Beautiful New Netflix Film on Raw Milk Is Same Old Tired Story

From Netflix’s promo of “Milk Money”

Netflix has just come out with a beautifully filmed new documentary series on food, called “Rotten”. The premise  of the six-part series is that in many food categories, there is a spoiler, someone or something that destroys what is otherwise a decent system.

For the troubled bee business, it’s “hidden additives, hive thefts, and other shady tactics,” says an intro. For the problems of a shrinking global fish industry, it”s “crooked moguls, dubious imports and divisive regulations.” And for the troubled dairy industry that is hemorrhaging family dairy farms? Here’s a hint: the “rotten” problem is not Dean Foods and a few other predatory corporate behemoths that drive prices down and competitors out.

Yes, you guessed it—the “problem” is raw milk. At least that’s what the film inexplicably concludes after meandering through the first 30 minutes arguing that it’s impossible for small conventional dairy farms to make a living any more.

The hour-long segment, “Milk Money”, features a couple people who are well known to bloggers here: Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures and Mary McGonigle Martin, the mother of Chris Martin, who became seriously ill from raw milk back in 2006.

Mark, Mary, and even Chris all come off as articulate and authentic in the documentary. All get lots of opportunity to express their views and feelings. Chris is shown both in an 11-year-old video of him in a hospital room hooked up to various breathing and feeding tubes, and today, as a strapping college student.

Unfortunately for the documentary, once the provocative old video is shown, the film’s message is pre-ordained, the “Rotten” of the title is clear as glass. McAfee is the villain, the personification of highly dangerous raw milk. Martin is cast as an unfortunate victim. And in an accompaniment, her son, now more than twice as old as the boy shown in the video in the hospital, winds up emotionally pleading for an end to Organic Pastures’ raw milk production, and presumably an end to all raw milk production in the U.S. The film’s producers ask McAfee what he thinks, and he is respectful, but says it’s impossible, that too many thousands of people want and need the unprocessed milk his dairy produces.

An unnamed public health “expert” of some sort plays a supporting role, reminding us that raw milk is terribly dangerous, and that there’s absolutely no evidence of it providing health benefits. The documentary’s producers accept that as truth, so there’s not a single mention of the large European studies documenting raw milk’s benefits in reducing asthma and allergies. Yes, there is an interview with a mom buying raw milk in Wisconsin who says a raw-milk-based formula helped her infant daughter overcome early nutrition problems. But that gets lost in the final assault on raw milk, as does McAfee’s openness and acceptance of the safety issue.

At one point, a narrator ominously states that Organic Pastures has more than $10 million in revenues (without pointing out that Dean Foods, a near monopoly on U.S. milk sales, had 2016 revenues of $7.7 billion.) For good measure, the only real safety-related statistic cited is the CDC’s highly questionable, but inflammatory, conclusion that raw milk is 150 times more dangerous than pasteurized milk.

Having seen this same plot line unfold in countless news articles and film productions, it’s clear to me that it can be no other way. Why? Because the media can’t resist the siren call of the blood and guts—the video showing the terribly sick little boy, the story of bloody diarrhea. It matters not that millions of people drink raw milk each day without illness of any sort. This 11-year-old example of a victim of unsafe food again takes center stage and is presented to invalidate any and all efforts, and there have been and are quite a few, to create wise legislation and regulations and safety standards.

I don’t blame Mary Martin for wanting to get her family’s story out there, even if it’s been out there for 11 years now. I blame the media for being unable to place this story into some context, and for wallowing in the hospital tubes and bloody diarrhea. Much in the mainstream media has shifted with the Internet, but not the ancient newspaper rule: “If it bleeds, it leads.”

It’s wearing thin on many consumers. Most of the nearly three dozen Netflix viewers who have thus far provided feedback give the series mediocre reviews. As one says:  “I have watched the bee, nut, chicken and milk segments and don’t think I can continue…It’s like others on here stated—old news……The milk segment was the final straw….they are talking about the destruction of the family dairy and then switch to raw milk and how it kills people….wtf….nothing about the giant corporations and the friendly regulations that allow them to smother the small family farmer. They put this ‘scientist’ ?? on there talking about the dangers of raw milk, talking all negative about it… is the takeaway of this segment that we should stop drinking milk? We should drink more milk? We shouldn’t drink raw milk?…Hey, why not also stop eating spinach or any other food that has killed sickened people??? It’s like the writers ran out of stuff to talk about and just stuck stuff in to finish the segments….I am done with this series.”

