The Inspiring Message Behind Maine’s Food Sovereignty Success

Heather Retberg, at her farm in Penobscot, Maine.

It’s been nearly seven years since I first met farmer Heather Retberg in Maine and learned about her crazy idea for restoring something called “Food Sovereignty” to the small coastal communities where she and her supporters lived.

Over the years that followed, Retberg and her “musketeers” helped organize 20 communities to pass food sovereignty ordinances, which allow local food producers to sell directly to residents, without interference from state and federal regulation. A key component of the food sovereignty push is to allow small farms to sell raw milk directly to members of their local communities.

The only people who didn’t care for this new brand of food sovereignty were state regulators. Maybe they saw it as a threat to their authority or even to their jobs.

At the behest of the regulators, the state took action against a farmer in one of the towns that passed a food sovereignty ordinance, Dan Brown, citing him for selling raw milk and other food without a license. The case went all the way to the Maine Supreme Court, where the justices in 2014 ruled against the farmer, and against the ordinances at the same time. They suggested that it was up to the state legislature to legalize Food Sovereignty.

As dark a time as that seemed, Retberg and her supporters didn’t give up. They kept doing what they had been doing organizing towns to pass food sovereignty ordinances and made believe the Maine Supreme Court ruling didn’t  exist. They aggressively lobbied the state legislature to allow local food to be sold locally without state and federal regulation, which often adds huge costs to meet the rules.

In the meantime, the state held off on enforcing the Maine Supreme Court ruling.

Getting the powers that be to come around over the past seven years was a slow cumbersome process. In 2013 the legislature passed a law allowing continuation of an informal tradition whereby small farms could carry out direct sales of raw milk to friends and neighbors, only to have Gov. Paul LePage veto the legislation, seemingly after he had agreed to go along with it.

So when the food sovereignty legislation passed this year, another veto by the same governor, LePage, seemed likely. Lo and behold, the governor signed the legislation this time.

The success of the food sovereignty legislation is testimony to a few things: First, there’s the power of persistence. Whatever it is that large numbers of local citizens want to see enacted doesn’t usually get enacted the first time around in the legislature, no matter how good the ideas are.

Second, we are reminded that our lawmakers at the local level are often much more responsive to the popular will than those at the national level. You look at what’s been happening with unsuccessful efforts to impose federal restrictions on genetically modified food (GMO), despite the backing of many thousands of ordinary citizens, and you see what I mean.

Finally, it’s a reminder, in this time of ever-more-arbitrary decision-making in Washington, of the growing importance of local rule. We’ve seen a number of localities become “sanctuary cities” to help their immigrants avoid being deported, and states become more engaged with other countries to oppose the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement.  Thus, we had the amazing image last month of California’s governor sitting with the president of China to reaffirm the state’s support, with China, of the Paris agreement on climate change.

Retberg is not one to seek out the limelight—indeed, she is quite humble about her role, and more than glad to share the results of her successful leadership with others. Her focus, even after the recent Maine legislative success, is to keep on trucking, as she said on Facebook a few days ago: “Let me know, friends, if you are considering adoption of the Local Food & Community Self-Governance Ordinance in your town. The ground is really swelling right now–it’s a good time to engage in your local government and work towards policy that makes sense right in your own community.”

Congrats to Heather Retberg and her “musketeers” for persisting in their push for food sovereignty, and demonstrating that old-fashioned organizing and lobbying can still work on behalf of the community at large.

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  • I have incredibly deep respect for Heather. She is the action and the persistence that truly creates change! I wish there were more people like her. So many people want change and talk change but in the end fail to show up for change…..repeatedly, until it happens. This is a story of giving part of your life for change and always persisting until it happens. That kind of dedication is remarkable.

    There are a few people in Humboldt County CA that are beating the legalized raw milk drum after years of political oppression and worse. During the raw milk fights in Humboldt county 6 years ago….the Board of Supervisors conveniently threw away the stacks of testimony and research that was submitted at the hearing !!! This violated every tenet of democracy. There are videos of the evidence and written testimony being submitted but there is not a trace of that evidence ever being archived. Talk about corruption!! The secretary of the board has no evidence of the documents. There is no record even though the video record shows it being submitted!! As we endure the injustices….those injustices play the central role for change when it is brought to the front as shocking un democratic conduct as evidence!!

    So much of Michael Schmidt lives in this spirit as well.

    Congrats to Heather and a huge thank you to her for giving years of her life so others may benefit.

  • don Michael S. reports on the negative events in the CROWN court of Ca. Thank you Michael. AGAIN UNBELIEVABLE

  • It is incredible to me, that you David Gumpert, would equate food rights in small towns – to the right to hide ILLEGAL immigrants and promote that idea as well as wasteful pursuit of climate control ideals that are equally corrupt! Please, do not confuse a right to support human health and access to local nutrient-dense food (with possible tax savings)- with using tax dollars to hide illegal and potential terrorist implants, along with a mythical climate issue! Both of these atrocious acts are extremely wasteful and unintended uses of hard earned tax dollars that you all seem to think come from the feds. The government does not create money out of thin air as that is the genius of the monstrosity call the fed reserve! The feds have no right and neither does the state have a right to take tax revenue and serve unlawful means! This is the opposite of food rights at the local level and only generational liberals seem to ignore that! You might need to supplement your random glass of raw milk (photo op) with a daily dose of economic and constitutional justice, not giving away the rights of the many lawful peasants for the benefit of those who want what is not real, because it only appears to be actual freedom in this country. If the media were truthful about the economic reality of the average middle class family in the U of SA, perhaps we wouldn’t have folks clamoring to enter, only to have (as in CA) mandates of toxic injections in the same breath as world environment concerns. It is ironic that you seem unable to recognize this:( The politics here is stifling, suffocating at best! We can work together to stop mass pollution in this country, but not with a blanket. This attitude would seem to be much better served at the local level as we see in food sovereignty! Getting stuck in deep b.s. may not be obvious when your eyes are closed, lest we take away your boots:(

