in 1947 that “democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.”

The American Revolution grew out of a desire to be free of a tyrant ruler—King George of Great Britain. We definitely don’t want to be in the position of fighting yet again to be free of a modern-day tyrant.

The underlying problem, of course, isn’t Donald Trump. He simply personifies the frustrations that large numbers of people feel about the abuses of our political and social system. If he loses, and the problems aren’t deal with, another version of Trump will almost surely happen along.

The system needs huge amounts of change, and a big part of that is getting government out of the lives of real food producers and other productive Americans, and reducing the influence of big corporations on the decisions politicians make. Hopefully America’s politicians have been forewarned by the terrifying election experience America has gone through this summer and fall. But if change is to happen, it will have to be politicians who clean up the mess.

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  • Gordon Watson

    So you want a constitutionalist ? George Washington started cleaning up the mess after the Revolutionary War – particularly, the chaos caused by fiat currency – with the bimetallic money system. Announcing that he was willing to preside over the Republic until Jesus Christ returned, President Washington took the Oath of Office with his hand on a Bible, open to Deuteronomy 28 … the very chapter in which our God, proclaims blessings for following His law, and also curses for breaking it. Until this nation remembers and returns to that foundation, the present strife is only going to get worse.

    • Bob

      Gordon, we don’t need a theocracy, either.

      • Gordon Watson

        Bob – your comment illustrates how thoroughly-bamboozled the people of the US of A, are, as to their history. One cannot understand why the Republic is in the condition it’s in, without reading Tupper Saussy’s masterpiece ‘ Rulers of Evil’. Get the facts ; think for yourself. start with the Mayflower compact… then the constitutions of the Colonies. The United States Supreme Court ruled that the US of A is a Christian country. My calling is to inform why we are now in abject apostasy, thus, suffering accordingly. Next stage, financial disaster of Biblical proportions. Then, redemption. >>> As for rejecting ‘theocracy’ … name the goddess whose statue stands atop the Capitol ? Who put that there … advertising that the goddess of the dead presides over what goes on within ? In which god do they put their trust?

        • brad

          And despite the constitutional ruling (not law) the founding fathers themselves in their Treaty of Tripoli clearly declared (in the draft, which DOES show their thinking) that the USA is NOT a “christian” nation or any other religion as it’s basis.

          The founding fathers were frequently Theists – they believed strongly in a Judeo-Christian Divinity, but denied that any church or authority could come between them and their perception of God. They may choose to go to church, but did not see the church as their authority or any sort of intermediary btwn them and God.

  • Mark Mcafee Mark Mcafee

    David….brilliant !!

    Progress is made….not by anarchistic revolution, but by the hard work of representative democratic evolution. Education and showing up, standing up, speaking up…that’s the brightest light for our futures.

    Better days are not delivered to you by a dictators hypnotic promises….they are earned by hard work and engaging participation in the process. When I watch Trumps speeches, I see beyond the Donald and can not miss the faces of those standing behind him. Who are they?

    They are the uneducated,,,they are looking for an answer to be delivered to them. They are the mesmerized and dizzied masses. No ability to think independently. Entranced and numb….they follow a narcissistic egocentric madman. A man that throws whiny tantrums if he does not win. A man that possesses women and uses them like chattel. A man that believes he is the best of America when he uses bankruptcy to cheat others and brags about it. A man that has paid zero in taxes in 20 years. A racist…a lover of Putin. A man that on a whim…spontaneously creates unfounded conspiracy theories in the middle of a speach. He is frickin crazy!!!! A real nut case.

    For the life of me….anyone involved with American politics knows that politics is an art of negotiation with give and take. There are few winners….it is all compromise. Neither side is happy….what we get is designed by committee. That is what being American means. The losers can call the winners liars and ” label the process as Rigged” or they can grow up and increase their level of involvement.