But I’m afraid ordinary people have little to say. I see a burgeoning raw milk industry that will remain under attack for the foreseeable future, driven ever more underground. That way, there will always be enough sensational illnesses like that which hit the Martins. And the opponents can continue to claim that raw milk is inherently dangerous and should be banned, and feel virtuous in the process.

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  • One of the greatest quotes of our modern times, Michele Obama:

    “When they go low…you go high”.

    We are disappointed that the producers at Rotten failed to utilize the mountain of EU pubmed published peer reviewed studies that were provided to them at the time of the shoot as clear evidence of the profound raw milk benefits including reduced or prevention of: asthma, ear infections, the common cold, improved immunity, excema, allergies etc. Rotten clearly and intentionally had an agenda and misled the viewers and ignorred the powerful science.

    When the producers initially contacted OPDC they swore that they had a story to tell about raw milk and it was all good and positive. Clearly we were scammed. Rotten is a vegan hit job! We have seen this before with Cowspiracy and others.

    In the future, OPDC will do documentaries, but only with tight contracts and the right to edit and reject material. As for Mary and Chris, they signed a settlement and release agreement with OPDC 10 years ago ( the terms of which i can not disclose as required by the terms ) and in that settlement they agreed to forever release OPDC from future claims and etc…..the lawyers made it quite clear with pages of detail that all parties would part ways and be issues woukd be settled.

    Clearly this did not occur. Need I say more??

    Now the greatest strategic question of all:

    Do we take the bate and become distracted by the expense of fighting and litigation or do we continue to focus on food safety and market brand building? We will see.

    When they go low….we choose high.

    Thank you David for fairly covering this hit job. In the past our consumers see a hit job when they see it and sales continue upwards. Trust is something OPDC has earned and it is that level of consumer dedication that we are deeply committed.
    My responsibilities are simple….keep it safe and keep it flowing. With our new facilities and dedicated ten hour Test & Hold silos we are doing just that.

    There are 13 American children that die everyday from Asthma with thousands more hospitalized. Asthma is reduced and prevented by raw milk. Focus….and go high….and don’t let any distractions stop us for one second.
    Romain lettuce just killed three and sickened at least 60? Where are the cries and tears for Romain Lettuce?

    We have immune systems to rebuild to protect us all from consuming a good old FDA CDC USDA recommended salad. Raw milk builds immunity like no other food on earth.

    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      I’m not sure about the vegan angle. That was the case with “What the Health”, but this one seems not to have a problem with fish or chicken. I suspect the producers are shocked by food borne illness, which they have no experience with, and that shock takes over. Or else they just come in gunning for raw milk, and lie about their intentions from the beginning.

        • David Gumpert David Gumpert

          This reviewer is very generous with the segment on dairy: “Rotten’s scope is wide, and its message is often hard to discern. (Raw milk, the subject of one episode, is portrayed as both the potential savior of a dying industry and a kind of snake oil that can literally be poisonous.)” I’d say the film seems to be headed in the direction of portraying raw milk as a potential savior, but once it throws all its weight behind raw milk as poison, then there is no other conclusion except that it should be banned.

          • John Dutcher

            So why does it seem that no matter the format, there is so much double talk ?? It is so pervasive in all aspects of our society these days, from medicine to politics and all points in between, crazy and soooo Orwellian!!

