The rumbles from Ontario dairy farmer Michael Schmidt’s hunger strike are spreading quickly and widely.

As just one quantitative indication, the “Support Michael Schmidt” Facebook page has nearly 1,300 members, and that number will be out of date no doubt when you read this. Just yesterday, it was at a few hundred members. It seems that the phone calls and emails to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty are increasing as well–hundreds of calls an hour. (Although it seems McGuinty’s staff has been deleting messages from his Facebook page encouraging him to meet with Schmidt.)

Schmidt has asked for a meeting with the Ontario premier as a condition of ending his hunger strike. There’s been no word from the provincial leader as yet, 24 days into the hunger strike.

The example set by Michael Schmidt is motivating organizers of the upcoming Raw Milk Freedom Riders demonstration scheduled for Tuesday Nov. 1 outside the headquarters of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. That’s the event at which a group of mothers is planning to transport raw milk across state lines to feed to their families.

The FDA’s dairy officials has been invited to observe the event, and believe me, the organizers have tried hard to report its happenings to the agency. You can observe just how hard by watching the accompanying video of food rights activist Max Kane attempting to alert officials of the FDA.

Michael Schmidt is scheduled to be the demonstration’s main speaker. It’s uncertain at this point, of course, as to whether he’ll have the strength to participate. One new participant is Denise Dixon, an owner of raw cheese producer Morningland Dairy, who now says she will travel from Missouri to be part of the activities. Morningland has been shuttered for over a year because of Missouri allegations of contamination of its product.  

The Raw Milk Freedom Riders have a Facebook page as well, along with a web site that includes the route of the state-line activities. Make your plans to attend, and learn if Max Kane’s message got through.