    I am with Hillary and I am damn proud of it. Mark Cuban is an example of a billionaire with integrity. Trump….he is an embarrassment and a bad nightmare. My friends in other countries are asking themselves and telling me…are Americans that stupid or crazy!???

    Thank god more than 51% of us have our sanity and can see an idiot when one appears.

    • brad

      Anarchy is better. When you are born, you have a world of choices which are limited as your choosing closes off other paths – you go left and it’ll take way too much effort to retrack and go right.

      Inventors, enterpreneurs, geniuses – are all dancing to their own drummer – anarchy. You are interfacing with your fellow workers, the grocery store people, the people you bump into in your daily life without needing a police person to make sure you don’t kill each other. Why do you need a govt to force you to do stupid, unproductive things and steal from you in order to damage your life?

      Anarchy means, literally, “without rulers” not bomb-throwing revolutionary whacko murderers. That’s just what the rich want you to think.

      Tell you what, Mark – YOU HAVE TO GIVE ME 10% OF ALL YOUR MONEY because i told you that you have to. Respond to this message, and i’ll somehow get you the address to send it to.

      What? You say i have no right to take your money? But my wife and i BOTH demand that you do this. In fact – just checked with my two sons and they agree – you need to send me your ka-ching. Soon, please – or i’ll have to sue you and have you thrown into jail until you comply.

      Okay – this is obviously ridiculous – i have NO RIGHT to demand the value that your life and living create in our world. So HOW CAN I NOT HAVE THAT RIGHT AND THEN GIVE THAT RIGHT TO SOME FICTITIOUS LEGAL ENTITY!!! There is no argument that i can do so – but this is exactly what the pretense of govt has done – stolen from each other to feed a non-being. A literal NOTHING. When this theft occurs – the people who perpetuate this legalistic fraud steal that money and use it to enrich theirselves as they denigrate your life and opportunities (and everything else) so that you are less able to resist their further encroachment into your pockets, your freedoms. Your survival and that of your kids. (cute kid there)

      We don’t have a democracy – the founding fathers despised democracy and it is NEVER mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution or the other Organic Documents.

      Personally i would not be proud to be associated with Hillary as she is an uncontrollable liar. She screams about Trump and Putin (who i find much more respectable than Hillary) when SHE owns 70,000 shares in Putin’s company that she as the Clinton Foundation sold TWENTY PERCENT of the US uranium resources to!!! So she vilifies the Putin she does business with – and her business dealings take NATIONAL RESOURCES and she POCKETED THE PROFITS from that – while forcing eastern Oregon ranchers OFF OF THEIR LAND so that it can be mined before the new environmental impact report has to be written. This is why LaVoy Finnicum was murdered, why private helicopters fly to ranches in the west and threaten ranchers – beating some of them, as the BLM literally burns the forage they leased to the ranchers – and burn the cattle, corrals, fences, power lines, and ranch buildings – barns, houses, sheds, etc to the ground to chase people off the minerals. Do your research

      She lies about EVERYTHING. She was NOT named for Sir Edmund Hillary’s Everest climb, that happened 2 yrs after she was born, duh. Chelsea was NOT jogging around the twin towers the morning they fell. The Benghazi people were NOT killed because of a stupid Youtube video – they were killed because despite being called for help many, many times – SHE TOLD THE DEFENSE FORCES TO STAND DOWN and people were essentially murdered because of her decision. This is not open to debate – SHE DID THIS!!! She lied about what she gave to her horrible security violations – (i gave all the emails…) and had technical equipment destroyed to hide her guilt – laptops, notebooks, smartphones – AND THAT IS A FELONY OFFENSE.

      She lies about being a woman’s advocate. Takes bribes from the most woman-repressive regimes on planet for her $$$ and in exchange for selling weaponry to them. She armed ISIS and helped the people that fund them – ‘Saudi Arabia and Qatar. She defended a pedophile rapist by lying about a TWELVE YEAR OLD GIRL as the seducer of the man (like he still didn’t decide to rape the kid) and laughed about it.