  • JHeckman

    Remember this about pasteurized milk:
    Outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes Infections Associated with Pasteurized Milk from a Local Dairy – Massachusetts, 2007
    From CDC’s MMWR:
    On November 27, 2007, a local health officer in central Massachusetts contacted the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) to report listeriosis in a man aged 87 years. Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) performed on the patient’s Listeria monocytogenes isolate produced a pattern indistinguishable from that of isolates from three other cases identified in residents of central Massachusetts in June, October, and early November 2007. MDPH, in collaboration with local public health officials, conducted an investigation, which implicated pasteurized, flavored and nonflavored, fluid milk produced by a local dairy (dairy A) as the source of the outbreak. This report summarizes the results of that investigation. In all, five cases were identified, and three deaths occurred. This outbreak illustrates the potential for contamination of fluid milk products after pasteurization and the difficulty in detecting outbreaks of L. monocytogenes infections.
    And this:
    Responding to Bioterror Concerns by Increasing Milk Pasteurization Temperature Would Increase Estimated Annual Deaths from Listeriosis
    Journal of Food Protection, Vol 77, No. 5, 2014, Pages 696-705.

    “Conservative estimates of the effect of pasteurizing all fluid milk at 82 C rather than 72 C are that annual listeriosis deaths from consumption of this milk would increase from 18 to 670, a 38-fold increase”
    (page 703) “These changes to the potential for outgrowth have been calculated to increase the risk of death from listeriosis due to consumption of pasteurized fluid milk by approximately 40-fold. Such an increase would have an appreciable public health impact if all milk in the United States were processed according to the increased pasteurization temperature based on the fact that milk is estimated to be responsible for approximately 18 listeriosis deaths per year in the United States.”

  • brad

    Here is something i have been wondering about for years now.
    When you go to a store to buy your milk, it’s now hard to find milk that has rBST in it, at least in N Calif and prior to this, in SW Colorado.

    When you buy the “processed by products” of milk – yogurt, cheese, sour cream, half & half, etc – it is almost impossible to find any that ARE rBST free. So – is this at all real? It would seem like the skim milk from the non-rBST milk would be used to make some of the skim-milk based cheeses and other products.

    How can virtually all the cheeses, butters, creams, yogurts, etc all come from rBST herds, but we still have almost all non-rBST milk itself. It seems like someone might be dishonest here, and since large corporations are involved that is my go-to assumption, because EVERY problem on this planet of significance which can be remediated – is caused by corporations. You do nothing in enough volume to have planetary impacts. Only corporations and the corporate owned “governments” that use massive corporate products.

    Anyone know how all the cheeses are GMOron contaminated, but hardly any of the milk is?

    Thanks, if you know/respond.

  • Brad,

    I am a board member with the CDC ( CA Dairy Campaign ) out in CA. It is common knowledge that there are cheaters with RBST Use. The fda also refused to allow a test to be patented to test for RBST in milk years ago. In other words the FDA endorses cheating and turns its eyes away from use of RBST .

    Some coops have done a great job of enforcing use of RBST…. others have failed miserably. That’s my experience with RBST.

    When a producer is desparate to make a living and has zero connection to his consumer….bad things can happen.

    The recent CDC study that claims that raw milk is 150 times more likely to cause ilness than pasteurized milk used a “under reporting error formula” in its assumptions.

    Well, Dr. Heckman makes a great point. The Cornel bioterrorism study that stated clearly that 18 deaths per year would grow to more than 600 deaths per year from listeria if pasteurization temps were increased also used Scientic formulas for prediction.

    First of all…does Cornel actually say that 18 people die each year from listeria in pasteurized milk? Yes they do!! One more time….Cornel Phds report in a peer reviewed and published study that currently 18 Americans die every year from pasteurized milk due to listeria !!!!

    If so, this is a scientific and academic outrage….nothing short of it. The CDC fails to report one death from pasteurized milk each year. Is there a coverup ? Where are the 18 bodies ? Cornel reported 18 deaths every year….did they also use some faulty math?

    If so….pretty darn sloppy on the part of the investigators and the peer reviewers as well. The same kind of sloppiness that was used in the 150 times more dangerous math. Politics, bias with big agenda and sloppiness seems to be the norm.

  • Ora Moose Ora Moose


    I’m pretty sure you know the answer to that question, as do most of us that follow this site. It’s generally described as “follow the money” or follow the hysteria or the herd, whatever you choose to call it.

