Can Anyone Save Amish Salve Maker Sam Girod from Rotting in Jail?

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Sam Girod’s salve products

The feds came for Amish salve maker Sam Girod this morning, hauling him off to jail, where he very well could spend the rest of his life.

Nearly a year ago, I wrote about Girod’s legal problems with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and how they worsened significantly over several years of regulatory tussles, to the point he was facing criminal charges carrying penalties of up to 48 years in prison.

The immediate cause of Girod’s arrest today was his failure to appear last August at a status conference on his case. Apparently because he had been released from jail on his own recognizance, in advance of his trial, he was required to appear personally at every hearing.

The arrest was first reported on Facebook by food and health activist Sally O’Boyle (better known as Sally Oh).

At a hearing this afternoon at a U.S. District Court in Lexington, KY, a prosecutor accused him of failing to appear for the August hearing. Girod, who represented himself, said he understood that an appeal he filed to a U.S. Appeals Court on one aspect of his case had placed the entire case in abeyance. The judge didn’t buy in, and ordered that Girod remain in jail until the trial begins in late February. There was also talk in comments by supporters at Sally Oh’s Facebook post, that the local sheriff in Girod’s county had failed to follow through on a commitment to challenge federal authorities who might come looking for the Amish salve maker.

Complicating the case further is the fact that Girod apparently separated from his lawyer some months ago. According to a friend of Girod’s, he became disillusioned and upset when the lawyer sought to negotiate a potential plea deal with prosecutors.

As in many plea deals, the arrangement had Girod spending a reduced amount of time in jail compared to what a judge might sentence him to if he were convicted in trial. According to the friend, “Sam kept asking, ‘What is the purpose of having a lawyer if he wanted me to take a deal, and not go to trial?’ ” It’s not clear if Girod objected to paying the much higher legal fees that would have undoubtedly been required for a trial, as opposed to a plea deal.

So now Girod seems likely to go to trial, representing himself, up against seasoned U.S. Justice Department lawyers. And he’ll have to prepare his defense from a jail cell.

Girod’s disdain of legal representation is typical of Amish farmers and other business people accused of violating criminal laws. They generally disdain lawyers as an evil component of the mainstream culture they spend their lives avoiding. In the process, though, they frustrate non-Amish who want to support individuals like Girod, who seems a victim of overly aggressive FDA enforcement.

The odds for Girod in a trial were never real good, considering the apparent animosity among the FDA agents against him. Now, the odds appear very high that the 56-year-old Amish father of 12 could well spend the rest of his life behind bars.

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  • Life in prison for making salve for his community? Are you serious, David? Is this maritime law or irs?

  • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

    What the so-called “Justice” Department is doing to Sam Girod and his family is miscarriage of justice.

    Those attorneys do not deserve the title of, “Seasoned U.S. Justice Department lawyers”… More appropriately they should be referred to as sanctimonious Machiavellian mouthpieces working for a pharisaical, “justice” department. Do they not have a conscience?

    To paraphrase Martin Luther King Jr… Your legal power has outrun your spiritual power. You have guided lawyers and misguided men.

    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      Miscarriages of justice aren’t uncommon in the U.S. They happen most often when defendants don’t have adequate legal representation, or no legal representation. There is an amazing story in the current issue of The New Yorker about Albert Woodfox, a member of the Black Panthers (a radical black group from the early 1970s), who was recently released from Louisiana prison after spending 40 years in solitary confinement, in connection with a robbery. Oh, yes, he represented himself.

      I mean no disrespect to Sam Girod in quoting Abraham Lincoln, to effect: “He who has himself for a lawyer has a fool for a client.”

      The U.S. was founded by lawyers. It’s often said the guided by “the rule of law” rather than of individuals. The upshot is that, to have credibility in a court of law, you need to be represented by a lawyer. Otherwise, judges won’t take what you say at all seriously. I’ve watched any number of individuals try to defend themselves, and heard the judges warn them endlessly to get a lawyer. Don’t think I’ve seen anyone successfully defend themselves.

      Unfortunately, lawyers cost money, usually a lot of money when you are facing the level of charges Sam Girod is facing. It’s sometimes said the U.S. has the best system of justice money can buy. Not without reason.

      • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

        I agree David…emphasis on the rule of law absence moral truth is an age-old problem going back to the Roman Empire and beyond.
        To paraphrase Mahatma Gandhi , “I reject any (legal) doctrine that does not appeal to reason and is in conflict with morality”. Emphasis in brackets is mine

      • Leon Moyer

        NO, you have never seen me when I was successful in the courtroom as a pro se litigant, David! But my involvement in the judicial system started about 29 years ago, so I have learned along the way. If Sam Girod can type and do emails, I could offer much assistance from a distance, but he needs to be filing many papers pre-trial, to preserve issues for proper appellate review, because he can’t hardly expect to win at trial Although he certainly would be better off with the compassion and empathy of a jury, compared to a judge who must follow the letter of the law or risk censure. And if they deny him the right to jury trial, that should be preserved for appellate review by making the proper objections in the lawful manner at the appropriate time period!

      • liskir

        This country was founded by liaryers????? REally? Youtube Karl Lentz, who taught many to drop their criminal “charges” as man, sui juris. I’ve used it myself successfully to help someone drop a criminal drug charge.

        If you get a lawyer, you’re a “ward of the state” because you agree that you are an incompetent/infant. Look it up.

  • Steven Richards

    Have family learn (unlearn?) stuff discussed on imbatman57 conference call recordings, then pass it on in letters and/or during visitations? There’s also Marc Stevens w/ the “No State Project”, but seems he recommends making some claims, like claiming to “own” stuff.

  • Richard Barrrett

    If every Amish buggy could surround the jail for a day, this may get media coverage of a peaceful protest. Is there anyone close by that can organize this? Public pressure does work. The FDA and the CDC is so callouss and cruel that they even cause death. This is revealed in which is showing now for free for the next 4 days. Shocking news!

  • And pissy is exactly how the FDA is behaving. This entire thing is retribution for Sam’s refusing a second warrant-less search of his property. He allowed the first one on the condition that the Feds not take photos. The Feds did take photos (shocking, right?) so Sam refused the 2nd one.

    Yes, I fear that without representation — particularly an attorney who is experienced at voir dire (jury selection) — he will spend the rest of his life in jail.

    What he does next is critical to his freedom. I’m worried.

    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      One other sliver of hope for Sam is that the FDA may get radically new leadership. This from today’s WSJ:

      “President-elect Donald J. Trump is reaching beyond traditional medical experts in his search for a new Food and Drug Administration commissioner, scheduling meetings for the FDA job with two Silicon Valley investors backed by billionaire investor Peter Thiel.
      “The two are James O’Neill, a managing director of the investment firm Mithril Capital Management, and Balaji S. Srinivasan, a venture capital board member who founded the genetic-counseling firm Counsyl Inc.
      Neither one is a medical doctor, a traditional qualification for FDA commissioners. Mr. Srinivasan holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University.
      “Of the two, Mr. O’Neill would appear to face the more difficult road to getting approval from the Senate, because his stated views run counter to existing FDA law and regulations. In a 2014 speech, he took the position that drugs shouldn’t have to be proven effective before putting them on the market.”

      I have no idea how these individuals would treat over-the-counter drugs and food-safety matters, but I doubt they could be much worse than the people currently running things at FDA.

      • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

        Indeed, the United States medical bureaucracy is in for a major upheaval if Robert F Kennedy Jr.’s plan comes to fruition…

      • Steve Tallent

        Oh, I think they could be worse. The current administration at least likes to pretend they are acting with propriety and for the greater good of society. The next could just ram everything through, take away the good safeguards that do exist to grease the wheels of industry and screw the individual, and to shut down every single small business and make all of us go work for big industries or the state. It could get much worse.

        • Gordon Watson

          it already got monstrously worse … Ringling Bros folded its circus ( after 146 years in showbiz) because the public would rather watch the Elephant and Mule Show ( Demo-Publicans) for free. While the nation slept, the Dept. of Homeland Security took over the machinery of Election. So much for States’ rights

          and that wasn’t “the Anti-christ His-self”, one, D Trump … doing that. That piece of Tyranny was signed by the O’Bama-nation as his final kick in the nuts to the Republic on his way out of office

        • David Gumpert David Gumpert

          Good point, Steve. The Germans used the model you describe, 1933-1945. It’s called fascism.

          • Gordon S Watson

            the thing about the experience in Deutchland, circa 1933 to 1945, was : electors knew what they were getting, and they endorsed it overwhelmingly. Unlike the US of A, where traitors in high places had insinuated red fascism into the high places of govt., drip-by-stealthy drip. The Germans voted for the white NAtionalists / anti-ZIonists ( hence = NaZis) because they were terrified by real-time reports of what the Bolsheviks were doing to Russia. The majority of White Americans chose Donald Trump because : ‘he may be a buffoon, but he’s OUR buffoon, and he can’t be any worse than the last one’. You’re living in the revived Roman Empire : so come to terms with it.

          • David Gumpert David Gumpert

            For the record, Watson, Hitler never obtained anything close to a majority vote of Germans. In the vote for President in March 1932, Hitler came in a distant second (30.9%) to the establishment candidate, Hindenburg (with 49.6%), out of four candidates. In a runoff a month later, with three candidates (and the last free vote for president until after WWII), Hitler again came in a distant second (with 36.8%) to Hindenburg’s 53%. But Hitler’s distant second got him into the government, and from there he and his cohorts bullied their way into authority in early 1933 against the elderly and and weak Hindenburg
            (Source, pp. 158-159 of “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”)

            In the U.S. in 2016, Trump did much better than Hitler ever did, though Trump, also, failed to win a majority of the popular vote.

          • Blesse\'d are the cheese makers

            For the record, David, if you are going to keep beating this dead horse, I am going to call you out on it. Winning a “majority” of the “popular” vote is a meaningless point, primarily touted by fake news outlets, for the following reasons:

            1. Trump won 2626 counties in the US to Clinton’s 487– Clear majority for Trump

            2. Trump won 29 states in the US to Clinton’s 21 — Clear majority for Trump.

            3. Based on the above, Trump won 306 electoral votes to Clinton’s 232 — Clear majority for Trump.

            4. If you take California out of the equation, Trump won the popular vote by 1.4 million.

            Since we live in a representative republic and not mob rule, I suggest that all of those folks who want to keep touting this alleged “popular vote” for Clinton should carefully read Article II, Section 1 of the US Constitution.

            Clinton’s so-called popular vote win is just a statistic to throw around if it makes you feel better, but it proves no point at all to the folks who live in the 2626 counties and 29 states who went with Trump.

            Thank God California does not get to decide the fate of the other 49 states just because it is filled to the brim with lefties, dreamers and illegal aliens.


          • David Gumpert David Gumpert

            Really, wasn’t questioning who “won.” Just making the comparison to Hitler’s popular vote numbers/percentages, to note that Trump did much better. Does highlight the serious sensitivities, though. My hope is there will be fewer and fewer comparisons to make to Germany and Hitler (though not real encouraging when you and others keep scapegoating “liberals”, “lefties,” “illegal aliens”, “California”, etc., etc.). I personally think Democrats who are boycotting the inauguration are making a mistake. They should give Trump a chance. I heard Pence make that case, in soft and dignified language, but then at the end of his monolog, he had to make a dig at “the failed liberal agenda.” Not only ignoring eight years of Republican rule, but feeding into the ever-widening divisions. Very difficult times.

          • Blesse\'d are the Cheese makers

            Yes. Difficult times indeed. I agree that these comparisons to Weimar Germany/Nazi Germany and Hitler, etc., are apples and oranges comparisons — hyperbole. We need to move past that.

            Scapegoating, as you call it, was, however, done with masterful precision during the Nazi era, and, as Saul Alinsky later taught, is an effective vehicle to sway the masses. We must be wary of falling into that trap, today.

            With that said, many of us who are more to the “right” feel that we have been under constant attack for the last several years, no more so than now as we travel this rocky, rutted out, two lane path to Inauguration Day and wondering whether there is another shoe that is about to drop.

            How do we come to terms with this constant barrage of name calling and attacks without fighting back with equal fervor?

            By the way, for the record, I was no George W fan either.

          • Gordon S Watson

            there is a time for every thing, under heaven … perhaps it’s time to “fight back with equal fervour”. Since the owner of this blog keeps on paralleling the run-up to the 3rd Reich, to what’s happening outside your front door, then, consider : Between the wars In Deutchland, the brownshirts prevailed because they controlled the streets, against the Reds. this week the parliament of fools and assorted sore losers, heads to Washington DC avowed to disrupt Inauguration. the real fun begins! when they encounter the “Wall of Meat” promised by Bikers for Trump. Looks like the Counter-Revolution WILL be televised!!

          • Gary Ogden

            Bless\’d: It has actually been a 24-year disaster under the neo-libs and neo-cons. Non-stop war. Under Clinton, NAFTA so damaged economic conditions in Mexico, it drove the wave of migration here, which ultimately reduced the availability of jobs for Americans at the bottom of the market, and the vast expansion of the prison population had a huge negative impact especially on black communities. Dubya was worse, and Obama was pretty-sounding rhetoric and not much more. The War on Poverty has been a colossal failure. Did you listen to Trump’s speech.? He knows how damaged our inner cities are, and what a complete failure the “liberal model” has been in addressing it. He said he is going to do something about it. We will see, but whatever he does, it couldn’t be any worse than what the last nine presidents have done. Some of the cabinet nominations (such as treasury) are terrible, but DHHS is the best we could have hoped for, and Dr. Price will by the boss of the new FDA commissioner. I was a lifetime Democrat until the California Dems showed who they work for when they instituted medical fascism (I use the term n the sense of a system where industry runs government). I no longer have any respect for either party, but I’m looking forward to positive changes in the nation with Trump at the helm.

          • Gordon S Watson

            for the record, Mr Gumpert, your pals at the New York Times reported on August 18 1934, that A. Hitler got 89% of the vote of electors who went to the polls on a plebiscite to consolidate all power in one office over the Third Reich. But what do I know, eh? Maybe that was all just “fake news” from one side or the other, even then. Geopolitics of a century ago, half a world away, doesn’t matter that much in our Campaign for REAL MILK. IF you really want to learn a few things we weren’t told about all that, and how it applies here and now, I highly recommend the work of Dr Henry Makow.

          • David Gumpert David Gumpert

            Yes, that was after Hitler dispensed with contested elections. The vote you refer to was of the kind that Vladimir Putin now specializes in.

            The NYTimes of that era provided terrible coverage of the entire German/Nazi situation. Not fake news, but rather questionable coverage, accepting propaganda authorities were providing, and not questioning very closely.

          • Gordon S Watson

            amusing that you want to let the New York Slimes off the hook…oh, “mistakes were made but not by us/ and / those people don’t work here anymore”.