    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      A lot to digest here, Alvin. It’s ironic that you come down on immigrants you are certain are “illegal.” Isn’t that what regulators have said about you over the years, that what you do is illegal? That you operate in a gray area? I think some of them have also argued that because people get sick from raw milk, tax payers get stuck paying for treatment of all the people made sick by your product. It’s always struck me as arbitrary, even cruel, that these regulators would go to such lengths to deny ordinary people access to a food product they desire and believe keeps them healthy. (For readers of this blog who don’t know about Alvin, do a search under his name; you’ll see that he has been a hero for food rights, having gone through two jury trials about his sales of raw milk in Minnesota that could have landed him in jail.)

      Unfortunately, that’s the way you come across, at least to me, in your comment–arbitrary and cruel, in your desire to simply expel all immigrants deemed “illegal.” (Actually, that’s what is going on right now, mass roundups of immigrants, often breaking up families where some members are U.S. citizens and others are in other categories.)

      The worst part of your focus on immigrants is that it is clear you have fallen for the scapegoating that is so much in vogue today. It’s called ‘blame the Muslims and blame the Mexicans for our problems.’ (The other part of the scapegoating, which you allude to in passing, is blaming the mainstream media for our problems.) All this scapegoating is meant to cover for the real problem facing our current rulers: that they can’t figure out how to create all the new well paying jobs they promised to create.

      As for your ridiculing of climate change science, all I can say is I don’t get how farmers, especially, can be so dismissive of climate change. Especially when they can see the changes associated with droughts and ever more extreme weather all around them.

      Finally, I appreciate you classifying me as a “generational liberal.” My liberal Massachusetts friends often refer to me derisively as a libertarian. Maybe if I am pissing off both liberals and libertarians, I am doing something right.

      It seems to me we all have to figure out some way to come together to end the scapegoating and name calling. No one’s minds get changed in this angry atmosphere of recriminations. We’re all in this together.

      • Gordon S Watson

        allow me to answer your puzzlement, Mister Gumpert, re “I don’t get how farmers, especially, can be so dismissive of climate change.” People in touch with the real world, know intuitively that the wide-eyed hysteria promoted by the Climate Alarmists, is bunk. All that the Alarmists have going for them, is : a bunch of computer-generated predictions …which, time and again… are not borne out.

        Propaganda put out by the Lame-stream media relentlessly merchandises the so=called “hockey stick graph”, put out by Prof. Michael Mann, as the foundation for the scam, leading to the “carbon tax” and the ‘cap + trade racket’.

        six years ago, Prof. Mann of Penn State, chose to sue Prof Tim Ball for libel, in British Columbia ( of all places!) after Ball desparaged Mann’s work as ‘junk science’. Defending himself, Prof Ball got a judge to order Mann to make available the raw data and software, he’d used to come up with his ‘hockey stick graph, pretending that the planet is warming’. After 3 years, Mann refused to do so. When push came to shove, Mann failed to come up with any evidence in support of his theory. Since hundreds of peer-reviewed studies are predicated on Mann’s graph, they all go down with him as their house-of-cards all falls in a heap of scandal. Adamantly refusing to let others examine his premises, Mann is doing the very opposite of the scientific method.

        It gets better! for us “Deniers” … Dr Andrew Weaver also sued Tim Ball, for libel, in BC Supreme Court on the same issue. Dr Weaver being the chief front man for the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change. That court case comes to a head in October 2017. In that Dr Weaver’s stock-in-trade is based on Mann’s work, he’s going to be disgraced, too, when he fails to produce evidence to which Defendant Ball is entitled, pursuant to the veracity of the alleged “libel”

        Dr Andrew Weaver is indeed a professor of Mathematics, but he’s not a “climate scientist” The court case bodes to ruin his credibility and when that happens, his status as the leader of the Green Party of British Columbia, will go with it.

        see also the lawsuit brought against Mark Steyn by Michael Mann, in a court in Washington DC. Steyn is one of the most brilliant satirists on the planet. So it’s going to be highly entertaining watching him savage Prof. Mann.

        as of Feb 2017, the “anthropogenic global warming” non-sense had the props pulled out from under it, in a court of law. Its supporters now are faced with coming to terms with the fact that they participated in one of the most Gigantic Lies of all history. Credit where credit is due = PRESIDENT Trump is on the right side of this issue

        • Jim

          Gordon – I agree with your comments. What happened in Feb 2017?

        • don

          BUT BUT Gordon Al Gore just stated that some of earths elements have past the point of no return [we is doomed] however he also stated there is still hope. YIPEE
 Personally I am gona get rid the shoes that are causing my carbon foot print and lower my carbon tax!! Please forgive me for being sarcastic again. SIGH

          • Gordon S Watson

            don – bear in mind, that in Great Britain, parents brought a court action against a school for showing Al Gormless’ movie “An Inconvenient Truth”. The judge ruled that the film was “political propaganda”.

            The theory that = human industrial activity, produces so much Carbon Dioxide, that the climate of the planet is being thereby changing to be hotter than it would be = is utter balderdash. About half the time you read/ hear some alarmist going off the deep end like that, he’ll fold-in the notion that “the sea level is rising”. Again : nonsense. The level of the oceans around the world has not changed since the day 8 souls dis-emb-Ark-ed and wended their way down Mount Sinai. Confer with world authority on that topic Axl Morner and his booklet “The Biggest Lie”

        • David Gumpert David Gumpert

          As I said, all you have to do is look around. World temps rising to record levels. Ice caps melting. Big cities flooding.

