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This past weekend, we saw the first rumblings that the federal government may become involved in the fermented cod liver oil conflict that has created an uproar within the Weston A. Price Foundation. Food Safety News, an influential online publication about tainted food, called on the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to follow up on the Kaayla Daniel report indicating Green Pasture fermented cod liver oil may be rancid, and mislabeled. It’s not yet clear whether the government will take FSN up on its suggestion, but what is clear is that the publication has dared the government to explore further the Daniel report, with an eye to possibly taking action against Green Pasture, the producer of FCLO, and the recipient of ongoing backing from WAPF.

By the end of this week, we will almost certainly see the ouster of that report’s author, nutritionist Kaayla Daniel, as a WAPF vice president and director. That’s because a special board meeting is scheduled for Sunday for the singular purpose of booting her out of the organization. She would become the second high-ranking casualty of the FCLO uproar, following naturopathic physician Ron Schmid out through what has become a veritable WAPF revolving door.

Out of the ongoing WAPF carnage associated with the WAPF-Green Pasture fiasco, a new organization is taking shape. The two WAPF loyalists being booted out, Schmid and Daniel, are launching a new foundation, The Foundation for Ancestral Wisdom. The organization is planning a day-long conference Saturday November 21 in Massachusetts, to be followed by a Sunday morning meeting for attendees, speakers, and sponsors to settle on the foundation’s mission and principles, vote in a nine-member board, and then given input to the board as it selects officers. The conference’s title: “The First Annual Conference of the Foundation for Ancestral Wisdom”. Its theme: “Bringing Together the Paleo, Primal and Weston Price Communities.”

In a letter to potential attendees and conference sponsors, Schmid and Daniel describe the new organization’s mission as “to bring together the paleo, primal, Weston Price and Francis Pottenger, Jr., communities, united by the belief that the writings of Dr. Weston Price form the core (but not the full extent) of the nutritional wisdom we need to live in optimal health. The research and ideas of others who have enlarged and updated nutritional knowledge for the modern world will be encouraged for presentation and open debate.”

The letter also promised “democratic governance” and a board that “shall be responsive to the needs of the membership. Open discussion of any issue will be encouraged among members and the Board.”

Finally, and perhaps most telling in the aftermath of the WAPF-GP experience, Schmid and Daniel promise, “The foundation will under no circumstances officially endorse or promote any individual, product or company in any way, financially or otherwise.”

I have provided input to Schmid and Daniel over the past few days as they have made their initial plans. There seemed to be no inclination to actually launch a new organization until last week, when Daniel received notification from WAPF that a “special meeting of the board” was being called via conference call for 8 pm September 20 by directors Cherie Calvert and Tom Cowan. “The purpose of this meeting is to remove Kaayla Daniel as a director of the foundation.”

To Daniel, the use of directors Calvert and Cowan to call the special meeting is a smokescreen for Sally Fallon Morell, the founder and president, who dictates the organization’s policies. Daniel says the seeds for her ouster from the organization were planted last fall, when she first raised her concerns to Fallon Morell about Green Pasture’s products, and received a “chilly reception.” The two had been very close, with Fallon Morell WAPF’s president and Daniel its vice president; the two had in 2014 co-authored a book,  Nourishing Broth. Fallon Morell also wrote the Forewords to Schmid’s two books, The Untold Story of Milk and his upcoming Primal Nutrition.

Daniel says the falling out between the three (Fallon Morell, Schmid, Daniel) has now spread to a “widespread outcry among chapter leaders about Sally’s so-called ‘gag order’  to prevent criticism of the fermented cod liver oil and of the WAPF’s response. Some plan to ignore  the order; others say they are up and quitting those positions.”

In explaining her decision to join in the establishment of the new Foundation for Ancestral Living, Daniel says further: “It seems clear that the Weston A. Price Foundation will remain closed to important outside views and opinions. It has remained closed to the Paleo and primal communities for several years now. It has remained closed to individuals who have been expressing concerns about the safety of fermented cod liver oil.”

Schmid says individuals interested in attending or sponsoring the Nov. 21 conference may learn more by viewing the announcement on his own company’s web site, www.drrons.com, or emailing nick@drrons.com; he promises a website for the foundation and conference shortly (www.foundationforancestralwisdom.org) and online signup for the conference by Oct. 1.