            I want to make it clear that I am NOT an apologist for the gang of criminals who masterminded the Third Reich. My family fought that regime. What I am pissed-off about, is = the way my generation was misled through the Public Fool System , and the propaganda outfalls licensed as “news media”, to accept utter perversions of history. Which continue to this very hour. By the same precepts used at Nuremburg in the trial of the major war criminals, there is overwhelming evidence to convict the Georges Bush I and II, William Clinton and B. O’Bama of war crimes / crimes against humanity. The New York Times of today and the entire coterie of media sycophants who derive their livings merchandising the lies … are Obama’s willing enablers : they’re all in on the scam.

            As for your use of the word “fascism” : Benito Mussalini had been a Marxist. When he got his own thing going he said ‘fascism is a system under which each citizen is no longer a selfish individual who has the anti-social right of rebelling against any law of the Collectivity’. Point being ; versus that seminal definition – even as bad a shape as she’s in today – America with Trump in the White House is a long way from what you worry about, Mr Gumpert. The Free Press is the People’s Friend, the Tyrant’s Foe

            in the case of Sam Girod ; he would not have had a problem if his customers came to him and made a private exchange of ‘this for that’. He got in trouble by operating in commerce. Take a look at those packages and labels = professionally made, not cobbled-together in a quaint 18th century blacksmith shoppe and printery, on the Amish compound. No, he sent out to get them done by the sordid “English” … interaction with whom his religion prohibits! Mister Girod = and especially the elders of his cult who are stoking him into this trouble = can start restitution by acknowledging his own error

          • David Gumpert David Gumpert

            I haven’t let NYTimes off the hook. Neither has history. There have been any number of books documenting the Times’ shameful coverage of Nazi crimes. One of the best done: “Buried At the Times”.

  • lis

    Staying out of their (maritime/statutory) jurisdiction is the only way to get remedy. Youtube Karl Lentz, common law claim.

    I can show Sam’s family or someone from his town how to file a common law claim on his behalf BEFORE the hearing. Sam should say NOTHING in court and let his claim ride. The only question relevant is: “who’s the wo/man with a verified claim that i do harm?” In common law, it HAS to be a man or woman (State of xyz is a FICTION and cannot interface with man) to bring a claim against the wrondoer; thus, cannot bring charges against man. This is why they need to turn people into persons (fiction) and we are ignorant of the law.

    Sam’s family or friend can contact me and i’ll show them how. I don’t live in the same state/town, so i can’t file for Sam.

      • Andrew

        Please look into jerry nullification add part of a defense. There may be people willing to come abs distribute pamphlets to educate people around the courthouse about this Tenet of law.

        • Gordon Watson

          If you’re going to promote jury nullification, then = you first, Andrew … Make sure you tell prospects > “if you aren’t prepared to go to gaol for this, then you ought not be here”.

          Freedom of the Press belongs to those who practice it … if you think the feds are acting like monsters, so far, it gets much worse when some true Patriot gets out on the public sidewalk exposing tyranny, in print

        • andrew

          Indeed and thank you for noting that caveat. Google Julian Heicklen. Is the trial being held in NYC?

    • Gordon S Watson

      Mister “lis” = back in the 90s – scuffling-along through the so-called “DeTax” movement – I was in British Columbia Provincial Court many times, assisting self-reps. 3 times, sitting in the gallery, I watched as guys who pulled that stunt you’re advising, got taken out of the Courtroom in handcuffs, sent away for a psychiatric evaluation. Suffice to say : that Alice-in-Blunderland crap-ola does not work in the objective reality, shared by the rest of us. Not only is it NON-sense … it’s dangerous nonsense.

      “ignorant of the law” ? That’s an understatement. You’re about 2 centuries behind what transpires in those playgrounds of the Cult of the Black Robe, in which there’s a whole different set of rules going on, than is pretended

      • liskir

        Exactly which “stunt” am i advising, Gordon? I have proof of success. Before you cut down other people, you should rethink your speculation.

  • Sue

    The best support Girod could get would be bodies inside and outside the courtroom, much as this community has done when farmers are harassed by local and federal authorities. I more than share his disdain for the so-called legal profession, having witnessed dealings at all levels of law. It is difficult to find an attorney worth much more than our wiping our butts with their diplomas AND license papers.

    Reality does not dictate inside a courtroom. And, certainly not where any (other) facet of government is involved. People don’t realize what judges (if you listen to them intently) will tell you as you walk past the gate in any courtroom in the land. Often, it is more a matter of the victims will not admit.

    Administrative Procedure would have cured the problem, but that is especially difficult for the Amish and others like them unless they have friends willing to take the risk and do things for them.

    Girod did nothing wrong – or should I say – did nothing most corporations do not do. However the process has gone too far now, and hopefully he does get a trial. Whether or not it is a fair one will amount to how many people actively show support and how much they know about the system.

    The FDA excuse that they were responding to a consumer complaint is tantamount to stating that their cronies at the state level turned him in because they had little better to do and felt the need to look busy while ignoring products by several major manufacturers. Some including the very same ingredients – both of which are in the US Pharmacopeia.

    The idea of claims made is a fallacy – the inclusion of testimonials might not have been the brightest idea (better saved for a private website than what could be construed as advertising located inside a store front). However, the claims in the testimonials were not made by Girod himself.

    In changing the name of the salve (which should have happened before selling to the public, to comply with rules clearly stated in published information available to anyone (I regularly get updated copies, because your labels are your best defense when the government agencies get bored), he complied with the law.

    Unregistered drugs in unregistered facilities is bogus at best. Chickweed is not a regulated substance, nor is it on any drug schedule. Same with bloodroot. Both can be gotten not only from any roadside, but also from many catalog and online sources – with more information about conditions, uses and preparation than anything Girod could have come up with. More FDA horse-puckey due only to the embarrassment of over-zealous agency pencil pushers.

    He ought to think about bringing in that Sheriff’s officer…..

    What works??? (Yes – I have seen it, and yes, I have done it.)

    Simple – overload email servers, fax lines, phone lines, fill up the voicemail, show up, be counted. Know the rules so you can speak effectively, and spread the word all the while to get even more people involved.

    The fed loves lawyers. What they don’t like is publicity. (Works at the state, county and local levels, too btw)

    As a community, we have done this before and won. The coop raided in Crystal Lake, IL, where the state representative begged us to let up and finally had to do the right thing. Several farmers, Amish and otherwise. Faillace… Newendorp…. and many others. Course – if you are stupid enough to cut a deal, ya gets what ya deserves.

    Make this shine like a diamond for all the world to see, and you’ll be amazed how things change in the courtroom. These people cannot STAND the truth coming out – and the judges tend to be far more real about things than these arrogant agency a……s.

    And, Alvin – EXACTLY.


    • Is this an administrative court, even though the penalty appears to be criminal? I ask this because I attended Vernon Hershberger’s trial in Baraboo, WIsconsin. It seemed like a fake court. Then I learned that the judge works for the state regulatory authority. No wonder he sustained 80% of the objections made by the prosecution and overruled 80% of those made by the defense! Oh, and the defendant was not protected by our U.S. Constitution. Thank goodness the jury found Vernon not guilty on three of the four charges! (Btw, Vernon had a really good lawyer.)

      • Sue

        If I had my druthers, I would call them Kangaroo Courts, but the effect is the same whether or not. These cases are held in federal court, usually FDA remains admin related rather than criminal, but just as in family court – the verdict and possible sentence are similar though attorneys would have you think different. These are, at this point, criminal charges, brought by an administrative agency.

        Effect is the same. Jail and fines.