          I was in south Asia about five years ago, and I was struck by how hot it was, even on a cruise ship in the middle of the Indian Ocean in the middle of the night. Every place I went–Sri Lanka, Burma, India, Malaysia–I inquired with tour guides about whether the heat was a blip or part of a trend, and each one said, without hesitation, that the excruciating heat (95-115) was part of a long-term trend, and that they were very worried because the temps weren’t very far from point at which humans can no longer survive.

          Talk to people who live in Alaska, and ask them what’s happened to the climate over the last 25 years.

          All this isn’t happening evenly, or everywhere. But it is happening very widely around the world, is almost certainly man made, and pretty soon, if it hasn’t happened already, won’t be reversible.

          • Gordon S Watson

            well, Mister Gumpert, I’m sorry to see that a man as erudite as you are, is “drinking the Kool-Ade”, ie = swallowing what the global=ists want you to believe, towards their end of de-industrial-ization of the West.

            I recommend all-concerned spend time studying what us “Deniers’ have accumulated, to prove – in a court of law, mind you – that the numbers used by the Fear-mongers, have been tampered-with : so-called “evidence” concocted towards a political goal. That’s right = It is now proveable that NASA and NOA and East Anglia University cooked the figures to suit a political agenda. Too far out to believe? Then ease-into it by educating yourself with what happened in the ClimateGate scandal, wherein it was found that the promoters of the man-made global warming theory, arranged to suppress all opposition, have opponents fired and shut out of journals, even while admitting among demselves, that their models did not pan out. Even after they’d blatantly massaged the dataset to ‘get rid of’ the Medieval Warming Period. That Medieval Warming Period is what destroys their argument, in that, the records of human history show the planet was much warmer than it is now, from time to time in the past. Best theory as to ‘why?’ being : sun spot activity cycles.

            But I’m not going to clutter-up your forum anymore >>>> on the tangent of the Anthropogenic Global Warming. Suffice to say : The Truth is out there. Do your own homework

            what happened on Feb 2017, was = Professor Mann failed to meet the deadline which had been ordered by the Judge in the Supreme Court of BC action in which Mann had sued Ball for libel. That failure is contempt of Court. It means that Mann has “a handfull of nothing”. The UN IPCC is exposed as the wannabe Emperor stark naked of a coherent scientific basis for its carbon tax indulgence / cap + trade racket. By failing to produce the evidence which is central to the veracity of the alleged libel, Professor Mann confirmed Ball’s criticims that “Mann belongs in the State Penn, not in Penn State” .

            finally, Mister Gumpert, the lawsuit in which Prof. Mann is suing Mark Steyn for libel, is your “meat” because Mann is also suing the print media outlets who published Steyn’s scathing opinion, as well as Mr Steyn, personally. The text of Steyn’s Defence is available on the internet … itself good for a few laughs.

          • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

            David, with respect to global warming, there are other forces at work that are not yet fully understood and heaven forbid, beyond human control.

            Consider this statement by the 1998 Nobel Prize for Physics laureate Robert Laughlin “climate change is something that the Earth routinely does on its own without asking anyone’s permission… the geologic record suggests that climate ought not to concern us too much when we are gazing into the energy future, not because it’s unimportant, but because it’s beyond our power to control.”

            The following article suggests, according to NASA scientists, that our entire solar system is heating up.

            Where for example does human activity and CO2 emissions fit in, with respect to the recorded rise in temperature on the planet Pluto? The above article provides us with several clues and points out, “Although Pluto resides in the coolest regions of the solar system. the dwarf planet is heating up. Specifically, Pluto’s atmospheric pressure has increased by 300 percent, which is more than any other planet in the solar system. Even more paradoxical, Pluto’s atmosphere is becoming denser as it travels farther away from the sun.”

            I’m not a denier of climate change, abrupt or otherwise. It is an ongoing Phenomenon with other valid scientific explanations on the topic apart from what is currently accepted and preached at large.

            “A central lesson of science is that to understand complex issues (or even simple ones), we must try to free our minds of dogma and to guarantee the freedom to publish, to contradict, and to experiment.” Carl Sagan

            Indeed, ask any meteorologist or climatologist and they will concur that earth’s climate is a complex phenomenon. Heaven forbid if one of their own, such as Dr. Tim Ball who is well versed on the topic, were to challenge the current AGW/CO2 climate change thinking!

            “Court Battle: Michael Mann Losing, Gives Tim Ball ‘Concessions’”

          • David Gumpert David Gumpert

            Ken, to you and a few others, even if we can’t be absolutely certain what the source of global warming is, we owe it to ourselves and future generations to operate under the assumption it is human-produced, and do all we can to reduce carbon emissions. If we find that has no effect, well, at least we have tried. But once again, if you look around, it’s tough not to conclude human-based carbon emissions are a huge problem. Just visit some of the world’s biggest cities, and you’ll get the idea. I spent five days in Beijing three years ago, and as fascinating a place as it was to visit for all the history, I couldn’t wait to leave because of the awful air pollution. It covered not just Beijing, but hundreds of miles in all directions, so it wasn’t easy to get away. You experience that kind of pollution, multiply it by all the other places with similar effects from burning coal and oil, and you know it has to be having a negative effect on the entire planet.

          • Gordon S Watson

            “big cities flooding” ? from local flooding, sure. But caused by sea level rising, consequent from human activity warming the planet ? Ridiculous. Easily contradicted with a few FACTS. Let’s go down to the locks in Holland = 400 + years in place, and get some hard evidence as the baseline for measuring ocean level. THEN we’ll compare mythologies… But if you prefer to take the word of the high-priests of the Gaia religion = proven deceivers = you’re captive in their delusions

          • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

            David, I agree on the importance of good stewardship. However, this focus on legislating CO2 emissions is a red herring just as our focus on the all-important microbe is a red herring. Without CO2 plants would not be able to generate oxygen hence oxygen dependent life would cease to exist.