    I completely (or more) agree that corporate laws are at the core of all that’s wrong with America, because they let suits in cubicles or corner offices make decisions that have extremely wide social impact, yet can’t be called to publicly face their actions or lack thereof. But you know how it goes money talks and everything else walks. If I was rich I could tell you more in detail but I’m not but you get the gist. You can buy public opinion but you can’t buy a clear mind or conscience.

    Do you think MMM will still be crusading in 20, 30, 40 years after the sensationalism of her kid’s story dies off?? You’d think she could get over it eventually, but some people never do. A few people out there may be stupid enough to not know better or believe whatever they read but have no personal experience, no insult intended. Stupidity tends to dry up when not fed yet raw milk will always still be one of the safest, healthiest foods you can possibly have. Have a gulp and smile. And yes, that’s why I buy local milk and veggies whenever possible or grow my own, no chemicals of any kind necessary.

  • Sally Oh

    Thank you, David. So many friends have recommended I watch “Rotten”… I’m suspicious of conventionally produced “health” documentaries. Sheesh. Wonder what big money is behind this one?

  • Lynn Wright

    I wouldn’t waste one minute of my time watching Rotten. Getting nutrition information from Netflix, the folks who brought us What The Health, certainly won’t lead you to better health. So very unfortunate the masses watch and believe this “fake news”.

  • mark mcafee mark mcafee

    “What the Health”, “Cowspiracy” and now “Rotten” have one thing in common. They are all based in viscous veganism.

  • D. Smith D. Smith

    This report doesn’t mention any particular “agency” but we all know that anything involving biGAG involves all the little rat’s hats like USDA, FDA, CDC – all who more or less answer to any and all bigCORP initiatives (read: BS).

    This article (at the link below) doesn’t specifically mention raw dairy, but since almost all raw dairy includes a small portion of the USA as purchasers (and defenders), I figure the shoe fits. I thought it would be of interest to a few of the readers here, and it’s a very short read.

    Small farms and small farmers are the only future there’s going to be in this and many other countries. The sooner that fact is faced by the public, the better. However, in my experience, few will face facts unless they’re already a part of the small farms movement.

    People like Mary Martin love to see their name in print and will always be ready and willing to tell her story, no matter how many times it’s proven to be unreliable, as many of us here at this forum have brought up the fact that the antibiotics her son was taking could easily have been a contributing culprit to his medical problems, but never blamed. She picked a subject matter, in this case raw milk, and found an ambulance chaser who was willing to chase the ambulance. I’m not saying her son wasn’t sick, I’m saying I don’t think it was entirely for the reason she thinks, but whatever. We certainly aren’t going to get some doctor to tell the story truthfully, either, so we can all stop holding our breath on that score. It’s unfortunate that half-truths don’t live half lives.


    “* Peasants (not food corporations) feed the world: 70% of the world’s population is fed by the Peasant Food Web, using only 25% of resources.
    * Industrial food production fails to feed: Only 24% of the food produced by the Industrial Food Chain actually reaches people – the rest is wasted in meat production inefficiencies; lost in transport, storage and at the household; and diverted to non-food products.
    * Industrial food costs us more: For every dollar spent on industrial food, it costs another 2 dollars to clean up the mess ($8.56 trillion dollars in waste and damages).
    * Industrial food production uses 2-3 times more fossil energy (up to 9 times more in the case of rice).
    * Industrial food production is responsible for 85-90% of all agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, loses 75 billion tonnes of soil annually, narrows crop genetic diversity by 75% (and livestock diversity from almost 9000 breeds to only 100 drawn from only 5 species), and accelerates nutritional decline between 5-40%, depending on the species/breeds.
    * Industrial food production’s poisons fail to work – only 1-5% of chemicals applied actually hit the target. The rest end up polluting soil, water, air, and human and animal consumers.

    The numbers are in and Big Ag’s big lie doesn’t stand up – that’s why it is switching to “Precision Ag”. And that too will fail.”