        Given he was not able to do administrative procedure first, which could have effectively blocked the case from making it to court, its rather a moot point.

        He would need the advice of a good pro se now because any attorney worth his BAR membership will either recommend (as the previous one did) a plea bargain or will charge several generations’ inheritance to fight a jury trial. Bench trials in these cases are not something to hope for as these judges are generally paid either directly or indirectly by the plaintiff.

        Anyone interested in truth can see where this system is stacked against it, but for the Amish it is particularly difficult. They are willing to martyr themselves for truth, which is commendable, but often leads to untenable situations such as this. Not likely to accept a new plea, which looks like admitting guilt – etc. I don’t know that I would be able to face that and keep my convictions and integrity intact…..

        • liskir

          It’s not pro se, it’s sui juris and common law is the only way out since the accuser MUST show up….and it had better be a man or woman with a verified claim.

  • David R.(Canada)

    Then there’s Obama pardoning real, hardened criminals while these victims of the anger of the pharmaceutical companies remain.

  • blesse\'d are the cheese makers

    It seems to me that the local county sheriff’s “failure to follow through on a commitment to challenge federal authorities” is a huge problem here. The elected county sheriff in each county is the highest ranking law enforcement official in the county — even higher ranking that the feds. The problem is . . . most county sheriffs do not understand their Constitutional power AND duties. Therefore, most county sheriffs “cower” in the shadow of the federal tyrants.

    This county sheriff should have “stood in the gap” on behalf of Mr. Girod, if the federal bureaucrats did not have the legal authority in the first place to shake Girod down.

    The best shot Mr. Girod has is to make this as public as he can make it. Rally the troops. He needs to demand a jury trial for this as well. The feds do not like jury trials because they know how stupid and tyrannical they look when viewed by a jury.

    This case needs to be as public and exposed as possible if Girod stands a chance to not be railroaded by a federal leviathan that is so out of control it is past any redemption.

    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      The good news is that Girod is definitely entitled to a jury trial, under the Constitution’s 6th Amendment. The bad news is that it is very difficult for a neophyte like Girod to choreograph a jury trial, like cross-examining witnesses, challenging prosecution witness’ testimony, deciding on the best expert witnesses, determining which issues to dramatize to the jury, and so on and so forth. That’s what you need an experienced defense lawyer for. As someone else mentioned here, it was Vernon Hershberger’s brilliant defense lawyer, Glenn Reynolds, who was key to saving the day in Wisconsin. Interestingly, Hershberger spent many months handling his own defense, and eventually made the tough decision to engage Reynolds when he realized that running a jury trial wasn’t something for an amateur to try.

      • Leon Moyer

        Read my reply above, you are correct, Sam isn’t competent to conduct his own jury trial, but he is allowed “hybrid representation”, to have an attorney, usually a public defender, sit SILENTLY unless Sam wishes for the attorney to speak, write up Motions for him or do other legal activities for him. But Sam would still be in charge of the trial. Of course, he must know enough to even ask for this right! One important thing: he should never try and get out jail early by compromising his position–he will get credit for time spent in jail awaiting trial if he ever receives a jail sentence, so might as well use the jail’s facilities, law lib., inmate help, etc. and enjoy the free room and board!!1

      • liskir

        Must be a common law grand jury, made up of your own peers. On the other hand, the kangaroo jury is controlled by the black robed one. Be careful what you wish for and know the difference.

  • Mark Mcafee Mark Mcafee

    The first order of business is posting bail. Then get the best lawyer possible. FTCLDF pays off grandly right about now.

    • Gordon Watson

      you’re wasting your breath urging the Amish-man to reach out for assistance, to anyone other than his closed cult. That being the root of Mr Girod’s problem = double-minded-ness. IE. Assuming he could maintain his religious integrity, yet step off the Amish Reservation to deal in commerce, and taint himself with the ways of the sordid “English”.

      no doubt Sam Girod is a fine man, whose salve does actually work. No doubt he sincerely thinks of himself as standing for a noble cause. But in this scenario, is he? What did Menno Siemens and the champions of that religion, do? Does he cleave to sound doctrine as given to us in the Bible, or not? Test question being : how come he didn’t ‘settle with his Adversary in the way’, as commanded by Jesus Christ ??

    • liskir

      Waste of money, only to land squarely in the kangaroo jurisdiction by using a fiction instead of being a man in common law.

  • Mark Mcafee Mark Mcafee

    Not much of a flight risk on horse and

  • How can we the people help him?

  • David Gumpert David Gumpert

    Here’s an article about Sam Girod from another publication, Kentucky Free Press.

    • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

      The Kentucky Free Press article by Sally Oh states, “… the feds are especially lawless. There is no accountability in a federal agency, they break their own rules as a matter of course.”

      This sounds strikingly familiar to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and their continual hounding of Linda “Montana” Jones, Robert Pinnell and Michael Schmidt in the four and a half year sheep napping case, to name just one among many.

      If the FDA, breaks their own rules as a matter of course then the FDA and its attorneys are not defenders of the law but rather biased shysters, equivocators and conspirators who manipulate existing law and the truth to suite their agenda!

      Someone recently referred to Trump’s incoming government/administration as a “Meritocracy”; a government made up of people selected on the basis of their ability. I truly hope that such a government is an improvement over recent past governments and that it will instill a degree of moral credibility into the system… time will tell.

  • Mark Mcafee Mark Mcafee

    I have been surrounded by groups of Amish. This is their culture and you absolutely correct. They mean nothing by this. It is a behavior and a way of listening intently.

    As far as him producing a legal product….all he needs to do is label it as a dietary or nutritional supplement. It would be legal under DSHA act, or the dietary health supplements act. The vitamin producers sought and received protection from the fda under DSHA years ago.

    He must immediately seek good counsel and seek a settlement with the FDA claiming his products are supplements not intended to treat any disease.

    When the FDA sued me 8 years ago, they tried to throw me in jail, fine me and tried to convenience a federal judge that I was a horrible criminal because I sold raw milk as pet food over state lines. With a good attorney, (Gary Cox ) we literally kicked their ass….they not only were embarrassed by the federal judge, they were ridiculed and sent packing by the judge with nothing to show for their great attempt at enforcement.

    When dealing with the FDA, you must act from strength and go for the throat. They only understand power and you can not think otherwise. Get a good lawyer and round up a thousand people to circle the buggies. It is a legal dietary or skin supplement….nothing else. It is 100% legal.

    • Blesse\'d are the cheese makers

      This is an subject where I agree whole heartedly with Mr. McAfee. You have to deal with these FDA folks from a starting point that the FDA is NOT there to make food safe and be your friend. They are there to control and shake down small producers. That is their real job. Folks must understand this. They are like the Martians in “Mars Attacks” saying, “Do not run, we are your friends.”

      In addition, the FDA is part of the illegal and unconstitutional “Fourth” branch of government. Our elected officials created these lawless bureaucracies. Then, once created, authority is “delegated” to the agencies by the elected bodies. After that, our elected officials in congress do little to oversee these lawless government behemoths. Moreover, most judges will “defer” to the agencies on top of that.

      What is most disconcerting about these tyrannical, lawless “Alphabet Soup” agencies is they have written into their regulations criminal sanctions (which in my opinion violates the 5th and 6th Amendments). They are basically jack booted thugs who swoop down on someone’s farm and ransack the place and then find ways to drum up charges against anyone who dares to question them. On top of that, now they are all arming up. Why? Why, for instance, do the USDA meat inspectors need to be packing heat? Same for FDA.