            The following article, “There is no scientific justification for a carbon tax” by Dr. Tim Ball explains it well. He states, “In Fact, reducing atmospheric level of CO2 is the worst thing we can do. At 400 ppm, it is already at dangerously low levels because most plants function best at 1200 ppm – they are malnourished”. He asks this all important question, “why distort information and demonize a gas that is a fraction of the total atmosphere and essential to life?”

            In conclusion he states, “These brief understandings of the corrupted science also eliminate the environmentalist’s favourite fallback position known as the precautionary principle; shouldn’t we act anyway. The answer is a blunt, justified, and unqualified NO.”

        • John Dutcher

          Your response is no less than expected Gordon LOL!!!

      • American

        You don’t have a country if you don’t have a border and control immigration. Those who defend illegals seek to destroy our country.

        They are illegal. They don’t belong here. They have to go back.

  • don

    “We’re all in THIS together.” YEP but what is THIS? The very first goal and purpose and intent as stated in The Preamble to the Constitution was to ESTABLISH JUSTICE. How has that worked out for US? If my memory is correct the second US President John Adams [a lawyer] shut down some newspaper printing presses for a time! And Wikkipedia reports that there were in 2012 some 1,225,452 lawyers in the US. Some have said [sorry no link]that there are 45 million laws, rules, regulations, codes, directives, orders that we must obey or else and likely growing day by day!! What would the US be like without any lawyers? I guess the laws would then be written in plain English for all to easily understand no Legalese no Latin [the language of the Romans HUM] no need to pay an interpreter to untwist words. And the SCALES of JUSTICE held by the GODDESS LADY LIBERTY would not be unfairly tipped by the weighted thumb and hand filled with FRNs!!! Hey maybe you can call me anti-lawyer wasn’t always so I was at Jacob Zooks farm when Sally started the legal defense fund and gave FRNs then. But you cant call me anti-semitic I have been invited to and attended a Jewish wedding an interesting story but off topic for now.

    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      No question the U.S. justice system is flawed, and terribly expensive. But compared to other countries, it doesn’t do badly. Having all those lawyers makes it more accessible to ordinary people than almost anywhere else. Check out how many other countries allow a trial by jury. Ask Michael Schmidt in Canada how much he’d like to have a trial by jury. Ask Vernon Hershberger and Alvin Schlangen how important it was for them to have the right to a trial by jury. A legal system without lawyers sounds idyllic, but what about the judges. So long as they are employed by the government, tough to gain complete impartiality. Or, you could go back to the days when kings and princes made the big judicial decisions. Still happens in places in the Middle East. Not always so great.

      • Gordon S Watson

        British jurisprudence goes back to Trial by Combat. And I say it’s high time we revive that great old tradition. At least it renders a final verdict on the day of bloody Trial, rather than the thing dragging on for years … decades, up here. Now 16 years since the province of BC started a claim against Big Tobacco, for costs of medical expenses on people whose suffering was “caused’ by cigarettes, the thing is only now going to the Supreme Court of Canada. The Province of BC collected a share of the proceeds of a substance ( tobacco) which was perfectly legal, yet wants to wring more $$ out of the corporations? ! Absurd. But of course, perfectly reasonable in their world … in which tax payers foot the bills for untold million$ in laywers’ fees, on both sides!! Alice through the looking-Glass

  • Don

    OOPS I should have said the GODDESS LADY JUSTICE sorry bout that How ever both were GODDESS OF ROME.

  • Jim

    I agree with Alvin 100%. David, either they’re illegal or they’re not. Why use quotation marks?

    Mr Gumpert has helped me understand many issues – not the least of which is the fermented cod liver oil abomination. But he seems a bit shaky on science in general, as evidenced by his comments on climate change.

    In this era of the web and powerful search engines (including YouTube), anyone who believes we should be transferring debt (so-called tax) dollars to subsidize UNSUSTAINABLE alternative energy sources is either lazy or close-minded, the latter of which is antithetical to science. And I don’t believe science was ever advanced by the lazy, either.

    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      Jim, you really think we’re near running out of solar, wind, and hydro power? I haven’t seen those studies. You have something?

  • Shana Milkie

    What a heartening story! Thank you, David, for sharing this example of the power of persistence.

  • JHeckman

    “Scientists have odious manners, except when you prop up their theory; then you can borrow money of them.” Mark Twain

  • David,

    I am holding my words…..they are waisted on the climate deniers.
    Got your back….

    • Gordon S Watson

      What marvelous symetry ! the contrast between Mark McAffee when he’s wearing his expert witness hat, testifying against govt. officials refusing to admit that raw milk dairying can be – and is being – done safely, versus him stupidly parroting the Central Party Line pertaining to the collectivists’ Anthropogenic Global Warming hoax.

      Herbert Spencer’s quote sums-up the attitude of someone who WILL NOT change his opinion in the face of overwhelming evidence exposing a fallacy. That’d be = the other Mark McAffee, when he kicks-in to hysterical-ignoramus-mode … automatically regurgitating any and every piece of non-sense, if it works to disparage PRESIDENT Trump

      “there is a principle which is a bar against all information, proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance : that principle is, contempt prior to investigation”

      I’ll be over in Vancouver next week, and call up the files of Prof Mann’s and Dr Weaver’s lawsuits suing Prof Tim Ball … no doubt there’ll be some gems in the pleadings! = hard facts supporting irrefutable arguments which would be convincing to those who can think for themselves. Which lets out those entranced by the globalist Kool-Ade … who choose to participate in the lie. Jesus said “Be ye not deceived”

    • Gordon S Watson

      the following is a bit long for this forum, but it’s too good to pass up, a propos Professor Berry’s remarks about + Democrats being congenitally UN-able to grasp the facts about “global warming”. I’m looking at YOU, Mark McAffee!

