Schmidt-negotsIf you want to understand the power of people organizing and standing up for what they believe in, I strongly suggest you watch the video segment below. It shows raw dairy farmer Michael Schmidt negotiating with an official of the Ontario Department of Natural Resources.

You’ll notice that the official’s position shifts, as he realizes that the group of people blocking Schmidt’s driveway, along with the tractor, aren’t going to move out of the way unless all the seized food and equipment are immediately unloaded.

You’ll also notice that the Ontario agriculture official as much as admits that the secret cameras planted near Schmidt’s property were his agency’s responsibility.

It’s a gripping piece of political theater at Michael Schmidt’s dairy. In addition to link below, here is a link to the video segment.

Raid short versionThis video is about The Raid of 2015

Posted by Michael Schmidt on Monday, October 5, 2015