      She vows to destroy the 2nd amendment – meaning she is totally anti USA and constitution (which defines this country) She vows that she needs to get rid of christianity and all christians have to conform to her thoughts – and accept abortion or else.

      She is evil, ruthless, not trustworthy, and has a history which started out with her getting fired for dishonesty and her intending anti-constitutional actions, followed through with her making horrible decisions as first lady, as Sec of State, and committing crimes and threatening women and others along the entire route. The bitch is just the spawn of hell and the ONLY vote that is sane would be a third party vote.

      • David Gumpert David Gumpert

        Can you point to a particular country at any time in history where anarchy has worked? As for inventors, entrepreneurs, they work under varying degrees of regulation, be it workmen’s compensation, environmental laws, safety regulations, patent law, Securities and Exchange Commission regulations, etc., etc……and many of them still manage to do very very well financially. I think it’s sometimes referred to as “the American dream.”

    • Amy

      Mark many years ago I heard you speak in Franklin, Tennessee at the Factory. It was a great talk and discussion about raw milk and food freedoms. You later came to our capitol when Shawn Dady was trying so hard to get legislation passed (the first time). I loved what you had to say. It made so much sense. You really knew your stuff and you have done an amazing job creating a business based on your passion and also based on truth (that raw milk is safe milk). You spoke often of compassionate moms and you recognized that they were an important part of your business because they were out there seeking safe and healthy and real food for their children, and therefore coming to Organic Pastures Dairy for real milk. So many of those compassionate moms are conservatives. They are Christians. They are homeschoolers. They want freedom to choose — freedom to choose what foods they feed their children, freedom to choose whether to vaccinate their children, freedom to choose what school is best for their children (public, private, home). The only choice that Hillary supports is the choice of a mother to kill her unborn baby whenever she wants to. She made that quite clear last night. Hillary will not be supporting those compassionate moms who are loving their children, nurturing them with real foods, raising them to be valuable and productive citizens with a strong knowledge of the history of America and our Constitution — because, of course, people like me are a threat and danger to this country. Like raw milk, right?

    • Howard

      I’m going to vote NO to your milk and other products with my hard earned money. I will not support people who support killary! Can’t believe I’m reading this from a business man who supports the deep state along with killary and her cronyism.

  • bless\'ed are the cheese makers

    Mr. Gumpert —
    I must respectfully disagree with you on this one. First of all, if Hillary Clinton is a “conventional” politician, then we are truly screwed. It is interesting to me to see how two people can witness the same scene and come away with a polar opposite viewpoint as to what they saw. For instance, when I look at Mr. McAfee’s comments regarding Trump supporters, I see the same uneducated, numbed-out, mindless zombies standing behind Hillary Clinton. Moreover, it is interesting to me the disconnect with folks in our local food movement who want to get the government out of our kitchens and allow free people to choose where their food comes from and yet turn around and support this egomaniacal Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party that is driving us off the financial cliff and who want nothing more than to control each and every aspect of our lives, from our healthcare to our food to what clothes we should wear. I challenge you to look around your home and point to anything in it that the government hasn’t gotten its tentacles into via regulations. You think Hillary Clinton and her ilk is going to back off on this? You might take a look at the Kool-Aid you are drinking if that’s the case. I am not a “Trumper”. However, I do agree with you on one thing — We know exactly what we are getting with Hillary — a lying, cheating, egomaniac who will destroy what is left of the Bill of Rights and who will stack the Supreme Court with activist judges who will ensure that we will live the next 100 years under total tyranny. I’ll put my money on the “unknown” with Trump on this one, thank you.

  • brad

    Huge differences. First – politicians are basically (in our current country) political whores for the will of the wealthy. Fact. How do we know this? Because Harvard looked at ALL the actual legislation passed and presented for thirty years – and there were ZERO pieces proposed to benefit we the people. EVERY legislative effort shoved the govt more deeply into areas of our lives which they have no business dealing with. Read the constitution. The fed govt has literally only 30 ennumerated (lawful) powers – and laws they make outside these 30 arenas are invalid.