      Democrats keep lying about global warming

      by Dr. Ed Berry

      The University of Montana continues to lie about Global Warming and Steve Running.

      Today, the University of Montana Flathead Lake Biological Station announced it will host a presentation on July 5 titled, “What’s New in the Global Warming World?” Their announcements reads:

      Join the Bio Station and the Flathead Lakers to hear Dr. Steve Running, University of Montana Regents Professor of Global Ecology speak about the current state of climate change science. He is an internationally renowned climate scientist, participating in the US National Climate Assessment, the NASA Science Advisory Council, and the 4th Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, sharing the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

      Their announcement is fraudulent.

      Running is not a climate scientist. He was a “Professor of Forest Ecology.” Now he is a “Professor of Global Ecology.” Note the new reference to globalism. Steve Running is a globalist who promotes the globalist myth of global warming. He does a disservice to all Montanans.

      Dr. Steve Running masquerades as something he is not. Climate is a subject of physics, not ecology. Physics and ecology are entirely different disciplines. The Democrats support his fraud. They might as well claim a law degree makes one a brain surgeon and a medical degree makes one a trial lawyer.

      Steve Running does NOT share a the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

      The University of Montana Flathead Lake Biological Station announcement claims Running shares the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. Facts show Running’s claim to a Nobel Peace Prize is a baldfaced lie. Given he lies about who he is, how can you believe his claims about climate?

      In addition, a Nobel Peace Prize has nothing to do with science. The Flathead Biological Station commits fraud when it suggests a Nobel Peace Prize relates to accuracy in science.

      The Democrats’ worst failure is their lie about global warming. They do not understand the scientific method. Democrats are mentally incapable of scientific debate. They just assume they are correct and denigrate anyone who disagrees with them.

      They think science is about cherry-picking data that seems to support their preconceived hypothesis. Steve Running and the Democrats do not understand that science is just the opposite. Science is about rejecting hypotheses that make wrong predictions.

      The Key to Science

      The Key to Science is if any prediction is wrong then your hypothesis is wrong. Their global warming hypothesis makes many wrong predictions. Therefore, their hypothesis is wrong. Human CO2 does not cause climate change. Something else does.

      The Democrats and Steve Running and the University of Montana claim our CO2 emissions cause dangerous global warming when CO2 data do not even correlate with global temperature. How dumb can you get?

      June 30, 2016 By Dr. Ed

  • don

    SEEING PRESENT REALITY as it really is and was is probably the most BITTER PILL possible that we the human family must swallow. It is nightmare to behold! A 7 minute video but I CAUTION you it is NOT for the fainthearted.
    As for rising SEA LEVELS in Jer. 5:22 YHVH HASHEM G-D LORD states that it will not happen [as I read it]!! We will see if Al Gores words shall stand or the WORDS in Jer.
    As for a trial [torture chamber] by jury [picked by lawyers from the list of those casting their Dem. or Rep.votes] [we will see how that works out for the Bundys] or a Judge neither is a good prospect. Even in 628 BCE in Yerushalayim and Yehudah the JUDICIAL SYSTEM was awful Zeph. 3:3-4 her judges likened to evening wolves!!! Can anyone cite a good period in judicial history?
    Gordon a few years ago [sorry no link] there was an experiment in Japan in a controlled environment where they increased the carbon content of the air in which a number of plants were growing and the plant growth exploded! So just maybe an increase our carbon foot print might increase food production? And a trial by combat Gordon is what we the disarmed are engaged in now I think but there is help as noted 3 times in Isa 41 if we ask!!
    My head is spinning I need to go have a cup of organic coffee with sweet fresh cream.SIGH

    • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

      Don, That’s why they use CO2 generators in greenhouses.

      Plant growth is directly proportional to CO2 in the atmosphere…

      • John Dutcher

        This is off subject on this story, but I have been wanting to ask you about medical care in Ontario. I live south of Sault Ste. Marie( US side)and have quite a few friends from “across the river” and Thety all seem to be very happy with their medical care, other than elective surgeries,they feel they get good service and care.You basically stated earlier( if I remember correctly) that Canadiens can get good care if you have the money to move you forward in the line. I was wondering, Here in the US you can lose everything you own to medical bills, saw it happen to my elderly neighbors. Can that happen in Ontario? I was just told the I have a tumour on my voice box and I am more nervous about what my wife may have to go through, if I do not make it through this, than I am about my own care. In my little pea mind, I find it difficult to digest that my wife could be left penniless if I die from this flippin cancer.
        John Dutcher

  • Don

    Thank you Ken then that begs the question why all hysteria over our so called CO2 foot print? Is it just another tax revenue raising scheme in our future? Not a personal question for you Ken just a rhetorical one… JUST another hoax??? We will soon have no more FRNs left for them to seize!!!

  • I do not follow all of this religion based non-science stuff. A very simple satelite view of a Antarctica says it all. CO 2 levels….backs it up.

    I got A’s in science. Science is about facts and observations based on verified information. Does anyone here believe that babies are delivered by stork? I will stick with Jacque Cousteau, NASA and NOAA thank you. Science brought us GPS, smart phones, weather prediction, flight at 45,000 feet, airbags, etc. relying solely on god is not a good idea. God relies on humans to use smart stewardship for earth and to use our god given brains. If we all simply rely on god….we will all see him sooner than we all planned. God created the earth and the heavens with one huge explosion….the rest is science. Because god also created sound science to evolve it all.

    There appears to be some serious opportunity in Canada on the raw milk front. The new cabinet and ministers in BC appear to open to all sorts of new thoughts including respondibly produced low risk RAWMI type raw milk.

