FinalCover-72dpikindle sizefront coverLast February, I committed to using unorthodox means to provide honest answers to tough questions about raw milk, via my latest book, The Raw Milk Answer Book. I decided to self-publish the book, in part so I could price it lower than a commercial publisher would. I launched a crowdfunding campaign to help raise funds for effectively targeted promotion.

Now, the final piece of the puzzle has come together—The Raw Milk Answer Book is available in audio format. That means people who don’t have the time or inclination to read the book can listen to it while driving, cooking in the kitchen or doing other things.

Much to my amazement, the audio book was quite an involved project. I knew it was more than just dictating into a recorder, but I didn’t realize how much more. Maybe the best way to explain it is that there are lots of ways to screw up an audio book, such as via poor quality sound, background noise, too many pauses, uninteresting reader voices, and a variety of other technical issues. Indeed, in order to get the book accepted by ACX, the Amazon platform that now accounts for something on the order of 50% of all audio books, you have to pass a strict quality control process.

I was fortunate to have met a highly professional audio guy a couple years back, Paul Driftmier during some filming I was involved with about Wisconsin farmer Vernon Hershberger. He runs an audio lab, Phat Pipes LLC, out of his house in Verona, WI. He also helped me recruit Madison naturopath Rosanne Lindsay to take on the task of posing the book’s more than 200 questions to me. We spent four days recording the book, and then Paul spent countless hours editing out extraneous noise, pauses, and such….and then responding to small technical concerns from ACX quality control.

The result if I don’t say so myself, is a highly professional, even entertaining, rendition of The Raw Milk Answer Book. Certainly more lively than the printed version. It now becomes more the “conversation” I envisioned when I wrote the book.

The timing of this new version of the book is opportune, because it coincides with a major review by food writer and blogger Sandrine Love, who oversees the Nourishing Our Children educational initiative. She not only has very nice things to say about the book, but does an excellent job of previewing it via excerpts from the book about raw milk safety.

I suggest you take a look at her review-synopsis, and also consider buying the book in any of its three versions—paper, digital, audio—via this link to Amazon; it is the link for Sandrine’s Nourishing Our Children, and enables her organization to gain affiliate revenues, without affecting the book’s pricing. In fact, the pricing of the audio version at Amazon is significantly discounted over what it is in other places.

A few odds and ends: This weekend, I’ll be attending the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund’s Food Freedom Festival and Polyface Farm Tour—personally escorting two winners of the Polyface Farm Tour from my crowdfunding campaign.

The Raw Milk Answer Book is also one of several prizes awarded to FTCLDF donors, as part of its 2015 Annual Appeal, ending on Saturday.

And based on the book, I’m due to participate in a discussion about raw milk on NPR’s Boston station, WBUR, beginning at 3 pm (Eastern) on Monday, August 17.