    Any law which violates the constitution or is not compliant with it is null and void from the moment of signing – no matter whether that law is fed or state legislation, municipal code, regulatory fiat, bureaucracy ruling – and of course – the Supreme Court cannot make ANY laws since ONLY CONGRESS CAN MAKE A LAW!

    There go Executive Orders too.

    So for 30 yrs the govt has literally attacked we the people with legislation and our world/nation has paid a heavy price. You cannot deny that your freedom is almost non-existent now. Your life opportunities are virtually nil – unless your option makes a rich guy richer…

    The politicians are corrupt in BOTH parties – because without the assistance of the minority party, no legislation would pass because quorum would not be met. So they have these different PUBLIC appearances but in reality both further the agenda of the psychopathic wealthy people – the ones literally causing every problem on the planet which we can fix. Literally – show me one that is not caused by the rich parasites which is of national or world significance.

    All ecological problems, war, hunger/starvation, poverty, stresses that induce the illness and violence – you name it, the cause is rich people running corporations. Some politicians do what the wealthy convince them to do (lobbyists) because they are not intelligent enough to see beyond the distorted arguments or take in the long view. Some are just phukn stupid. Most are sold out – they again made it “legal” for theirselves to incredibly profit from insider trading when you, i, and Martha Stewart would go to prison for that. How did Hillary and Billy Boy become billioinaires after 30 years of govt service otherwise? Oh – i mean other than things like the Clinton Foundation selling 20% of USA uranium reserves to Russia (Clinton owns 70,000 shares of that corporation) and KEEPING THE MONEY FOR THE SALE OF OUR NATIONAL RESOURCES!!!

    The problem i see with this article is primarily the mystique and magic implied with “politician”. They are just damned people. Frequently grossly incompetent people. People with a stupid agenda which is anti-human and anti-planet. Certainly ALWAYS anti-small guy/girl – unless they can use us personally. Look at the Wikileaks about the State Dept and how they were exposed saying horrible things about the people they were working with. One thing that struck me was the govt horror (and mainstream media – whores of the rich) in a Saudi prince quote when he repeatedly requested the US to bomb Iran. The media went running to him and wanted him to be upset with Assange and Wiki about this revelation. The prince just said – “The US should just nuke Iran”.

    The next day, for the first time, Iran stated willingness for UN inspectors to check out their nuke program, which by the way does not contain bomb-making enrichment or anything facilities. Israel is the violent, lying pile of psychopathic garbage in the middle east….

    So NON-POLITICIAN Wikileaks in one minute’s email releases did what politicians were unable to do for multiple years of effort. When you hold “high office” either in business or govt – you don’t do everything yourself. You have lawyers telling you what can legally be done, you have experts giving you options, and YOU make a decision. If you were CEO somewhere and had that information at your fingers – you’d make better decisions than most rich pukes currently do. z

    We have lawyers and trained political science majors running the country and world now. How’s that working out for you? Our ag system is destroyed and making the most toxic, least nutritious food in history. We’ve had more people die of hunger in the last century than in all the middle ages – because of distribution, insistence on profits, theft of land so subsistence food growing and local production is no longer possible or allowed. We have (as the USA) killed somewhere btwn 20 and 30 million people in the last few decades – these people WERE NOT A THREAT TO THE NATION but we did it because the Zionists and bankers bought our politicians.

    No – politicians are rarely good people. Frequently i suspect they are good people that were turned to the dark side. The fact is that we don’t have enough good politicians to make a positive political impact on anything in this country – just as the (likely, but extremely rare) wealthy people don’t have enough sane members to benefit the world – so their damages literally kill you and yours for a couple more nickels in their greedy little pockets.

    Screw respecting politicians. These situations are not the same. Hillary is the spawn of hell, and Trump is going to be an authoritarian despot, breaking the constitution in different ways.