    I will be visiting BC as a visiting guest of some activists to meet with various ministers to explain in gruesome detail, the data on safe raw milk. The facts are in….we have the data. Now we just need to share it with the new ministers and gain their support for change.

    • Gordon S Watson

      thanks for the comic relief of the day, Mister McAffee – your proposition that some “small-g god created the earth and the heavens with one huge explosion….the rest is science.” Please point us to the facts and observations” to back up that idiocy? The Big Bang Theory is a faith-based concept which has taken on the status of a docrine in modern universities … Confer with the Talmud

      you got A’s in science, eh? Well that’d be about half a century ago. since you put your faith in NASA and NOA [ the govt. would never lie to you, would they?!! ] I dare you to check out the PROOFs of how they literally tampered with / tailored their data, to conform to the poltical agenda. Read that quote by Herbert Spencer, AGAIN. Then let’s see if you’re a big enough man to admit you let yourself be hornswoggled by the collectivists.

      as for the state of REAL MILK in British Columbia : better get up here quick if you want to have your say. This present NDP administration is propped-up by a precarious co-alition with the Green Party … its leader, Dr Andrew Weaver the King-maker for the Moment about to face the Music in Supreme Court of BC, in October 2017. Then, Dr Weaver is exposed as the pre-eminent charlatan in the Gaia religion, his credibility will evaporate. I am one of the people getting ready for the RECALL campaign in his Oak Bay riding. As harsh reality sets in, Green Party castles-in-the-atmosphere will evaporate & the NDP govt. with them.

  • don

    Mark your god of science also created the ATOMIC BOMB that burned alive over 100 hundred thousand men women and children in an instant in 1945. Then there is the nerve gas and on and on I wont bow my knee your god of science as for the airbags we ended up buying 3 new vehicles before we got one that we could even SEE OUT OF SAFELY the airbag mountings greatly restricted ones vision and it is said you do not want the residue from a discharged air bag on your skin. Not trying to pick a fight. Anyway I hope you continue to do well promoting fresh sweet milk. I am not your enemy but we do have some very different views. I do not stand in wonder of science anymore but greatly question everything.

  • don

    UH OH On the scales of the goddess Lady Glo-baal Warming which side do we place this Weight ?? It appears that the true church of gol-baal warming has some heretics!! How do we the flock of sheep know which sheep herder to follow?? There is an old Roman saying who benefits and also follow the FRNs {money]. So where is the entry ramp for that super-high way??? I did not go searching for this but about the 6th click of the mouse this morning up it popped!!! UGH and SIGH again.

  • John Dutcher

    This is off subject on this story, but I have been wanting to ask you about medical care in Ontario. I live south of Sault Ste. Marie( US side)and have quite a few friends from “across the river” and Thety all seem to be very happy with their medical care, other than elective surgeries,they feel they get good service and care.You basically stated earlier( if I remember correctly) that Canadiens can get good care if you have the money to move you forward in the line. I was wondering, Here in the US you can lose everything you own to medical bills, saw it happen to my elderly neighbors. Can that happen in Ontario? I was just told the I have a tumour on my voice box and I am more nervous about what my wife may have to go through, if I do not make it through this, than I am about my own care. In my little pea mind, I find it difficult to digest that my wife could be left penniless if I die from this flippin cancer.
    John Dutcher

  • John Dutcher

    Ken Conrad,
    I also saw interviews with some of the world’s leaders a few years back and it seems we may be the only industrialized nation where one can lose all their property to medical bills.
    John Dutcher

  • John Dutcher

    To David and all the other folks on here, I apologize for hijacking this site, I do not know how to private mail Ken Conrad.

  • John Dutcher

    Thank You David, that is very kind of you to do so. I do so much enjoy your website, please keep up the good work in spite of the nay sayers :>)

  • Leon Moyer

    A question I often ask people, to which they usually don’t reply: If the world has been burning about 85 million barrels of petroleum products EVERY DAY for about the last 50-70 years, where has all that heat, measured in British Thermal Units (BTU’s), gone? It hasn’t escaped into outer space, because if it could, then we would of been losing an equivalent amount BEFORE burning that much petroleum, and the world would have been cooling off in prior centuries, which it was not doing. So all those BTU’s are being held in the oceans, the forest trees, the buildings, the land masses, etc. So how could the earth NOT be heating up from such a huge combustion process, not to mention the heat from nuclear and electrical usage even from hydro or gas generation plants!

  • Don

    Good question Leon perhaps it has to do with our understanding of what heat is. When say a block of irons temperature is raised the atoms in the iron speedup and when the temperature falls the atoms slow down. Therefore how can heat escape into empty space where there are no atoms. And heat can only be produced by the friction of increased speed of atoms in a material? Does that make any sense? Just my thought.

  • Gordon S Watson

    Good question, Leon … it shows you’re thinking for yourself.

    Perhaps Mark McAffee will explain to you what “radiance” means, after all … he did get ‘A’s in science, in high school! But, if you need something a bit more authoritative, pay attention to what Dr Ed Berry has to say about how natural climate change has been perverted and merchandised into the “Anthropogenic Global Warming” hoax.

    Dr Berry’s bio ; at URL

    culminatinates in his opinion

    Since 2001, Dr. Berry has focused on the climate change problem which is tied to his expertise in cloud physics, numerical modeling, and government-sponsored research. Like 1000’s of other atmospheric scientists, Berry concludes human carbon dioxide emissions are insignificant to climate change.

    the “science is settled” alright. And real scientists – among whom Berry is the pinnacle of expertise – have proven that the Warmism-Alarmists are wrong.