    The only “climate change” they’re referring to here has everything to do with just that – change. It has nothing to do with the big lie of “global warming” put out by Al Snore. If anything, I’m afraid we’re more likely to experience global cooling, and ALL farms and farmers will suffer, as well as anything who eats.

    Just my 2 cents.

    BTW, I also wouldn’t waste a minute watching some BIGsponsor-paid production like Rotten. Getting nutrition information from netflix is just as bad as getting it from doctors and/or registered dieticians.

  • mark mcafee mark mcafee

    From Dr. Mercola yesterday.

    Since 1990 there has been:

    *an 819% increase in ADHA
    *a 299% increase in Alzheimer’s disease
    *a 2094% increase in Autism
    *a 10,833% increase in Bipolar Disease in youth
    *a 1111% increase in Celiac Disease
    *an 11,027% increase in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    *a 280% increase in Depression
    *a 305% increase in Diabetes
    *a 7,727% increase in Fibromyalgia
    *a 702% increase in Hypothyroidism
    *a 780% increase in Lupus
    *a 449% increase in Osteoarthritis
    *a 430% increase in Sleep Apnea

    NASA we have a real autoimmune problem here. The common thread is the GUT!

    Special thanks to Hunt Gather Grow and Annie Dru for the email with this data.

    • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad


      The assault on gut physiology and the above resulting complications requires a comprehensive solution. This won’t happen however, unless we abandon our reductionist, antagonistic approach to illness and disease. The “common thread” as you suggest is indeed “the gut”; yet, it merely represents a stepping-stone to a better understanding and possible solution. Why is gut physiology the common thread and what are causing gut issues that lead to the large increase in these conditions mentioned above?

      It is vital that the root cause of the problem be addressed otherwise we will be continually chasing our tails around in a circle with band-aid solutions that will only mitigate rather solve our predicament. Current attitudes that have resulted in the belief that there are harmful microbes, and that all we need to do is outmaneuver and eliminate those so-called harmful microbes or that crop yields and plant nutrition and productivity can improved via toxic interventions such as vaccines, antibiotic, hormones, GMOs, chemical pesticide, herbicides and fertilizers etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. or otherwise with little concern for their overall effect is where the problem begins and ends.

  • Ken….owe so right.

    The human genome project offers a glink of hope.

  • John Dutcher

    Except, it seems, no one has been found that has a healthy gut physiology, from what I can gather.

  • Alex

    Mark, this is totally and completely unrelated to this topic. please email me at: [email protected] Thank you

  • William March

    The only problem with the food,Real Food or so called Fake Food is that people EAT TOO MUCH OF IT ,In the USA the food is of the finest quality and safer than anywhere in the world, that goes whether it comes from the local Farmer ,Whole Foods ,Walmart ,Dean Foods ,Cargil, or the Soup Kitchen ,.Eat what you want and enjoy what you eat ,and stop finding fault with the food 98% of Americans eat .By the way we also have the finest Medical care on earth .

    • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

      Yes, and based on the 2009 statistics below, “Worldwide … The United States has the highest number of mandated vaccines of any country in the world, the highest prevalence of autism in the world, and places 34th for under age 5 mortality”.

      Note: Since 2007 the rate of autism has increased from 1in 91 children to 1in 36 American children in 2017.

      “The National Health Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) released its latest prevalence rate for autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) in American children this Wednesday. Their “data brief”, which is based on information gathered in the National Health Information Survey (NHIS), reported an ASD rate for 2016 of 2.76%, or 1 in 36 American children”. The 2007 report, also measuring the rate for 3-17 year-old children, reported an autism rate of 1.1%, or 1 in 91 American children.”

  • JHeckman

    American children are 60% more likely to die before their 20s than kids in other wealthy countries
    The US has a higher child mortality rate than 19 other wealthy countries and American kids aged under 20 were 57 percent more likely to die
    An American aged 15 to 19 is 82 times more likely to die from gun violence than their counterparts in other countries
    Infants in the US are 76 percent more likely to die due to SID and prenatal care
    The higher death rate has persisted over a 50 year period despite the country spending more on health care than other developed nations
    Read more:

  • John Dutcher

    Ok William, I’ll bite, last I checked the USA ranked 37th in the world for quality of medical care. And there is plenty of evidence to suggest one should be quite picky as to what one puts in their mouths, irregardless of the amount of food ingested. Just look at that 98%, most all have endocrine disruption from agricultural chemicals, and that does not even count the estrogenic effects of all the soy they ingest.

