Season JohnsonImagine that your three-year-old child is diagnosed with leukemia. Doctors “recommend” a three-year protocol of chemo therapy. Much as you’d like to try a holistic protocol of nutrient-dense foods and detoxification techniques, you go along with the doctor recommendations because, after all, they are supposed to know best. Left unstated by the docs is an implied threat: If you don’t go along with the chemo protocol, they may go to court, take your child, and force the protocol on your child. 


So you begin the protocol, expecting the worst. The worst is based on what you see each month in the doctors’ office—pale, unsmiling children, many having lost their hair and appetites, and in pain. The doctors insist that the cure rate is 85%, but you wonder, as you see the suffering children, whether the cure is worse than the disease, whether they are doomed to die from another cancer after surviving the leukemia. 


After a year on the chemo, your son is doing remarkably well. That’s because you have been feeding him bone broths, pastured meats and eggs, and probiotics, and doing detox regimens following on the chemo. The doctors are amazed that your son not only seems free of many of the side effects gripping most of the other children on the same regimen, but is cancer free as well. 


This in a nutshell is the story of Kicker Johnson, the three-year-old son of Season Johnson, a California nutritional therapist. Things were going well during a year of chemo therapy that began in late 2013. Her son’s success prompted her to form an organization, KICKcancER, to spread the word to other families in the same situation about the potential healing power of good food for children on chemo. This was information the doctors weren’t telling people, and has been welcomed by a number of other parents.  


Now, more than a year into the chemo, signs are appearing of the chemo’s poisoning effects on Kicker. Season Johnson feels a little like she’s on a merry-go-round and wants to get off, but it’s moving too fast.


Just a couple days ago, she provided an update on Facebook on Kicker’s situation. “After over 200 doses of chemotherapy, we are starting to see some wear on (Kicker’s) precious little body. You can imagine how hard it is for me to give him chemotherapy everyday…every damn day.” 


The problem for Season is she would like to discontinue the chemo, and see if Kicker can remain cancer free with only the diet-detox protocol she has developed. “Knowing what I know yet having my hands tied. Knowing that each dose puts my son at greater risk for another type of cancer. Knowing that each dose poisons his little body. I KNOW he is cancer free. Not just intuition but his bone marrow results showing no cancer cells, his lab results showing exceptional health and his lack of symptoms. Yet that isn’t enough to convince the government that we, as educated and proactive parents, should be able to now make medical decisions for our child. Nope, in order for us to retain custody of our son, he must complete the next two years of chemotherapy and surgeries.” 


Season says she understands that “trials and studies have shown that children have a more likely chance at achieving remission from leukemia when following the standardized three-year protocol.”


But there is another wrinkle that she has brought to the medical table: “Those trials and studies had NOTHING to do with diet, NOTHING to do with detox and NOTHING to do with actually healing the underlying cause of cancer. We are doing so much to keep him healthy, through diet, detox, immune support, etc. but it comes to a point when the poison begins to take precedence. I know my son has beat cancer, but now I want him to live long, healthy life. I don’t know if that is possible with the current treatment protocol.” 


Of course, demonstrating success after a year of chemo combined with holistic methods wouldn’t be helpful to the pharmaceutical companies that provide the three-year regimen. So there aren’t any studies on shorter alternatives.


As Season puts it: “When conventional cancer treatment is no longer a HUGE money maker, we may see change. But it is going to take you, and I and a whole hell of a lot more people to stand up and say ‘enough is enough!’ “


In the meantime, she’ll need to continue negotiating her way through the minefield that is a medical system that is not only under the control of the money interests, but committed to asserting control over its youngest patients to do as the money interests dictate.