  • mark mcafee mark mcafee

    Getting A’s in science is not the same as having all the right answers. A perfect example: I just do not agree with Aerial Spraying Conspiracy believers. Contrails are carbon dioxide ( combusted jet A fuel becomes Co2 and water ) that has turned to ice crystals and reflects the suns rays. The idea that commercial airliners carry a spraying system with massive payloads of spray material is gut wrenchingly hilarious. All temps above 18,000 feet are below freezing as a flight rule.

    That’s science…but if you hang out with people at nut and berry gatherings… hear all the time, “they are sure spraying on us heavily today”, as people look up to the skies.

    As a pilot….I just can not believe how incredibly gullible and etc….some people can be. People will believe anything! The climate change issue follows not far off from the spraying conspiracy people.

    It is brain cell inventory time. This is not a put down…this is a check on reality and the basics of earthly physics.

    • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

      Mark, During the sixties working in the fields or whatever, I often observed jet planes flying overhead leaving a contrail that quickly disappeared within minutes. Today, contrails at times do not aways disappear very quickly. They often tend to lag around and take several hours to dissipate. Tell me, what difference is there between the jet fuel of the sixties and todays jet fuel that has resulted in today’s erratic inconsistent phenomenon?

  • Gordon S Watson

    cute manouver there, Mister McAffee So? the best you can do now, is = derail the thread to some other topic. Did you so much as click the URL to read Professor Berry’s CV? I guess not. … put to the test as to evidence of Anthropogenic Global Warming … confronted with the opinion of one of the world’s actual experts on that topic – Ball – Professor Michael Mann came up “sucking air” as the old loggers used to put it. When you get to BC, meet me in the Registry of the Supreme Court, downtown Vancouver. I’ll pay the $8 bucks to call up the file … you can read for yourself how Dr Tim Ball eviscerates your champion. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink. You can point an IGNORAMUS to the evidence, but you can’t make ‘im think.

  • Cloud seeding with Silver Iodide is not weather modification. It is simply precipitation that is catalized by the aerial application of specific chemicals. Our local irrigation district owns a Cessna twin 421 that seeds clouds over the Sierra Nevada Mountains when ever the right conditions exists to hopefully increase the amounts of rain. That is not Spraying and Chemtrails.

    Lets get this straight. Silver Iodide seeding is not related at all to Chemtrails. Silver Iodide effects last a very short period of time and has very local effects. There is no lasting effect what so ever.

    Dr. Berry seems like a very bright man. The link you provided did not explain his rationale about humans creatng climate heating. For all I know he us correct…human body temps have nothing to do with climate change. We are talking about petroleum burning. Not human heat. He makes no mention of petroleum combustion.

    He was also a bit of a brazen pilot with poor judgement. Flying an aircraft through a gyser in Yellow Stone park is rediculously dangerous. That is so low and so dangerous….in present day, he would lose his license.

    • Gordon S Watson

      you are making progress, Mr McAffee! glad to see you’re honest-enough to have viewed Dr Berry’s website. Him being one of the originators of weather modification, in Vietnam, one of the guys who figured out how to make it rain so as to destroy the Ho Chi Mihn trail. I DO NOT want to argue about that tragedy. Suffice to say = a generation later, Robert S McNamarra, who’d been the Secretary of War, said “We made a mistake”

      this forum ought to get back to the politics of raw milk – not go off into the mystery of Chemtrails. I only digressed to ‘putting the boots to’ the hoax of man-made Global Warming, because you brought it up. Weather is a major factor in warfaring, at all times in history. It is beyond argument “Geo-engineering” of the weather, is being done right now, far … far … beyond the primitive method of silver iodide. The Defence Dept. of the US of A proclaimed “we intend to own the weather”. and they are doing just that ; even if the lemmings on the planet below don’t look up, so as to realize what’s going on.

      In British Columbia, we used to have the Weather Modification Act RSBC. When I first came upon the so-called “Chemtrails” and observed how the local weather was UN-doubtedly being affected by Chemtrail activity { circa 2000 ] I put in an FoI to the provincial govt. for copies of all applications for a licence to affect the weather, plus all permits to do so, pursuant to that Act. Within days of my Freedom of Information request, that Act… which had been in place for 20 years … was repealed. Just the meerest co-incidence? I think not. But the larger point, is : there you have proof that governments know that the weather certainly CAN be changed by human technology.

  • don

    Mark a few years ago I saw a video [sorry no link] of a nut and berry gathering at the UNITED NATIONs in NYC there was this female nut speaking before this AUGUST body about chemtrails!! I don’t remember ANY UN rep. refuting her testimony or discounting chemtrails. I am not your enemy nor is this intended to be a verbal spear, us slaves need not fight among our selves. I will search for the video. Have a good day Mark.

  • don ALAS the CARBON TAX is REAL!!! Only at this time it WILL be paid in LOONIES by our FELLOW MONETARY SLAVES in Ca. I would guess that the slaves in ancient times knew they were slaves but as for us modern educated ones has not WORD TWISTING HIDDEN the FACT that we are mere slaves as well? SIGH and SIGH

  • John Dutcher

    Ken and David,
    What scares me the most with this cancer is the vote our Senate is supposed to be taking on the So-called Obamacare, if they eliminate o’care,I and my wife will be without any ,any medical coverage, at all, zero,zilch, kinda wish I was a citizen of a country that actually cares about its citizens and not so much for the insurance companies, banks, real estate developers and on and on. If our medical coverage disappears, I suppose I will just die a miserable death and my wife is ill too, so this is just great. Too bad there are so many folks in this country that have seemed to have lost any shred of empathy for their fellow human beings, maybe it is best my wife and I are ill, not sure how much more of this pure meaness and evil I want to see anymore.

    • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

      If I were in your shoes John, I’d start taking baking soda on a daily basis in order to alkalize my body and massive doses of vitamin c. A generous amount of vitamin d would be helpful as well.

      • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

        Be sure to monitor your pH with test strips. I use the pHion test strips.

