The latest help being provided to the West Grey police in Ontario, in locating George Bothwell, who is wanted for allegedly helping block Ontario authorities from stealing Michael Schmidt’s milk last Oct. 2.

When I think about Ontario’s latest legal steps to stamp out Michael Schmidt and raw milk, I think about the Shakespeare play, “Macbeth”.

“Out, damned spot,” Lady Macbeth demanded in frustration about imagined blood on her dress. It was really her guilt at work over her role in killing King Duncan.

“Who would have thought the old man to have so much blood in him?” she asks about the dead king. Ontario authorities must be asking something similar about Schmidt,  22 years into their campaign to take him down. The latest actions include trying to jail him and four others for resisting the theft of his milk during a raid of his farm last October (obstruction of justice, they call it), and demanding an Ontario court bar him from even “counseling” people to drink raw milk (as part of a complete ban on raw milk distribution).

Leading up to this, over the last 22 years, here is a brief summary of the Canadian actions:

*3 armed raids on Schmidt’s farm;

*Confiscation of the majority of his farm land;

*Planting of spy cameras around his property;

*4 trials for allegedly violating Ontario and British Columbia dairy laws;

*Tens of thousands of dollars in fines

Through it all, Schmidt has refused to bend:

*He endured a 39-day hunger strike in 2011 that had him on the verge of death until the Ontario Premier agreed to meet with him;

*Last October, he and dozens of supporters blocked Ontario agents from confiscating raw milk and dairy equipment.

Unable to break Schmidt through endless intimidation and court actions, the Ontario government has resorted to the obstruction of justice tack and, now, seeking injunctions against Schmidt and his herdshare members to prevent them from not only distributing raw milk to herdshare members, but even “counseling others to…..distribute unpasteurized milk.”

There will be a protest rally March 16 outside Toronto in advance of a court hearing on the injunctions; more info on this Facebook page.

Activist Liz Reitzig has additional background about the protest rally on her blog.

What makes the whole campaign even more remarkable is that, despite all the Canadian rhetoric about raw milk being unsafe and the need to protect Canadian citizens, there have been no illnesses in all those many years of harassment, either from Schmidt’s dairy or some dozens of others that supply raw milk via herdshares in Ontario and elsewhere in Canada.

After 22 years of legal dancing and weaving, Schmidt at this point can only marvel, and even chuckle, at the authorities’ obsession with him. He suggests that his West Grey local police are letting real crimes like robberies and burglaries go unsolved in their determination to halt his distribution of raw milk. He’s even helped organize a mock effort to aid the West Grey police, who have put out a public “wanted”  notice to track down George Bothwell, one of the five farmers charged with obstructing the October 2 raid. This campaign is called “Find George”, and its latest initiative to locate Bothwell is pictured at the top of this post. And you think Donald Trump and the Republicans are the main political entertainment around.

Schmidt continues to have a funding campaign ongoing to pay his huge legal expenses, at GoFundMe.