Farmers and food club managers who come under attack by government enforcers are often at a loss about what to do next.

Will they invite government retribution if they try to publicize what has happened?

What do they tell food club members?

Should they hire a lawyer or represent themselves?

Should they comply with what the regulators are demanding, or resist?

What protections do they have under the law, and under the U.S. Constitution?  

Constitutional expert Michael Badnarik, who will be speaking at the special Rights Workshop in Wisconsin March 1. To begin to answer those and other similar questions, a first-ever “Rights Workshop” is being held next week, March 1, from 2-5:30 in Wisconsin. The workshop is in preparation for a rally the next day, March 2, from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. in support of dairy farmer Vernon Hershberger, who has a court hearing that day.

Workshop presenters include constitutional expert Michael Badnarik (“Defiance is the Key to Freedom”), Canadian dairy farmer and activist Michael Schmidt (“Lawyer or No Lawyer?”), Wisconsin activist Mel Olsen (“Being an Activist Mom”), Kentucky food club organizer John Moody (“Generating Grass Roots Support When Facing Health Department or Other Enforcement Actions”), national activist Liz Reitzig (“History of Social Change Through Peaceful Noncompliance”), Wisconsin activist Max Kane (“Taking Responsibility for Your Freedom”), and yours truly (“Let the World Know About Your Confrontation–Publicizing Government Infringements”).

The suggested donation is $20, and dinner will be served after the sessions. Spaces are limited–to RSVP, email

A Florida bio-dynamic farmer who was a long-time contributor to this blog died tragically two weeks, and friends are in the closing days of a fundraising effort on behalf of his family.

The farmer, Ed Sherwood, died in an auto accident. I truly wish I could say more about his blog identity here. He was an astute, if often acerbic commenter, and his family has requested I not reveal his blog pseudonym; they are fearful the farm could be a target of government retribution.

According to the fund-raising site, Sherwood’s farm “is really like a piece of heaven. Their cows are treated with love and respect and their garden overflows with a bounty of beautiful veggies. All of this took a lot of work from Ed. He faithfully milked the family cows twice a day, every day. He tended the garden and kept the 100-year-old farmhouse in repair. He took their vegetables – both fresh and cultured – to market every week.”

The fund-raising campaign ends tomorrow. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.