Now, if Mark McAfee can just tell us how much raw milk and cream correlate with how much Viagra…Talk about a wonderful way to get the regulators and raw milk producers on the same page. (If you can’t figure what I’m talking about, take a look at the comments following my previous post, wherein Mark discusses how raw milk helps porn stars perform like…porn stars, and An Observer, Amanda, and Concerned Person pour gasoline on the fire.)

Maybe we could push for a Pfizer-Organic Pastures alliance: In their directions for use, Pfizer could advise men to wash down their Viagra with a couple glasses of OPDC raw milk, for a little “leverage” in a de-leveraged society.

We’ve sure given the gals over at The Haphazard Gourmet Girls a boatload of entertainment value (and I love their illustration—was racking my brain to come up with something, and they stole the show.)

All right, enough of the humor, at least for now. Until Mark produces a new category of case histories, we’ll have to continue focusing on real-life cases, like this one from Jason Sauer, a Las Vegas dad. He lost his supply of Organic Pastures Dairy Co. colostrum when Mark decided to “surrender” to the FDA and quit supplying the stuff out of state. Jason just wrote this letter to the FDA:

“I recently tried to buy raw colostrum from my local grocery store (Whole Foods) here in Las Vegas, NV. I was told that it is no longer legal to ship unpasteurized colostrum from Organic Pastures in California to where I live in Las Vegas. Can you please tell me how I am supposed to obtain this healthy drink for my family and myself?

“I am not an ignorant consumer; I have researched this topic extensively, I grew up on a dairy farm for 20 years…I know first hand the restorative effects of these healthy foods now that my family and I are recovering from allergies and asthma. I know that certain parties would rather see my kids hooked up to a breathing respirator an hour a day for the rest of their lives on synthetic drugs with a slew of undesirable side effects just so they can line their pockets.

“My two-year-old used to scream and cry every time I had to give her breathing treatments, not because it was uncomfortable or loud, but because sometimes it would make her nose bleed and because always, it would make her irritable, restless and worst of all, distant and detached. And she had only been on these treatments for a few months; I cannot imagine the harmful effects these treatments would have brought in the years to come.

“It brings tears to my eyes, but at the time, I didn’t know any different. Since my family has started drinking raw colostrum and kefir (and we would love raw milk), our breathing problems have ceased. We are sleeping better, we have more energy, we don’t get sick anymore, and we are once again functioning as a healthy family. I know this sounds unbelievable or coincidental but the improvements in our lives are undeniable.

”Why would the FDA decide a product that has a perfect record (and other raw milk products that have records that are grossly better than thousands of other foods and drugs that have deeper pockets) is not legal for interstate trade? I know why, because it doesn’t make my kids sick and doesn’t make the aforementioned ‘parties’ rich. Thanks for protecting us consumers from a healthy food… thanks for nothing.

“I apologize for the hastily written format of this message, but I am extremely sickened by what has happened to our freedom in this ‘free’ country of ours. What are you people doing to our society??? I used to think this kind of evil was only in the movies and in uncivilized portions of the world, but now I know better.”

Jason seems to understand that his experience is “anecdotal” and thus doesn’t really count. His two-year-old may have gotten better, but the fact that she got better after drinking OPDC colostrum is just a coincidence.

That’s definitely the attitude of the American medical establishment, most recently expressed by the American Academy of Pediatricians, which just issued an academic paper, apparently in response to the growing popularity of raw milk, that concludes “there are no documented health benefits associated with ingestion of unpasteurized milk or milk products.” It cites FDA data—the same data used in the federal suit against Organic Pastures and Mark McAfee—that documented seven deaths of children between 2000 and 2005 from raw milk “queso fresco” cheeses, and concludes: “Raw milk has no benefit that would justify any increase in risk to children.” It is particularly concerned about California raw dairy products, where “stringent inspections of unpasteurized milk production have been used to try to reduce risks of disease, but outbreaks continue to occur.”

These people are masters of deception. They refuse to even acknowledge the growing body of research indicating raw dairy’s beneficial role in asthma reduction. They know the risks of childen suffering and dying from raw milk are miniscule compared with real problems like asthma, auto accidents, and parental abuse, yet they continue to distract parents with lies. Doesn’t all that make them dishonest?