    If you would not put that spray in your mouth, then why in the world would you put it on your food??

    I await the March hammer LOL!!

  • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

    I received this message from a dairy farmer in southern ontario…

    Michael Ilgert
    6 hrs ·
    CANADA For the most part a great country…or at least it was. Now I am not so sure. Let’s look at some facts. Has real justice left us???

    Our Prime Minister, Mr. Selfie, breaks 4 out of the 9 key Ethics Transgressions for a politician and there is NO punishment.

    Our Finance Minister, Mr. Silver Spoon, “forgets” to tell the Ethics Commissioner about the Numbered Company in Alberta and the Villa in France while his shares increase by millions after the laws that he writes. A fine of $200.

    Our Premier, Kathleen “Flush the Money Down the Toilet” Wynne spends your childrens’ and grandchildrens’ money before they even earned it gets no punishment.

    Michael Schmidt and Elisa Van der Hout work hard to provide healthy food for other families and their livelihood is taken away and Michael Schmidt is put in jail.

    I tell this all to Bill Melcher, former Assistant Warden at Joyceville Federal Penitentiary near Kingston. Bill says if you want to have it made, you need to murder one or more people! “You won’t believe what the government will do for you when they know you are in there for life.”

    I sold 2 litres of raw milk to an undercover health inspector and grossed $8.. The crown wants to fine me 5 charges starting at $5,000 each.

    Do YOU see any justice here??? Please comment and share!

  • charles

    WE must get together and fine the government. Must be a way !

    • Vera

      Charles, the way to change laws in Canada is to organize and start lobbying government, specifically the level of government and the specific Ministers in charge of those portfolios. And individuals must meet with their MPPs and MLAs provincially, and MPs federally, to ask them to ask the Ministers to change the laws on their behalf. The hard work must be done first though, to organize and incorporate as a nonprofit, so that the organization actually exists in law.

      • Gordon S Watson

        your post demonstrates that – as sincere as you are – you are hobbled by being completely ignorant as to the nature of the Adversary. What you suggest are ‘make-work projects’ … on which the Powers-that-Be are delighted to see you-all expend your time, talents and good will. So what is my alternative ? Read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion, then step back and take quite a few deep breaths. Read the post today, on the website of Dr Henry Makow, about Prof Ritter, then = what Wm Guy Carr concluded, 2 generations ago. Answer the question : “what if this is true?”

  • Jimi Tolliver

    I decided to skip to the Milk segment so I could get some insight on the large corporate milk farms. Instead I got something I think was sponsored by the large corporate milk farms. No substance and all and Mary’s son should be mad at his parents not a company that tells you the risk before you use their product.

  • John Dutcher

    A real stable kind of person.

  • Gordon S Watson

    at the risk of making it trite, I’m going to use my old man’s maxim again : “nothing is so useless it cannot at least be used as a bad example”. Take Mr Dutcher ( please!) … as he personifyies the foolishness of Boobus Americanus ; mocking that about which he knows nothing. Having out-sourced his power to think to the internet, perfectly-programed in the religion of the BAAL state, UN-able to think above the level of an elementary school child … the best response he can muster in the face of Henry Makow’s genius, is = bray like a jackass….. T’was ever thus.

    One thing ought to be clear to readers of this forum ; John Dutcher is no friend of the Campaign for REAL MILK.