    Since we KNOW that the repubs and demos have INTENTIONALLY DAMAGED WE THE PEOPLE w/legislation for over 30 years – voting for them again can be really, nothing but stupid.

    So what is the option? If you vote for rep/dem people then you are repeating the same action and expecting a different result. They are not going to keep their rosy promises any more than they did for the last 30 years – and really much longer. When you vote dem/rep you have stated that you expect that this time they will magically change their historic behavior. You give them your support. Even if you think that Trump is the lesser evil (NO possible way in which Hillary is by any metric a better choice than Chump) YOU VOTE FOR EVIL IF YOU VOTE FOR HIM OR HILLARY.

    We know from the rampant election fraud that the system is actually just designed to foster the pretense that you have a say in politics – and they use that sense to BLAME YOU for the failures in govt. (YOU elected these people – your fault) This stops you from kicking those morons out of office. We know that election fraud is so rampant (tens of thousands of pre-filled Hillary ballots found in hidden warehouses in Ohio, Democratic people registering dead people in Virginia, study proving there are over 4 million dead people registered to vote in this election – democrats) that they WILL enthrone whomever they choose – and they are pushing Hitlery despite her felonious and proven ineligibility.

    So your vote doesn’t matter in terms of who sits on the throne – BUT – and it’s a big caveat – voting for 3rd party IS AN ACTIVE RESISTANCE TO THEIR SYSTEM OF CORRUPTION and serves notice that we are waking up, we are becoming aware, we are NOT happy with the failure of their actions and policies and they’d best be careful because there are a LOT of us and only a few of them.

    So DO VOTE – just don’t do it for the “two” parties that have (for over 160 yrs) screwed this nation over and damaged our lives in so doing. Thanks for putting up with this “tome”, lol, and please think about these very relevant points.

  • brad

    i like your comment. i urge you to look at my first post above my response to Mark and it’s logic regarding 3rd party voting.

    One point i didn’t mention is a blog i read from a guy who was part of a post-debate CNN survey. If people voted right then – Hillary would have gotten 5 votes. Trump 2. There were TWELVE PEOPLE who plan on voting for 3rd party candidates.

    CNN is Hillary campaign central. They can’t pretend that people reject the two “approved” parties – the appendages of the rich people attacking we the people. So they ran 4 takes and changed the wording until the aired survey results showed that instead of voting 3rd party – the only wording they could choose was “undecided”. So America was lied to in thinking that these people are likely to vote either Trump/chump or Hil-liar-y when they are firmly going to vote AGAINST them – with a majority vote.

    Makes it even more appealing than just the many reasons i put forth for 3rd party, anti-dem/rep votes this election.

  • mark mcafee mark mcafee

    On the lighter side….this is how the American political system works.
    Complex but genius.

    This is where the funny stuff should be happening…not on the debate stage or campaign trail.

    • You all can joke about Trump and pick apart his weaknesses when it helps you prop up perhaps the worst example of a professional politician that I can recall. When it all comes down to who is the worst and then your democrat being a bit better in some way, it’s truly sad that anyone can accept the past record of this current woman candidate and the dnc activity in 2016. Both should be publicly shamed as is the Donald’s life of 10 years past. Perhaps the only reason folks can see hope in him is because the media favorite is dead weight:(

  • Mr. J. Ingvar Odegaard Mr. J. Ingvar Odegaard

    If the most innocent are not defended, are you defended?

    A statement by Cardinal Egan of New York, released on 26 August 2008, in response to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s remarks on Meet the Press, 24 August 2008, regarding the impact of the Church’s historic uncertainty about when life begins in the womb on a “woman’s right to choose.”
    NEW YORK, 26 AUG. 2008 (ZENIT)

    Here is the statement Cardinal Edward Egan of New York released today in which he clarifies the stance of the Church against abortion.

