Political Theater at Michael Schmidt’s Dairy

Schmidt-negotsIf you want to understand the power of people organizing and standing up for what they believe in, I strongly suggest you watch the video segment below. It shows raw dairy farmer Michael Schmidt negotiating with an official of the Ontario Department of Natural Resources.

You’ll notice that the official’s position shifts, as he realizes that the group of people blocking Schmidt’s driveway, along with the tractor, aren’t going to move out of the way unless all the seized food and equipment are immediately unloaded.

You’ll also notice that the Ontario agriculture official as much as admits that the secret cameras planted near Schmidt’s property were his agency’s responsibility.

It’s a gripping piece of political theater at Michael Schmidt’s dairy. In addition to link below, here is a link to the video segment.

Raid short versionThis video is about The Raid of 2015

Posted by Michael Schmidt on Monday, October 5, 2015


21 comments to Political Theater at Michael Schmidt’s Dairy

  • David Hirsh

    This is an important video. It is an inspirational to watch! It demonstrates that it is important not to stand on the sidelines and be a spectator. Power to the people!

  • Mark mcafee Mark mcafee

    I am so glad to see the intensity in Michaels voice and his face down of the investigator. Then comes the mother lion investor and cow owner…god bless her. Do not ever mess with the mother lions. Michaels greatest chess move….bring on the mother lions.

    There is absolutely nothing that the Canadian government can win from their totally screwed position with Michael and Alisa. The video….the public unrest. Private ownership….all of this is very bad for Canadian politics. I predict that from all of this, there is a peace treaty. It will look like this:

    If consumers own the cow…then they will be treated just like every other Canadian dairyman that owns his own cow and drinks its raw milk. Which is 100% legal in Canada. My prediction. This all happened because a female lioness screamed ( cow share owner ) at a government investigator and ripped him a new back side in order to protect her cow, her raw milk and her nutrition rights!!!

    If Canada was smart, they would declare victory and go home. Why did they win? They discovered that Miclael did not own any cows and did not sell raw milk. Instead they found that a hole bunch of city dwelling farmers own their own cows and drink their own raw milk and they are capable of becoming very pissed when challenged.

    Canadian lesson learned….do not mess with mother lions. They eat anything that comes in between them and THEIR chosen food !! They even video tape their kill.

    Seems like this 20 year saga is about to end with raw milk being affirmed as too hot to handle and consumers rights being affirmed.

  • Gordon Watson

    a classic example of the mindset of Central Canada … the central tenet of which, is = devotion to St Ian the Nice. In which Nice~Ian creed, appearance of “nice-ness” is uber alles. Even while they attempt to steal the food out of the mouthes of our children
    … a wonderful display of how technology has outflanked the ijits!

    • David Gumpert David Gumpert

      On “nice-ness,” you’ll note that at the 3-minute mark of the video, the government guy remarks about how calm and nice Michael was in private. “Now that there is a crowd, you are shouting and slamming your desk.” Here is Michael asserting himself after 20-plus years of harassment, when he finally has his tormentors at a disadvantage, and this guy is complaining that Michael is somehow being rude, and not being willing to accept the official’s offer to actually provide a written receipt of what was being taken. Talk about not getting it.

      • D. Smith D. Smith

        The gubmint guy just wanted his 15 minutes. He also got the Kodak moment for his bosses, so he figures it’s all good. I mean, he got a *dig* in, right? Wonder how “nice” he would have been after being harrassed for 20+ years? What a dork.

        Wonderful work by Michael Schmidt and I wasn’t offended by his language at all. Surprised maybe, and then I laughed out loud when I realized that’s what he was actually saying, but not offended. They deserved that and more.

  • julieann22

    Thanks for sharing, David. Quite inspiring and powerful. Please keep us informed.

  • Yolanda

    Thank you for keeping us updated. I am so proud of Michael and his friends.

  • Kira

    I’m so impressed with this, and that it can now be used as an educational tool for other farmers and shareholders. May it spread far and wide!

  • Michael Schmidt

    I do apologize for my words in the video,however it seemed as if these guys would not understand otherwise what we were saying.
    At the end the investigator literally pleaded that we would make a deal to let them go”if he leaves everything they confiscated”.
    This violation of privacy, the ignorance and arrogance of those 20 bureaucrats is shocking, to say the least. They themselves created this sudden swell of resistance.This has to stop,doesn’t matter what the consequences are.
    We are in now in the mode of TOTAL NON COOPERATION, NO COMPLIANCE and NON -VIOLENT RESISTANCE regardless what the consequences are.
    We are in control of our lives. and we will prevail.
    The time of “niceties” are over.