    Sally Fallon is teaching her 2-day seminar, next weekend at the Pacific Rim College in Victoria BC. Some places still available : $300 Canadian

    • Gordon S Watson

      a perfect example of what I”m talking about, came to hand today, with the article on the page of New Jersey business

      apparently = the entire production of this brand of ice cream bars for 2017 are voluntarily recalled by the producer, Fieldbrook foods. Made from milk that had been pasteur-ized, bear in mind. in the middle of the report that the bars have been faulted after a few traces of listeria were found – in a test even while no-one had reported getting ill after eating them – is a pull-quote, warning not to drink raw milk!

      a product made from par-boiled milk, is suspect, yet the Powers that Be in Nu Joisey want the gullible ( John Dutcher comes to mind ) to assume that raw milk is somehow guilty by association?

      this news does pertain to my comment about the Protocols of Zion because the method of the Protocols can be summed up in one word : Dis-integration. The undoing of everything worthwhile in order to create order out of chaos and thereby gain control of the people. So The Protocols teach that in order to gain control of public opinion it is first necessary to confuse it. This is successfully done through control of the media.

      • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

        Yes the media is being used as an instrument of propaganda, and so is the education system that is becoming more and more preoccupied with manipulating the minds of impressionable young children…

        “The undoing of everything worthwhile in order to create order out of chaos and thereby gain control of the people”, is accomplished by convincing the public via the above mentioned institutions that, “no gods worth having exist, no life after death exists, no ultimate foundation for ethics exists, no ultimate meaning in life exists, and human free will is nonexistent.” A series of beliefs that, “Darwin understood perfectly well” would result if people accepted his hypothesis, according to William B. Provine in his 1998 Darwin Day Keynote Address entitled, “Evolution: Free will and punishment and meaning in life”. In other words by convincing the public that the complex order of life and the physical universe is but a mechanistic chance product of chaotic, unintelligent design… “order out of chaos”.

      • Gordon S Watson

        URL for Judge’s Reasons in the recent Michael Schmidt ruling

    • John Dutcher

      I have drank raw milk for most of my 64 years here, LOL!! Don’t have to read much to see that Makow is nowhere near a “genius”, even at my elementary stage in life, I can see that. LOL!!! He is also very anti-semitic according to his own words, And you belive Makow AND the Old Testament too?????????? Good thing I don’t buy ice cream bars, I suppose,but I don’t do pasteurized anything, I believe, in the fact that we are bacteriosapiens. Not near as gullible as you think Gordy lad!! But, by all means believe what you will LMAO!!! Matters not to me!!

      You sure seem to get your panties in a wad very ,very , easily Gordon.

      Off for some more illegal cream for my coffee Goodness Gracious!!

      I apologize for my off topics here, just cannot help myself in my elementary infancy.

  • JHeckman

    Washington Crossing Delaware

    Imagine doing this with Raw Milk instead

    • John Dutcher

      Actually the statistics point in the opposite direction you give, the figures are there, even the CDC shows much more illnesses from pasteurized milk.

      The documentary is quite misleading, speaking as an organic farmer( livestock and crops) for over 30 years. The food “situation” we have now is much more complicated than any of these Johnny come lately food documentaries can try to explain as having simple solutions.

      Dr. Heckman,
      I have not seen that advertisement, quite funny, Thank you for the chuckle!!

  • James

    This is a funny thread. Some of your posts are unintelligible nonsense. Many others are just talking down about a documentary just because it disagrees with your point of view. Frankly, I thought it portrayed both sides of the issue quite effectively.

    Let me start by saying that I do not drink raw milk, but I also do not think that it should be banned. There are risks associated with all foods. Raw milk just has an elevated risk. Pointing out that pasteurized milk has health risks too doesnt change that.
    If you find benefit in drinking raw milk, then all the power to you. Just understand that you’re statistically more likely to get sick from it.

    • D. Smith D. Smith

      @ James: Could you please provide a source for your “statistics”? And I don’t want crap from the CDC either. I would like real, untangled, uninfluenced, statistics. Thank you.

      Earlier, in another thread, I asked William for a source to some stats he seemed to believe and I didn’t get anything from him. Are you going to pull the same stunt?

      I just like to know who’s saying what, online, because of course I can always find the exact opposite approach from someone else online – it’s a neverending game people play, it seems. He said, she said.

      If you don’t drink raw milk, what is your interest in this site and the comments? How did you find it? Were you studying up on raw milk for some reason?

  • John Dutcher

    D. Smith,
    Might James be William March??

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