      Interestingly, the higher ups in these agencies know how bad they are. That’s why they like to do their dirty work in the dark against small defenseless folks like the Amish. Again, as McAfee indicates, this needs to be wide open in the public square and the Amish guy needs to demand a jury trial and try his case in the public forum.

      I also agree with McAfee that the Amish guy just needs to redefine his products. Remember, the government is all hung up on how you classify something. A square peg must fit in a square hole or they go crazy.

    • Rosanna

      DSHEA does not cover natural products for external use. Natural products can only be considered dietary supplements if they are ingested. No health claims can be made for topical products without rigorous testing that supports these claims. If claims are made on labels or pamphlets etc. the product is then considered to be labeled as a drug. All promotional materials are considered product labeling and must comply to labeling regulations.

  • D. Smith D. Smith

    DOA FDA? (I wouldn’t use the RIP the author did because I don’t want any of them to ever rest in peace). I want the FDA dead on arrival wherever it goes when it scatters in the wind. 🙂

    One can only hope this actually happens:

    Ditto for the fraudulent CDC.

    The reader comments are pretty good, too, and there is a really good embedded link in the article (re: spider).

  • Mark Mcafee Mark Mcafee

    Here is my comment. I know for a fact that raw milk is allowed over International state lines. I have an official email from the chief counsel of the fda office in San Fransisco stating just that. They rightfully agreed with me that interstate commerce is not the same as international commerce. There are two sets of laws and regs that control these areas of law.

    If you want to ship raw milk to another country, that is fine with the FDA, as long as the other country is inviting the shipment and agrees with the import of the raw dairy product or raw milk .

    As far as Vilsack is concerned. He is a very good person. In his capacity as USDA secretary, he tried his best under the most impossible set of political conditions. As a delegate to the NFU, I have had the honor of hearing him speak several times. To hear him tell stories about being a friend of organics, while at the same time trying to keep the peace with GMOs and at the same time defend the rights of consumers to know what is in their food…was quite appreciated. It was the Midwest, verses West coast verses and the east coast states. Each with their own agendas, but he was required to speak for all states.

    As an export representative for dairy products, he should really help. His relations with international markets are good. He has a big heart and was a good team leader at USDA.

    Those are my thoughts…

    • Emma Gardner

      Very true, and international trade in raw milk is thriving. Many Canadians in B.C. regularly purchase raw milk from any of 39 licensed farms and 110+ grocery stores and coops in Washington State and bring it back in their weekly cross-border shopping trips. Customs officials happily wave them through.

      The B.C. Government even confirmed in an email recently that they will take NO action against anyone who is bringing milk across the border or selling it to Canadian consumers, as it is not being produced/distributed from a farm in Canada:

      “As provincial laws only apply in BC, the Milk Industry Act’s prohibitions on the sale or supply of raw milk do not apply to transactions occurring outside of BC. … Regulations prohibit the sale in Canada of raw milk to consumers … regulating the types and amounts of products brought back into Canada from another country (e.g., the United States) is the responsibility of the federal government.” (email from the Ministry of Health, September 19, 2016)

      [Meanwhile, raw milk farmers in B.C. are faced with a provincial law threatening a maximum $3,000,000 fine and 3 years jail time for letting even the smallest amount leave the farm.]

  • Mark Mcafee Mark Mcafee

    Emma Gardener,

    Your comment really defines the issue… is not the Drinking or consumption of raw milk by Canadians that is the real issue. The real issue is the politics and economics of market control of Canadian dairy milk and its sale. You nailed it. If consumption of raw milk was the issue….it would be banned or prohibited at the border. It is not.

    The very same thing goes for Humboldt County in CA, it is legal to ship raw milk via UPS or FedEx to consumers in Humboldt…..but no sales from a store inside of Humboldt County. These are silly protective local policies created to protect local producers from competition.

  • Mark Mcafee Mark Mcafee

    This is for all of you right wingers and your new president.

    I am shocked that all he could talk about in the first 24 hours of his presidency was how huge his crowds were…..when they were comparatively small ( looked puny ) when compared to Obama four years ago or eight years ago. Your sociopathic narsistic fool is so ” insecure” that he tasked his press secretary to try and make a case for how the media had faked pictures of the crowds look small. He had his press secretary lie about numbers…..yes….he lied. Trump is so thin skinned….it is pathetic.

    However…The crowds that were huge….were the massive crowds that formed all around the world in protest of Donald Trump and everything he represents to everyone around the world.

    When Donald Trump says America First….what does that mean? ….it means step on everyone else. It means “no fair trade” it means taking Iraqi oil because we have the power…

    Trump is a scary insecure little person and far worse. Hillary was right….anyone can bait him with a tweet. I look forward to his impeachment by a joint Commision of congress. What a humiliating mistake. The republicans can not tolerate him. He is popular with blind Putin loving idiots….that’s it.

    You have chosen a real sociopath. I am embarrassed for you. What is Trump going to lie about next….is he going to tell his generals a lie and send soldiers into battle based on a lie.

    We have a real problem with Trump. I predict a very short term with an impeachment brought on by both sides of the isle.

    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      What I found most striking Friday was Trump’s failure to reach out to anyone else to help him, as if he’s going to accomplish his authoritarian vision by himself. As a soldier, would you rush to give your life on orders of such a commander in chief?

      Trump’s speech yesterday must have done a lot to swell the crowds today. Everywhere, local officials were unprepared, because they had underestimated the numbers of people willing to give up their Saturday, and travel long distances to express their outrage. And, very frustrating to the Trump crew, I’m sure, they were all so damned peaceful! He couldn’t even come up with a tweet.

      I would suspect that many of those protesting today didn’t vote in November. Now that they have seen the reality of what happened in November, perhaps more will be voting in two years.

      One last note, for those here who have been fantasizing that Trump supports small farms and secretly eats organic food and drinks raw milk….the new ag secretary he appointed looks a lot like the old ag secretary–supports Big Ag, GMOs, manufactured fertilizers, etc., etc. This from Mark Kastel of Cornucopia:

      • Gordon S Watson

        Trump the President, at the head of government is effectively a king and = as always = is supported by the priest-class. I encourage all-concerned to review what was proclaimed in the Invocation and Benediction at his Inauguration … if people didn’t realize before that this is a Christian nation, they do now.

        Just a mere co-incidence that the priest opened with the Prayer of Solomon when he became king of the Israel-ites ? and they ended with the Aaronic blessing? Hardly. America is re-awakening to our heritage = the Law of our God, whom the various speakers named over and over : Jesus Christ

        so stifle all that collectivist non-sense about “democracy” … it’s going to be a long 8 years, for those who have alienated demselves from the values upon which the Republic was constituted

      • Ingvar Ingvar

        Mr. Gumpert,

        You write:
        “One last note, for those here who have been fantasizing that Trump supports small farms and secretly eats organic food and drinks raw milk….the new ag secretary he appointed looks a lot like the old ag secretary–supports Big Ag, GMOs, manufactured fertilizers, etc., etc. This from Mark Kastel of Cornucopia:

        I agree wholeheartedly that fantasy is not the way to get done what needs to be done day-by-day. What I’m about is, firstly, food. Secondly the proper legal/governmental framework, i.e. one that does not interfere with food. Achieving these objectives requires daily hard work of various types from the agister to the sheriff, to the courtroom, to the legislature, to the executive. President Obama? Hard work. President Trump? Hard work. President Jones? Hard work. It is the only way.

        The Morningland Dairy affair in Missouri rankles still. Former Governor Jay Nixon should be ashamed. Would that Governor Eric Robert Greitens study the matter and issue an official apology to Morningland and all of its customers.