    • Kira

      I think the language was appropriate, given the circumstances!! Good job with ferocious resistance, – it makes everyone brave, and that’s what we need to be in the face of such ridiculous and unfounded persecution.

  • Mark Mcafee Mark Mcafee

    Next week Blaine and I travel to Australia to attend our 4th IMGC conference. The international milk genomics consortium is a summit of phd researchers from arround the world that meet to share their newest discoveries and research on milk. Plenty of talk about probiotics, oligosacarrides, breast milk, immunity, infant formulas, fsts, proteins etc. I also have been invited to meet with the equivalent of the Austalian FDA to discuss standards for raw milk and safety. We are also addressing several groups of raw milk dairymen and consumers. A couple of live TV and radio interviews are also scheduled to discuss legalization of raw milk. Going to be very busy indeed. Teaching raw milk safety and nutrition internationally is a blast!!

    • Ora Moose Ora Moose

      Mark, please record and share, or have others do it so we can spread the word. As you know David’s website is a great platform for those wishing to learn or stay abreast no pun intended.

  • D. Smith D. Smith

    Canadian officials are going to poke the bear one too many times.


    They seem to have tunnel vision, too.

    • Gordon Watson

      when my old man went to College Militaire St Jean ( 1942 ) they taught him, “in war, never discount stupidity”. These charges are a God-send for the Campaign for REAL MILK. The Defendant and his legal counsel are going to ‘rip them ( the antagonists) a new one” … anus, that is … via demand for disclosure.

      ….Last time round, the provincial official who’d infiltrated the cowshare to make a “sting” purchase of a pound of cheese! , came up to Michael Schmidt after testifying, and apologized to him
      I predict that, next, in this comedy, we’ll see an insider cop-out and provide astonishing details of abuse of Process, from inside the Bunker

  • D. Smith D. Smith

    More political theatre regarding Michael and his farm. Read the article and then watch the short vid. Notice at the end of the video how the tv station cuts him off when Michael is trying to make the point that he wanted to and tried to sit down and talk about this situation – meaning the milk, the farmshares, the property, the cameras – everything. This just shows that gubmint agencies don’t want to talk and work things out, they just want to use their *power*. Yessir, a sad state of affairs.


    And we all thought there’d be a peaceful solution . . . gubmints don’t want peaceful solutions because there’s a lot more money (and apparently more satisfaction for their egos) in fighting and keeping trouble going. Don’t kid yourself – it’s also about the land.

  • Mark Mcafee Mark Mcafee

    Last evening the debut of Revolution Food was shown at Primal Pastures in Murrieta CA. More than 550 friends and customers of Primal Pastures attended the three hour event which included farm tours, speaches ( yours truly and others ) and great comraderie and food.

    Brian and Loretto did a great job producing this film that i count as better than Food Inc and more colorful and educational than other food evolution movies have been. Lots of drone footage….including, Norway fisherman, Primal Pastures, Mark Shepards farm, OPDC ( with our team and I ) , Joel’s interview at poly face farm, Dr. Vandana Shiva in india, etc….plenty more as well. Profound messaging about the positive progress that has been made and that is being made today on farms all over America and the world. It was truly an honor to be featured in this epic food revolution documentary….that spread the good positive news…verses all the negative,GMO, antibiotic, CAFO junk….

    Great documentary work about a whole bunch of great work being done to produce good food for real people.

  • D. Smith D. Smith

    The latest on what’s happening with Michael Schmidt. Coincidental timing, for sure, what with the Canadian elections and all.


    Be sure to read all the way to the bottom. There is some advertising junk in the middle of the article which makes it seem as though that’s the end of the story. Keep scrolling.

    • D. Smith D. Smith

      There has been an update made to the article (using the link in my post above). Police forced him to be fingerprinted and then released him. Apparently he hadn’t actually been charged with anything (????).

      Also, the stuff in the middle of the article that originally showed up as an advertisement is really a video that’s supposed to be included with the article.

      Now we just have to wait for another shoe to drop . . . (.)_(.)

  • D. Smith D. Smith

    The latest from Canada on the “food rights” situation. Article and short 2 min vid, both worth viewing.


    It will be enlightening to see what happens up there.

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