    * * *
    Like many other citizens of this nation, I was shocked to learn that the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States of America would make the kind of statements that were made to Mr. Tom Brokow of NBC-TV on Sunday, August 24, 2008. What the Speaker had to say about theologians and their positions regarding abortion was not only misinformed; it was also, and especially, utterly incredible in this day and age.

    We are blessed in the 21st century with crystal-clear photographs and action films of the living realities within their pregnant mothers. No one with the slightest measure of integrity or honor could fail to know what these marvelous beings manifestly, clearly, and obviously are, as they smile and wave into the world outside the womb.

    In simplest terms, they are human beings with an inalienable right to live, a right that the Speaker of the House of Representatives is bound to defend at all costs for the most basic of ethical reasons. They are not parts of their mothers, and what they are depends not at all upon the opinions of theologians of any faith. Anyone who dares to defend that they may be legitimately killed because another human being “chooses” to do so or for any other equally ridiculous reason should not be providing leadership in a civilized democracy worthy of the name.

    Edward Cardinal Egan
    Archbishop of New York

    August 26, 2008


    • Gordon Watson

      and yet, for all their pomposity and polished words, those princes and bishops and priests of the Roman church, kept right on serving up the wafer to politicians of all stripes. One of the major frustrations of being involved in the (so-called) Pro-Life movement, back then was : the unspeakable hypocrisy of religious racketeers / pulpit parrots / charlatans of ( nearly ) every denomination = saying one thing for public consumption, so as to cover the fact they were doing the very opposite.
      As flawed a man and candidate as he is, last night, Mr Trump reached the hearts of millions of voters, by standing up and being counted as a defender of American children. His best line being : “if you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country”. HIs opponent will go down in infamy as = preferring to kill off the natives while opening the borders to let in racial aliens. A hundred years from today, people will marvel how a so-called civilized people, let that happen.

  • Mr. J. Ingvar Odegaard Mr. J. Ingvar Odegaard

    Here’s what I’m not buying…

    1. Abortion. In citing Cardinal Egan’s statement, it is clear what my attitude is in re. to abortion.

    How about President Obama’s?

    President Obama was inaugurated on Tuesday, January 20, 2009. By Friday of that first week, President Obama, for the purpose of increasing abortions, reversed previous presidential executive orders, and this was reported in the national news. He thus at the earliest marked himself and the country that elected him to his office by accelerating the murderous attacks on the most innocent and most defenseless. In the last two years the total horror of the abortion industry has been publicly exposed. Secretary Clinton and the Democrats are “doubling-down” on this horror. They have displayed their nature. This grossly immoral nature will be exercised against you and what you hold dear when it serves the caprice to which they are enslaved. It will be brought to bear on you. You will not be spared. Vote for a Democrat, invite this upon yourself and yours. It is already a “black genocide.” It will be enlarged. Include yourself in it. Death and dismemberment.

    2. Gross fiscal irresponsibility.

    This a signifying mark of President Obama’s administration and the Democratic party

    The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) (Pub.L. 111–5), commonly referred to as The Stimulus or The Recovery Act, was a stimulus package enacted by the 111th United States Congress in February 2009 and signed into law on February 17, 2009, by President Barack Obama.

    Now, when this Stimulus was being put together, I recall reading that the normal process by which spending is balanced by funding sources, simply went out the window. Those whose skills lie in this area were simply ignored, they were given nothing to do, cobwebs and tumbleweeds. It was one gigantic free-for-all of fiscal irresponsibility. Ruination.