        • John Dutcher

          Thank You Ken, how much baking soda do you take? I have dial up internet service, cannot open videos.

          • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

            If you can access Dr. Sircus’ website, you can get much of the info you need there.

            After an extended bout with kidney stones (seven and a half years to be exact) where I passed thousands of stones and grit, suffered two bilateral occlusions and kidney failure etc, I decided out of desperation since several nephrologists based on umpteen tests were unable to determine a cause, to alkalize with baking soda. The change was dramatic… Not only did the stone formation completely stop (within two weeks) those that were remaining in my kidneys based on ultrasound disappeared. I’ve been completely free of stones for close to six years now.

            Over these past five and a half years my body ph has adjusted to the point where I now only require ½ teaspoon a day; initially I was taking about a tablespoons twice a day. I’ve noticed that while doing fieldwork during the summer in the heat that my acidity tends to increase. I therefore increase my baking soda/mineral powder intake.

            As we age our body becomes less efficient at managing ph. The Body’s interstitial fluid tends to become more acidic over time, which can lead to chronic health problems. The article below states,” Over time, the body can become increasingly unbalanced as acid continues to build up in the tissues. Initial signs can be rashes, allergies, inflammation, colds, flu, etc. On the cellular level, the cells are beginning to suffer from lack of oxygen, are being poisoned and begin to die. If the process continues, eventually chronic degenerative disease, and then death, will occur.

            ‘In addition, yeast, molds, fungus and parasites thrive in an acidic body. They feed on our body’s proteins and fats, and their wastes poison us. They thrive in the anaerobic (lack of oxygen) environment of the acidic body. Each person will have their own “weak link”, an organ system which is more susceptible to breakdown than the others. This weak link may be the first area to show signs of “disease”.”

            What the article does not state is that body acidity plays a critical role with respect to the development and progression of cancer. Cancers thrive in acidic and anaerobic conditions, both of which complement each other to nurture the ideal environment for cancer to grow. This is one of the reasons why conventional (chemotherapy) cancer treatment is so destructive. The therapy is notorious for increasing acidity and depleting the supply of oxygen to cells.

    • Lynn_M


      Even if Obamacare was repealed this week, it would continue into 2018 at a minimum. There are existing contracts that need to be honored. If the politicians devise a compromise replacement plan, Obamacare will probably stay alive even longer before a new plan kicks in. If you need care, it would seem wise to get it sooner rather than later. Or maybe even better, look at treatments outside of what Obamacare would cover.

      Obamacare is another wealth transfer scheme, with young healthy people subsidizing the health costs of those with pre-existing conditions. And healthy people are less and less willing to pay the exorbitant premiums. Plus the government is providing subsidies to insurance companies to keep it afloat. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s because the country cares about its citizens. Like most things, it’s follow the money, and this article explains that:

      It may surprise you to learn that mortality of 18-64 year olds has increased under Obamacare. One could say it is not meanness and illness to want to discontinue a program that increases mortality. Under Medicare, it is illegal for doctors to offer charity care, nor can they perform a Medicare-covered service that has been denied for that patient. When the government pays the bill, treatment options become limited.

      • Lynn_M

        The increase in mortality rate under Obamacare is for deaths from internal causes. It doesn’t include deaths from accidents, injuries, drug overdoses and other external causes, which also had an increased mortality rate but were factored out to better reflect the effect of Obamacare – or UnavailableCare, as it’s called by some. The care is promised, but the high deductibles and the unavailability of doctors that accept Obamacare means it is unavailable for many.

    • Lynn_M Lynn_M

      John Dutcher, if you should be requiring surgery, I suggest you check out It is a doctor-owned facility in Oklahoma City that doesn’t take any government money or third-party insurance. This enables them to provide top quality care at low prices. Their prices for various procedures are posted at their website, and those prices include everything. The posted prices for a laryngoscopy with biopsy is $2,970, and that includes the facility, the surgeon, the anesthetist, staff, tests, the anesthesia, all meds, the biopsy, everything, no bills months later.

      They get a lot of patients with no insurance, with high deductible Obamacare plans, from Canada, and from employees working for a self-insured employer. The Canadians come because the waiting lines for a procedure are too long in their single-payer system, or else they can’t get authorization for a procedure.

  • mark mcafee mark mcafee

    John Dutcher,

    I share and feel your pain. As a citizen and a human that places compassion over financial supremacy ( placing America first and everyone else in the gutter ), our current republican doctrine of “repeal and replace” or “repeal and don’t replace” is uncaring, and is more closely associated with the animal kingdom than humans on our shared spaceship earth.

    I have a health care plan…I developed it myself. I call it “Farmers over Pharmacies”

    There is no possible way that we can visit the doctor enough times or have enough surgeries to heal everyone. This is a road to hell.

    What we need is a national “right to eat” program. We need to assure that everyone…not just the rich or privileged, can be nourished with really good food in order to prevent disease to begin with. The USA has millions of kids and families eating like crap. This is absolutely the pathway to more illness and more disease. History has shown this to be absolutely true. Look at the GNP of health care from 1960 to 2017. From 6% to 20% at least.

    Prevention first…then health care and insurance for what is left over. We must incentivize our citizens to eat well and start exercising. This is an educational endeavor. It must come from the top down and must be part of a national awareness that nutrition drives illness!!! The Human genome research all but proves this to be 100% right on.

    With the child idiot in the White House…no chance in hell for the next 3 years for this kind of insightful change.

  • John Dutcher

    I agree with what you say, but sometimes, like in my case, you do msot everything right and you still get sick and I certainly do not have the financial ability to get the best care available, er, I mean the best care money can buy :>) I will most likely come through this ok, physically. Not so sure financially, but it will be :>)

  • John Dutcher

    Thank You!
    John Dutcher

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