        Mr. J. Ingvar Odegaard

      • Blesse\'d are the cheesemakers

        David —

        Were there alternative versions of Trump’s speech? Did you and I watch and hear the same speech?

        Please elaborate as to exactly which passages of Mr. Trump’s less than 20 minute speech with which you take issue. Please. I would like chapter and verse of what you find offensive about his message.

        No generality BS. Specifics, please.


        • David Gumpert David Gumpert

          I didn’t say I took issue with particular passages of Trump’s speech. I objected to “his failure to reach out…” In other words, there was no sense of recognition of the divisiveness of the campaign and follow-on period, and any perceived desire to set that aside for the sake of common purpose. For example:

          He failed to reach out to the people who didn’t vote for him, and offer any sense of conciliation.

          He failed to reassure people that he respects the Constitution, in particular the Bill of Rights (first 10 amendments) and its guarantees of freedom of the press and of religion (not to mention separation of powers).

          He failed to reassure religious minorities, like Muslims, that they won’t be singled out for discriminatory treatment, as he suggested during his campaign.

          He failed to reassure Congress that he wants to work together with the legislators to get things done.

          He also made at least two statements that I found especially troublesome. He repeated “America First” twice in the same sentence. By this time, he must know that “America First” was the slogan for isolationist Americans (like Charles Lindbergh and Joseph Kennedy) who supported Hitler and the Nazis immediately before WWII.

          And then he held out some kind of weird definition of patriotism, and a suggestion we must all buy into it….or else: “At the bedrock of our politics will be a total allegiance to the United States of America, and through our loyalty to our country, we will rediscover our loyalty to each other. When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.” We went through a time when there was such a demand, right after WWII, when we had the “House Un-American Activities Committee” and Sen Joseph McCarthy. who tried to isolate and punish Americans deemed not to be strongly enough anti-communist (defined as anti-Russia, ironically enough).

          It came across to me as a glorified campaign speech, for its lack of outreach, compassion, and inclusiveness. As I said in my comment, I sensed it just turned off a lot of people who didn’t vote for him, who would have welcomed some kind of olive branch and were prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt in these opening weeks and months.

          • Gordon S Watson

            President Trump’s mention of “total allegiance to the US of A…” , was a not-very-subtle hint to the 44 congressmen who hold dual citizenship, that they’d better figure out whose side they’re really on. No man can serve 2 masters. He didn’t get where he is, by pandering to the bleeding-heart lib-tards so he won’t be doing much of it for the next 8 years

          • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad


            For those who dislike Trump there appears to be such a burning hatred of the man that even if an olive branch were to be offered it would have burst into flames.

            If people, and especially the media continue with their narrow focused negative narrative of Trump and persist with treating him with contempt and indignation then they will get contempt and indignation in return. I am not saying that that is right, it’s just what it is.

            Donald Trump despite his faults is a highly focused individual and a man of action. Hopefully his actions with respect to how government operates and treats the American public and its trading partners will serve to unite more then divide.
            Time will tell.

          • blesse\'d are the cheese makers

            Thanks for the comment, Ken. I agree.

            Based on what I see with my own two eyes and hear with my own two ears, at this juncture, it makes no difference what Mr. Trump says or does, it will be wrong as far as the left is concerned.

            I thought Mr. Trump’s inaugural message of giving the power back to the people and taking power away from the DC insiders was awesome, yet David still finds fault with it.

            Right now, Trump can’t win with the left so he just needs to do what he needs to do. Time will be the judge of the results.

          • David Gumpert David Gumpert

            Well, I guess we’ll never know, will we? He didn’t offer any kind of olive branch during the inaugural address, or any time before that, that I am aware of. Not doing that makes things more convenient down the line, when things don’t necessarily go the way he envisions–he, and you, can simply blame “the left”. In addition to not offering olive branches, he’s not real good at admitting errors or misjudgments.

          • Ben Toldovigan

            Where’s the olive branch from the left David? Hasn’t it always been politically correct for the Liberal Elite to preach we must take the high road, to insist we all must embrace people different from ourselves, must continue to make friendly advances even as the firsts few are rebuffed? Isn’t it the be-all, end-all of the left to make certain no one is excluded, everyone is given many chances to succeed, there are no losers, and everyone is innocent until proven guilty? Isn’t it always the intent of the left to avoid conflict, rather to talk, talk, talk away our differences, a la John Kerry?

            Why the hell has the Liberal Elite entrenched itself in such a hysterical hate fest? Seems all this while we have been fraudulently led to believe all that disingenuous crap when none of the preachers were sincere. Nope, half of America are “deplorables”. That’s what we’ve learned from the election of Donald Trump so far.

            True colors are now flying high and proud — looks like we really dodged a bullet when Hillary’s coronation didn’t go off as expected.

    • Blesse\'d are the cheese makers

      I’ve been off here a few days and come back only to see McAfee is at it again with his ill-informed idiotic unsubstantiated rants. Mark — you really need to put the crack pipe down. It is destroying your brain cells.

      After witnessing some of the hysterical out-of-control behavior of the snowflakes in DC last weekend, I can only hope and pray that we have not passed the point of no return with this commie leftist suicidal self destructive insanity the left has foisted upon us over the last several decades.

      Madonna wants to “blow up” the Whitehouse now? What a sad day for our Constitutional Republic. Here’s to getting this thing turned around — NOW.

  • Mark Mcafee Mark Mcafee


    Question for you ? Is being Christ like….the Christianity you are referring too?

    Christ was not a king. He was a common man with uncommon reverence to humanity in a time when kings had no reference for humanity.

    Trump is an anti-Christ. He believes in robbery ( bankruptcy to cheat those that worked hard for him ) theft ( wants to TAKE Iraqi oil with out paying the Iraqi people ) greed ( America First and to hell with everyone else ) self serving ( the greatest narsistic sociopath of modern times ).

    Christ is crying right now.

    • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

      Christ is referred to in scripture as, “King of Kings and Lord of Lords”. In other words he has the power to exercise absolute dominion over all of creation. Jesus will return to judge the world and establish His earthly kingdom, as He predicted in Mark 13:26. I look forward to that day…

    • Gordon S Watson

      “Christ-like” ? Mr. McAffee, apparently you’ve been bamboozled into the modern ‘anything goes’ mentality, accepting every kind of sloppy agape that’s fashionable, as somehow godly. I recommend you read the Bible, and ALL of it. You’ll find that one of its main themes, is : ‘separation from the world’ / nationally and personally. From about 1905, when the communists proclaimed that they were intent on destroying white Christian America, ’til now, the hedges of protection around our nation, have been broken down by Race Traitors in high places. Trump got elected because he reminded Americans that an individual and a community has the right to self-defence against enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC. The human body is constantly deciding ‘what is “self”, versus “not self”. Same with the country … The tidal wave of non-whites swarming into US territory from the 3rd world – utterly illegally – are a swarm of locusts eating up our substance. They don’t come here to build the Republic ; they come only to take, not give … to impose their anti-christ religions on us by stealth and terror. They and their apologists insinuated demselves into the body politic, while national immunity was compromised.

      Modern sappy Christians forget that one of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, is : government. Whether he and his advisers are conscious of it, Donald Trump has been tasked with expelling such parasites.