    3. Death, dismemberment, and ruination.

    Mr. J. Ingvar Odegaard

  • Violet Willis

    Yes . . . in defense of politicians . . . of course we are forgetting history . . . recent history to be exact. Did you all know an actual farmer who shears his own sheep and a pretty savvy public speaker whom became Maine’s RNC Committeeman in 2012 and ran for RNC Chair against Reince Priebus in 2013? David knows and I don’t really think he posted about that now did he? This man was also a very strong proponent of food rights . . . you do know that right? At that time a Republican too. About 13 of us Mainers publically left Republican politics in August of 2013 . . . convinced that you CANNOT change it through the political process. We had no support from those that mattered . . . Where was David, Joel Salatin, FTCLDF, Mark McAfee . . . and so many others supporting our fight? Nowhere to be found because at that time . . . was told . . . you cannot fight this politically. So here is David . . . contradicting himself. I don’t know what to say. I am a Trump supporter and proud of that fact. I know the Clinton’s and the machine very, very well . . . why I took 20 years off from politics before getting involved in 2011 with a Maine Senate campaign . . . that led to Ron Paul’s Presidential campaign and propelled some of us to Party seats in our State eager for change and willing to do what was right. We fought the Establishment and lost. Trump is anti-Establishment and does not need to do this. He has everything to lose and nothing to gain except trying to change what we face with honesty (even though those words might hurt) . . . I knew Ron Brown who died in a very suspicious plane crash . . . he was an honest and good man . . .at the time of his death I began to hate the Clinton’s . . .they are horrid people . . . they trail death, destruction, murder, lies, sexual predation, propaganda through our MSM, . . . I can go on and on here. Putting them back into power is suicide for not only our nation but our freedoms. Only Trump is talking about getting the government out of our lives and scaling back regulatory burden on all of us . . . including farmers . . . oh . . . and the person I was talking about . . . was my husband, Mark . . . who sacrificed nearly everything . . . even his job . . . to run against the Establishment . . .because he did what he felt was right but did not have a billion dollars in the bank . . . something to ponder. David . . . you do us a disservice in our fight. Your hatred of Trump is blinding you to reality. I see many of your comments are in favor of Trump. That makes me smile . . . because that is what I see too . . . so many of us rural folk, small business people, farmers, everyday American’s are supporting someone that speaks “TO” us and not “AT” us. Politicians are the bane of our existence and they got too powerful. It is time for a reset. .

    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      Violet, glad to see you back here. I’m sorry the political wars you fought in Maine a few years back left you so embittered. If I let you down, it wasn’t intentional–I just tend not to get into the down and dirty of the political trenches, as you did. Just know, you’re not the first by a long shot to lose out in a bitter ideological struggle of the sort fought out in the Republican party over the last few years. There was a guy by the name of Nicolo Machiavelli who first chronicled back in the early 1500s the dirty maneuverings and dealings that politicians engage in as part of the push for ever greater power. Those who eventually come out on top are often those who are most persistent in staying with it, who pick themselves up after a bitter loss and resolve to win the next struggle.

      The Clintons are among those who have persisted most amazingly. They each lost elections (Bill for governor of Arkansas, Hillary for President against Obama). I continue to be amazed at just how thoroughly the Clintons are demonized, without supporting facts. You say the Clintons “trail death, destruction, murder, lies….” and yours are among the milder comments thrown at them. They both have shown poor judgment in their personal and political lives, but I don’t think it’s on a scale to condemn them as “horrid people.”

      As for Trump, I don’t hate him. I fear him because of his lack of respect for the Constitution and its carefully crafted system of checks and balances, and for his lack of knowledge of history, and for his bullying tactics, and for his self confessed misogyny, among other serious problems.

      The WSJ has an interesting article by a columnist who was once a Reagan speechwriter, Peggy Noonan: “Imagine a Sane Donald Trump, You know he’s a nut. What if he weren’t.” Her point is that there was a huge opportunity this election cycle for a populist, renewal agenda by a real leader, and that Trump could have been that person….had he not been a crazy guy.

  • Mark Mcafee Mark Mcafee

    Dear Amy,

    I am still the man that spoke to you about freedoms so many years ago. Since that time raw milk freedoms and access has been expanded and raw milk has become more deeply respected. Why? It has been a combination of freedom fighting mixed with a huge amount of education about food safety and farmers taking responsibility for their raw milk by testing and by adopting high standards. Recently, I was sent a chart showing the drop over the last six years of food safety outbreaks related to raw milk in the USA. Why? Well, RAWMI was founded 6 years ago, Tim Whiteman began teaching raw milk food safety six years ago. There has been a national awareness about raw milk and its dangers if done improperly and its safety if done well in addition to its powerful benefits!!!