      Those of us whose spiritual eyes are open could see the Holy Spirit all over that ceremony, on Friday. The pendulum of morality is swinging back the other way.

      in order to qualify as “anti-Christ”, Donald Trump would have to openly deny that Jesus came in the flesh as the kinsman Redeemer of Israel. There is no evidence of that … rather, since he had a say in the protocol of the Inauguration ceremony, he must have endorsed the religious leaders who spoke the Invocation and Benediction. No accident that President Trump stood beside men and a woman as the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven was preached from the highest podium in the land.

      as for “kingship”, one of the Names of Jesus of Nazareth, was and continues to be : King of Israel.

      • Joseph Heckman

        Speaking on Wed, Jan 25, 2017 in Lexington, KY
        2017 Organic Agriculture Research Symposium
        Parallels in the Raw Milk and Organic Agriculture Movements
        Joseph R. Heckman
        Department of Plant Biology and Pathology, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 08901
        In recent decades a diverse community of dairy farmers, consumers and nutrition advocates has campaigned to secure and expand the right for individuals to produce, sell and consume fresh unpasteurized milk, commonly referred to as “raw milk”. Their efforts to increase public access to raw milk share important parallels with the emergence of the organic food movement over the past century. Both the raw milk and organic food movements originated with farmers and consumers who sought to replace industrialized food production and processing practices with more traditional ones. Both movements equate the preservation of natural integrity in farming and food handling with more wholesome, nutritious food and environmental conservation. Advocates for both movements have had to work diligently to overcome perceptions that the food production and processing practices they endorse are relevant in the modern era, notably with regard to organic agriculture’s productivity and the safety of raw milk. Finally, the raw milk movement has the potential to economically benefit family farmers much as organic agriculture has proven capable of doing.

  • Mark Mcafee Mark Mcafee

    Prediction. You heard it here first. Van Jones President in 2021.

    • Stitchy

      Van Jones, the angry black racist? That Van Jones? Nope, Jones would only get Trump re-elected.

    • Gordon S Watson

      your political prognostications are batting less than zero, Mark. I recommend you stick to your area of expertise ; no … 8 years of the Mohammedan in the White House, was the last we’ll see of that = the outworking of Deuteronomy 28. When the pendulum swings, it swings ALL the way back.

  • Ken Conrad Ken Conrad

    “We are heartbroken to announce that our dear friend, our brilliant colleague, journalist par excellence, dedicated book co-author, the heart, soul and leader of our “rebel alliance,” Dan Olmsted, passed away this weekend.”

  • mark mcafee mark mcafee

    Dear friends and Trump lemonade drinkers….
    I hope you enjoyed the Netherlands take our 12 year old fool of a sociopathic president. He speaks like he is half drunk underage drinker sitting on a bar stool with idiot friends. Fractured sentences, alternative facts, believing in his own alternative reality.

    Narcissistic, totally insecure, bullying, sexually abusive, racist, lying, alternative fact believing, conspiracy theory creating….did I say serial liar?? The psychiatrists and sociologists and PhD professors of language have declared Trump mentally unstable and in need of deep therapy of some kind.

    If you love Trump….start looking in the mirror….what does that say about you.

    No I am not smoking crack….I am drinking really good raw milk.
    My rants are not stopping,….I am just warming up!! This “uber insecure dictator jerk” has shut down government public access data sites because he refuses to allow the carbon dioxide levels ( highest ever to be recorded and related to global warming ) to be published!!!!! and has even pissed off the most conservative of the republican party.

    • Joseph Heckman

      Two books of interest:
      Baars, T., P. Beals, T. Beals, R. Brown, M. Cattell, J. Heckman, A. Nelson, G. Snyder, S. Wilson, T. Wightman. Producing Fresh Milk, Goat Edition. 2017. Farm-to-Consumer Foundation. Cincinnati, Ohio.
      Baars, T., P. Beals, T. Beals, R. Brown, M. Cattell, J. Heckman, A. Nelson, G. Snyder, S. Wilson, T. Wightman. Producing Fresh Milk, Cow Edition. 2015. Farm-to-Consumer Foundation. Cincinnati, Ohio.
      Available from:

    • blesse\'d are the cheese makers

      Of course you’re on the global warming/climate change train. I should have known. You wearin’ your pussy hat when you write this crap, Markie boy? Or is your hat made out of tin foil?

      Are you triggered, cry baby? Want some cheese with your whine?

      Your candidate lost. Grow up and get over it.

  • Mark Mcafee Mark Mcafee

    Dear Blessed Cheese Maker,

    One thing is clear… love your Trump.

    Let me continue my educational rant so perhaps you can learn a little. Trump has singled handedly in his first 5 days in office….ignited what appears to be a trade war with Mexico. Threatening a 20% tarrif on imports to pay for a big wall….that wont work. Do you like Guacamole, how about tomatoes, how about visits to Cancun? How about clean sheets on your next trip with a hotel stay to see your kids. How about fresh fruit from California… about new houses, construction work, concrete work!!!!! How about who processes all of our chicken and beef. How about restaurant workers?? Who is going to milk cows! or make cheese?? Who is going to weld or drill wells? These are the Mexican people. They are the hardest working people I have ever seen and they do it with joy and a smile. Trump hates them….

    He has utter dispise for Hispanics…..even Hispsnic judges that are highly respected American citizens. He is a dictator and uses his power to bully the media and ever promote fake news. The new buzz word is Alternative Facts…..he shuts down government agency access to data….because that data does not support his polical agenda which is unsupported by science.

    I would love to kind and considerate to the right wing people that post here but this political reality begs a far different response. You are all frickin crazy and are supporting a sociopath. Trust me on this…he will be removed from office by a joint impeachment action of congress very soon if this madness continues. Mexico trade is critical to jobs in America. Mexico feeds us….their citizens bathe our elderly.

    You psychos live on a different planet. As far as I am concerned…..if you support Trump you are no friend of America. You are a Russian Putin supporter and pretty much a traitor to very thing America that is America. You even support torture. Yes….that’s his new thing. Black sites with CIA capture of people and torture that is the limit….that’s your Trump!!! He is no president of mine.

    If I had a Pussyhat….I would wear it….I was so proud of John Kerry for joining in the streets the day after his last day as Sec of State. What a great person.

    If you don’t like these words….stuff it. Some one needs to have some balls and call you right wingers out for racist fascist support of your nazi leader. Trump is going down…..I guaranteed it.

    • Ben Toldovigan

      One blowhard ranting out of his head about another.

      Mark, maybe what you need is a tinfoil Pussyhat…and some tranquilizers. Some people think raw milk enthusiasts are crazy and now here you are proving it. Thanks Mark. With spokespeople like you we don’t need enemies.

      • Gordon S Watson

        Those of us who endured a quarter of a century under the Kaka-stocracy ensconced in the Blight House, are amused, watching the Trump Derangement Syndrome manifest. But it’s no joke when it becomes permanent in an individual.

        If … ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ … then, at what point is intervention warranted to assist a member of the community, who’s thrashing-around verbally … deep in distress? If, in his capacity as a seasoned Para-medic Mark McAffee, were to arrive at a scene and find someone in the throes of a psychotic episode – as he, obviously, is on this forum – what would he do?

        Yes, I know it’s illegal for me to diagnose at a distance, but Mr McAffee’s mental health is deteriorating right before our eyes. Not only refusing to apologize for absurd epithets against people like me (who never did him anything but good) … redoubling his idiocy in sexual terms, are classic symptoms of a meltdown … it doesn’t take a degree in psychiatry, to understand that he’s certifiably nuts-O.

        Predicting “Impeachment” even as the Republicans hold the Presidency? and both houses of Congress?? stronger than that party has been for most of the last century??? he’s delusional.

        friends don’t let friends be taken-away in a strait jacket, just for expressing a political opinion … even as deranged as that may be. He’s lost the plot … but, one great thing about America = it’s the Land of the Second Act. Richard Nixon, for example. I know! Let’s call Hilary!! She will turn Mark’s existential crisis into a photo op!! The National Enquirer will put them on the front page. The healing touch from Saint Hilary reaching out to one of her absolute die-hards, will be the epiphany he needs to come to grips with the fact every one faces = “it ain’t fair!!”

        Mark McAffee will be the poster-boy for the apotheosis of Hilary Clinton … the sun sinks down in the West … and all is well in the Golden State. Cue “Happy Trails” by Gene Autry, or was it Roy Rogers?

        this is his Big Chance to own his problem so as to overcome it … go to his strengths … showing us how to ‘make lemonade out of lemons”.

        • bora petski

          Gordon you are a hoot. I used to think Mark made sense and you didn’t but now I’ve flipped, he’s gone bonkers and you make more sense than anybody around here. I hate politics.

  • Mark Mcafee Mark Mcafee

    Dear Ben, please take one thing that I have said…..and disprove it! Absolutely everything I have said is true. How is that blowing hard? It is not….it is speaking truth to power. Alternative facts are not allowed….just the facts please.

    • Blesse\'d are the cheese makers

      “Argumentum ad absurdum” or “argumentum ad ignorantiam” has just been illustrated to us by Mr. McAfee. Thanks for the perfect example of this classical Greek technique of making a non-argument. Mark, you continue to astound us. You really should stick to the raw milk issues here. You are way out of your league and way out of your knowledge base otherwise.

  • veryle-eduard; knowles

    Re: Amish Salve Maker Sam Girod, suposedly accused by the Food & Drug Administration of violating the law! My question is; “What Law?”
    The Plaintif in any federal case is a fraud (a fiction). The prosecuting attorney engaged in the art of Barratry! The case failes on the following points.
    1. The case was initiated without a INDICTMENT or INFORMAtio as required by the Constitution.
    2. Was the alleged Defendant arrested by authority of a valid Warrant? Ans. NO!
    3. Was the alleged crime committed within the venue and jurisdiction of the United State, inc. NO!
    4. Is/was the alleged Defendant subject to the statutes charged? Ans: NO!
    Does the Prosecuting Attorney have the required ‘License to Practice Law’ in the state of the union? Ans; NO!
    5. Does the alledged Defendant have Immunity? Ans; YES!
    6, Was the man’s immunity ever suggested? Ans; NO! See Title 22 USC Sect. 254d,
    7, Does the FDA have a contract with the alleged Defendant to enforse? Ans; No.
    8, The is required to be dismissed when the defendant or a third party even suggests that the defendant has Immunity!
    9. Whereas the State of Kentucky i not located in the United States, What makes anyone believe that the court had constitutional authority?
    10. In every federal court case there are three or more counts of Conflict of Interest, causing any judgment to be void, The case must be Dismissed.
    If someone willl pay my fees and expenses, I willl take the case. I am not an BAR Attorney, but I am a Lawyer! I am also a Public Minister with authority!

  • Gordon S Watson

    actually, Mister veryle-eduard; knowles, rather than being “a lawyer”, and “a public minister with authority”, you are better described as an idiot.

    Regretfully I am breaking my own rule about not posting here, anymore [ in what is so-obviously studied instigation of civil war ] in order to warn and inform all-concerned that Mr Know-less, is a menace to the Campaign for REAL MILK. “Fictional” he says? The sidearms which the federales have strapped to their hips, are not fictional. The kinds of noises made by Minister Know-less, were very quickly repudiated by the Justice of the Peace at the first stage of Michael Schmidt’s prosecution in Ontario. The book by Pat Shannan about Leroy Schweitzer and the Montana Freemen, is most instructive, as remedy for such stupidity

  • Michelle

    Sorry if this has been posted….

    Have a question? Need to talk to one of our staff or board members?
    Being mauled by malicious marauders of the state? Want to start a buying club? Having issues with your kraut?
    Then please contact us below (at least for some of these…)

    Phone: (703) 208-FARM (3276)

    Fax: (703) 208-3278

    Emergency Hotline: (800) 867-5891

    Mailing address:

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  • Velda

    Maybe we all should write to him in Prison, and his wife and family and have all these letters pouring in asking the Judge for mercy for this Loving Soul and his family….I mean omg they have 12 children….Big headed Government needs to hear and listen to what America has to say about this. I will be writing…..May God Bless you Sam

  • liskir

    Private prisons profit from imprisoning as many PERSONS as possible. Why not learn to be man/woman instead and stay out of their cages?

  • Dee Anderson

    so whats the status on this case? are there more hearing dates times places?

  • Toni

    How messed up is are system? You let murders, rapists, meth dealers go and yet you want to do this to a man making all natural salve, what a bunch of sick people we have among us, all I can say is God have mercy on the people.

  • Diane Haggart

    We had a Chinese Dr friend that had this very problem with Chinese medicines.He had to go in and change his wording.Claim there not medcine. Do the FDA disclamer.
    They gave him a cease and desist order this was completed until all these changes were made
    When he goes to court I would point out they violated my religious belifs by taking pictures after being told not too.a Then he needs to show wbere it states about images in there belifs systems.

    Then even though he’s in the right he has to beg the mercy of the court explaining he doesn’t understand the English ways Having not been bought up that way.
    That’s what our friend did

    Then from that moment on the FDA will be watching him.So he will have to be very careful about his claims.How things are manufactured.

    I actually knew another lady who made a product called Owie cream Healed better and took the swelling right down.The FDA sgut her down and she was fined for non compliance.

  • LuWanda Ford

    I cannot read all of the replies at the moment but I’m wondering if anyone has offered to contact his congressman and senators? This is the kind of thing that one of them could introduce a bill to help this individual. They could also influence the FDA in this man’s behalf.

  • Gordon S Watson

    as well-meaning as she is ….LuWanda Ford’s reply illustrates what I keep saying on this forum : most people do not have even the beginning of understanding of the nature of the Enemy. Suggesting that = ‘someone else / not her’ ought to contact the legislators. If you do not participate in politics, you allow people who are more stupid than yourself, to run the country

  • Sharon C Smyth

    This is what happens when corporations run the show. Everyone uses the word “government” like it really meant something. They don’t even know the difference between the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States. Neither one is “America”, and they are merely “governmental services corporations” operated by foreign interests, World Bank/IMF, etc., in the business of making their corporate cronies richer at the expense of the people who are the paramount creditors. They create all these corporate franchises. The FDA is one, but they have also enfranchised every man, woman and child in America. It’s the franchise Name or NAME they are charging. If they were really charging the living man, they would be breaking the “in-kind rule”. I have numerous dismissals to prove it. Will someone step forward under penalty of perjury or unlimited liability and deny what I say is true? So far these very important issues are being ignored and ridiculed but no solid evidence to disprove them.

  • Gordon S Watson

    you’re on, Sharon C Smyth. I say your assertion is in the nature of bovine excrement, particularly = from the male of that species.

    time to put up or shut up ||||||
    Onus is on thou to provide the evidence of “numerous dismissals to prove it”. … : such as = case file number. Name of the court in which the so-called “dismissal” was brought. Town in which the Court convened. Proper Style of Cause of the case. Date on which the action was originated. Name of the Judge or judges. Name of the Prosecutor/ claimant. Name of the Defendant/ Respondent. Address for service of both Parties. Date on which the “dismissal was declared. “Just the facts ma’am” as old Sergeant Friday used to say

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