    Was this all freedom? No it was not. It was not all food safety either. It was a marriage of both. It was the fight in Liz Reitszig and other moms, combined with farmers that started using much higher standards that made the difference. Now….it is rare to hear about raw milk illness. 7 years ago, the story was much more common. Progress has been made and laws are changing across America.

    Being Christian and homeschooled is not foreign to being a Democrat. I know many democratic home schoolers and anti vaccination people…..I am one of them. I am also a big second amendment supporter, but I also strongly encourage background checks and closure of the instant gun purchased loopholes used at gun shows, and believe in strong gun storage policies to protect children.

    Amy, if you look deeper….you will find that we have much more in common than you might think. The horrible stories told of Hillary are Trumped up contortions. She is a very good person and has tried her best all through her remarkable life. She will be our next president and she will lead us to an even better place that all Americans will appreciate. If you think Trump is Christian….think again. He is a farce, a narcissist, a bully and a foul mouthed ego centric womening racist. All things he is quite proud of.

    It is time for all raw milk drinkers to gather ourselves into one humanity and heal ourselves. Let us all be joined by the good in common among us and fore give and forget that which separates us. That’s Christianity. As far as abortion is concerned….I do not think you heard Hillary the other night. She said this….government has no place making decisions over the most private, most heart wrenching, most personal decisions that a women must make. Some of these decisions save a women’s life.

    The decision to have sex was directly responsible for that pregnancy. God did not drive two people to have sex. It is the personal responsibility of the person who conceived to also take responsibility for the results of those actions.

    I personally abhore abortion….but I am not going to create a law to tell a women what she will do with her body or what to with the results of her choices that she alone has made. Or maybe she was a victim of rape….I won’t tell her what to do in that case either. The crazy exaggerations of late term terminations are rediculous and unfounded. The law is clear about this….it is illegal. It is only mentioned to stir the emotions of everyone.

    Christianity is about not judging others. Christianity is about humanity and loving others without judgement. It is about forgiveness. That’s what Christ did and what he said and how he lived.

    Christianity takes no political positions….Christianity is a code of life that is a belief in love….Christ embraced the prostitutes and turned over the tables of the money changers. Any religion that separates humanity is not good. Religions are manmade. God and Christs teachings embrace all of humanity and that includes all of its imperfections.

    As a raw milk producer….I love all and serve all. Amy….that means you too.

  • Maddie

    Yes, we desperately need change right now. It is urgent. But let’s wait a while longer before changing anything because that’s the safe thing to do and besides, if there is change we might not like it and we wouldn’t have the familiar same-old to complain about, so VOTE HILLARY to keep us comfortable in our familiar discomfort!!!!

  • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

    The following article is particularly relevant to today’s world, including the US of A and makes reference to statements made by several historical figures that we would do well to take heed of.

    “Statesmen may plan and speculate for Liberty, but it is Religion and Morality alone, which can establish the Principles upon which Freedom can securely stand.”—John Adams, letter to Zabdiel Adams (21 June 1776)

    “It has become embarrassing to state that evil makes its home in the individual human heart before it enters a political system… Yet it is not considered shameful to make dally concessions to an integral evil. Judging by the continuing landslide of concessions made before the eyes of our very own generation, the West is ineluctably slipping toward the abyss… All attempts to find a way out of the plight of today’s world are fruitless unless we redirect our consciousness, in repentance, to the Creator of all: without this, no exit will be illumined, and we shall seek it in vain.” “Men Have Forgotten God” Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Templeton Address.

  • Amanda

    Title should have read, “In Defense of Hillary (part 2)”

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